The Secret Symbol - Chapter 31: New Players

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Sorry for the lateness of this pot.  Plans changed how I spent the day Friday and Saturday, which caused me not to have as much time as I wanted to work on this week's chapter, or now technically last week's chapter.  With Father's Day being today, that is mainly why I was not able to work on my chapters.  But I think that is a pretty good reason for not working on them.

That being said, remember to do something special for your father today.  If at the very least, tell him you love him.


Back on track, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


Based on what I want to do with this particular book, the chapter number will be about or the exact same as my first book.  So, this story is almost over, but while still at the same time, nowhere near being done.


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 31


New Players


         We all hardly talk if any at all while we made our way through the caves to track Koll and his men.  The caves which they took led out to the west.  All of the main caves are large enough three or four dragons could stand side by side, so traversing through these tunnels are not the problem; making sure we stay far enough back but not so far that we lose track of Koll is.  Within the next ten minutes we came to the end of the tunnel which led out to the west side of the island.  Thankfully, there is a large rock face that juts out ten feet in front of the tunnel exit for us to take cover.  The rock face jutting out about thirty feet or so.  We climbed up the side of it enough so that we could survey the situation in front of us.

         Peering over we all saw multiple Dragon Hunter ship.  And because they all had different markings on their ships as well as symbols on their masts, we all knew these ships are a part of Vixxen’s fleet.

         I thought, “We bring all these ships out for just one Dragon Eye lens?  Yes, there seems to be something very important at the end of trail of lenses, but to get a lens like this you’ll draw attention to yourself.  Then again, if you go unseen, it does not really matter.”

         “Look,” Dawn pointing out to the far right as we could see the whole western seaboard of the island.  “There.”

         Dawn is pointing at Koll and his men escorting Dawn’s mother away.  Some