The Secret Symbol - Chapter 35: It Has Begun

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Did some work over the weekend and week start and little these last few days, now I have another chapter for you guys.


Hope you enjoy!


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 35


It Has Begun


         Nothing much was said during the whole trip back.  Not that we did not have enough to talk about, we were just focused on getting to the island.  A few hours later we arrived.  Retracing our steps and flight paths, we soon found ourselves in front of the secret door.  We did not run into the Quaken, which surprised us.  It is a dragon and does not have to stay on the island.  But my gut is telling me that: Are we just saying that when actually we are thinking something else?

         “Moment of truth,” I declared as we walked up to the door.

         Taking the Dragon Eye out of my saddlebag and taking the lenses out of The Eye, I then put each lens in the holes in the door.  There were no specific looking grooves on the wall, but I put each lens in order of what the map had we just looked at today.

         Cazi said, “Nothing happening.”

         Right as she said that, the ground began to vibrate and the walls began to slightly shake, dust fell down from the ceiling.

         “I stand corrected,” replied Cazi in a nonchalant way.

         There came a moment of stillness before the door started to open.  Cold air started rushing out, nearly knocking myself and a few others over.  The big door opened in from the right, swinging backwards to the left.

         “Well,” I took a deep breath.  “Let’s go in.”

         Annabeth is next to me on my right and she has a torch in her right hand; she just let Anora light the torch.  Annabeth and I led the way into the chamber.

         Asvord then sarcastically said, “Musty and Dusty, two of my favorite things.”

         “Look for other torches to light up the room,” I suggested.

         In two minutes, the chamber had enough light to see what we are doing.

         Ali excitedly asked, “What gold will we find here?”

         We took five minutes to search the twenty by thirty-foot chamber.  Crates, boxes, and buckets littered the floor.  But it did not take us long before we all realized…

         Meen declared, “There is not treasure.”

         “At least in the first room,” reminded Annabeth.  “In here, there looks to be no gold.”

         Cazi asked, “Could it be possible that someone got in here before us?”

         “At this point and this place so secret, it is difficult to tell,” I said.  “Now, a decision needs to be made.”

         “What?” wondered Angie.

         “Who wants to go into the next chamber?” I questioned.

         No one answered.

         “Please, one at a time.  Don’t everybody volunteer at once,” I grinned.  There is a noticeable tension level in the air; I believe I just lifted some and took it away with my remark.  “Let me rephrase.  Who will come into the next chamber with me?”

         Annabeth immediately grabbed my left hand with her right, “I will be right by your side.”

         I muttered to her, “Technically you are on my left side at the moment, but I get what you are saying.”

         Annabeth chuckled as Asvord started, “Okay.  People other than Annabeth.  I think we all figured that was a given.”

         Annabeth tilted her head down for a moment -to hide a blush- but directly after she did so she brought her head back up, slightly flipping her hair back with her head.  I acted as any viking would in this situation… ignore your sister.

         Asvord threw her hand up in the air as I rolled my eyes at her.  Other than Annabeth, my sister, Asvord, is the first to volunteer.

         “Before things go any further,” I interjected.  “The fewer we take with us, the more we will have to help if something goes wrong.”

         Ali countered, “But how will we know if something does go wrong?”

         “That’s true,” I agreed.  “Well, once we go in we have to commit if what those lenses say is true.  So, while we search for the final treasure, we can also be looking for an exit route.  We will meet the rest, who do not come with, back in the one village in or around the town square.  Meet there no later than three hours from when we go into the next chamber.”

         Asvord echoed, “Three hours?  How long do you plan on taking in there?  Oh wait, you do things slow, I forgot.”

         Again, I rolled my eyes yet could not help but smile, “I want to leave plenty of time to figure out the puzzles and to find a way to get out.”

         Asvord tilted her head back and forth to show she knows, “Yeah, but still.”

         Cazi asked me, “Who do -you- want to go with you?”

         “Thank you,” I said.  “Um… Cazi, Dawn, and Meen with Annabeth, Asvord, and myself.”

         Hyrith folded his arms, looked at me, and smiled, “Going with the girls again, I see.”

         “Yeah- no,” I stated.  “First of all, I already have my girl.  Secondly, Asvord does not count as she is my sister…,” I trailed off to get to my actual point of taking them.  “II want the girls with me so we can solve the puzzles quicker.  But I want you guys to be the dragon wranglers and if something were to go wrong you can muscle us out of it.”

         The guys nodded in agreement as Asvord responded, “A I the only one who just got that?”

         Garth questioned, “Got what?”

         “Guess so,” my sister announced.  “My brother just referred to the guys as stupid compared to us, yet strong… as they better be.  On the other yak hoof, he referred to us girls as smart but incapable of taking care of more than our own dragon and rescuing our butts if we are in trouble.  However, saying that, it would be difficult to rescue our own butts if we are trapped.”

         “Alright, we get it,” I said, trying to get things refocused yet shook my head.  “Can we just get on with this, please?”

         Asvord bowed and said, “My humble apologies, my dear brother.”

         I sighed at the end of her banter with me, but I love every minute of it.

         Meen spoke up, “That would be fine and dandy, but where is the next room?”

         “Wondering why she would say such a thing, I looked around the room we are in currently.  I see no obvious entrance to any room, other than the door we came through to get where we are.

         Ali began, “Is this a dead en-.”

         “Oh,” I interrupted.  “An idea just struck me like yaknog in your stomach.”

         I quickly went about working on something, going through my saddlebags, as Dawn asked, “I’ve been hearing a lot about this ‘yaknog.’  The way people keep talking about it, I actually want to try it.”

         All together we said at once, “No!”

         We chuckled, Annabeth explained to Dawn about yaknog, and I went back to work.

         “I still want to try it,” Dawn said showing she had her mind already made up.

         Asvord could not believe it, “Even after an es-plaining?”  Asvord just shook her head.  “I’m gonna feel sorry for your in-nerds when that happens.”

         I stood up holding a lit lamp and the Dragon Eye, “I bet she’s going to feel sorry for drinking, swallowing, or eating the yaknog.  Watch dawn be the only one in the whole archipelago that actually likes yaknog.”

         “What are you going to do with the lamp, Sherlock?” asked Asvord.

         “I’m going to shed some ‘light’ on the situation,” I replied.

         I turned to the nearest wall, the one to left of the entrance, and held the lamp up behind the Dragon Eye of which I pointed The Eye at the wall.  It took a minute for the light to register in the Dragon Eye.  The lenses are not in the slot, just the permanent magnifying gem piece in front of The Eye.  When the light struck against the wall, suddenly the wall illuminated with golden and ornate designs of a foreign make.

         All I could say is, “In-cred-i-ble!”

         The golden designs began to shine as I pointed the Dragon Eye at the wall.  As I began to move, new designs appeared as others faded from the light from the lamp and Dragon Eye.

         Annabeth declared, “Amazing!”

         As I walked forward shining the Dragon Eye on the wall, my crew walked behind me.

         When we got down to the end of the wall which met the “width” wall, there is a slanted corner to it of which Lilah called out, “Wait!  Go back.”

         I had gone past the slanted wall onto the next and must have missed something.  Stepping back and shining the light onto it I see the spikey looking dragon head symbol on the wall.  The symbol itself is intermingled so well into the rest of the glowing designs that at first glance one might pass over it, like I just did.

         “With all due respect,” said Lilah.  “I would like to accompany you guys into the next chamber.  I am beginning to see so many connections to my home island, that there might be something in there that only I would know.”

         “I think she is right,” added Meen.  “How about she takes my spot and help the rest with the dragons.  Lilah does not know the dragons as well as the rest of us do, so those who stay behind need all the help they can get to keep the dragons together.”

         “Alright,” I nodded once to Meen.

         “That still leaves us with the problem of getting into the next chamber,” Cazi said.  “What are we going to do?  Walk up to the wall,” she did.  “Knock,” Cazi banged twice.  “And ask, ‘Is there anybody home?’”

         Again, as soon as Cazi said that the wall split down the middle and began to open; more wind rushing out, this time not as strong but just as cold.  However, there came an eerie howl of the wind as it rushed out.  It could have been the power of suggestion, but it sounded as if the wind said, “Who?” drawn out in a span of three seconds.

         “That was creepy,” Cazi shook from the shiver of cold.  “Let’s go in.”

         I quickly stepped in front of Cazi, “Not so fast.  We literally have no idea what is in front of us and if any of it is trapped for any no-knowing viking or animal that may have come this way.”

         Cazi thinking on that for a second, hesitated and let me take the lead.

         Fredrick came over behind me and wanted to follow me, “No, no, Fredrick.  You have to stay behind and stay with the others.  You can’t fit in there.  I’ll be alright.”

         I lowered the palms of my hands down to signal him to stay back.  My dragon raised his head to meet my hands.  I gave Fredrick a few good rubs and gently pushed him back to go to the other dragons.  Those who are coming with me did similar things with their dragons.  Annabeth did grab five more torches, ones from the walls, for each of us to have in the next chamber.

         “You guys ready?” I asked the girls coming with me.

         They all nodded.  The look on everyone’s faces is of seriousness, as it should be.  I usually do not like to work like this, but there come times where one needs to be focused on the task at hand so nothing is missed and all is greeted with success.

         With my right hand, I took the torch from Annabeth and led the way.  Annabeth behind me, followed by Asvord, Cazi, Dawn, and Lilah.  As soon as Lilah stepped across the threshold of the next chamber, the wall behind us closed.

         In the dim light, I could still see Cazi fold her left arm under her right armpit to rest her right elbow on, “So, that is what you meant by we would have to commit.”

         “Any problems?” I asked.

         “No,” she simply replied as she stretched out her right arm and pointed forward.

         Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I readied myself to move forward.

         First thing I wanted to do is check the ground we will walk on and the walls around us.  With each step I took, I made sure it is solid footing behind moving forward.  For the next twenty feet, it is basically a hallway or tunnel.  Then, the next chamber arrived and it looked to be a thirty-toot circular room.

         “More cold air,” Cazi said, rubbing her arms.  “This time, only a breeze.”

         I muffled under my breath, “Wait a second.”

         Not more than a few feet from where we are standing, I pointed my torch down to the floor.

         There is no floor past three feet from where we are standing.

         Asvord whistled, “That was close.”

         “Look, stairs,” pointed out Annabeth.

         Seeing the stairs, we all started down them.  The steps circled the room, now cylinder chamber, down to the left.  Seeing some small and tiny rocks near the edge, I kicked them off to hear how long they would drop.  I actually could not hear them hit bottom.  We all knew what that means:  It is a longer way down than it looks.  We need to be careful.

         “Watch you step,” I warned.  “A few of these stairs are either brittle enough to break under your weight, or just completely gone all together.”

         Being so careful, it took more than “just going down some stairs.”  I tried shining the Dragon Eye on the sides of the wall, but no golden designs could be seen.  Ten minutes later we stepped on to solid ground from a more than fifty-foot viking-made shaft.  We broke a light sweat, but the air is still cool.  To me, that is a good sign.  The cooler the air means there is fresh air coming from some place.  If it gets stuffy and warm to hot, no fresh air is present.  Still nothing special to look at, golden design wise, this was just a shaft with stairs.  Although, turning around we did see a larger entrance to another tunnel.  As we continued, I kept a keen eye out for any traps.

         Ten more feet of tunnel, we came to another chamber similar to the previous one with odd looking slabs and ledges all around the circumference and a tall central column with the same things around it.

         “What is this?” asked Asvord.

         While the girls stayed at the entrance, I took a quick look at our surroundings.  There is no other tunnel entrance, other than the one the girls are standing in front of.

         Annabeth suggested, “Dead end?”

         I then countered, “Or is it?” and pointed up.

         “Are we supposed to climb?” Asvord asked.

         “Got any better ideas?” I wondered.

         “No, but how are we supposed to see where to climb?” my sister questioned.

         Just as she said that, a spark of light shown from the center.  Cazi is standing near the central column with a torch at the base of it.

         “I was just thinking the same thing,” Cazi said.  “And decided to do something about before the cave beat me to the punch again.  In other words, I smelled the scent of tampered wood shavings.  These shavings are tampered with a perfume-ish oil.  Upon touching said shavings with fire, they become lit.  And if these shavings are set in a row, they will be lighting the next shaving until there are no more to be lit.  If my guess is right, the oil on the shavings will be lit for quite a while.  Probably enough time for us to get to the top of this thing.”

         “See,” I pointed at her.  “Reason why I bring girls with me.  I know how most guys would think, but girls will notice things guys would not even think of.  And vice versa.”

         Dousing our torches with dirt, we put each fire out, and tucked the torch in our belts to be used later.

         “Now we start a climbing,” I said.  “There looks to not be any certain way to go up.  By the looks of it from the fire,” which by the way is still going up the sides of the shaft and column.  “This shaft is the exact same as the one before so there must be an exit at the top somewhere.”

         “We just have to make it there,” Lilah added, slightly sounding skeptical.

         “I never said this mission was going to be danger free,” I replied.  “We’re vikings.  Occupational hazard.  Besides, I have my grapple if any falls.  If we all do this right, I won’t need to use it and no one will fall.  These ledges and slabs are thick enough that they can hold quite a bit of weight and the tops of them have a lot of room to stand on.”

         “Well…” Annabeth trailed off as she jumped onto a near ledge and pulled herself off.

         Everyone then dispersed and created their own path to the top.  Looking at the shaft from the bottom, the whole way to get to the top looked like a sideways maze of stone and rock.  Our first puzzle to solve.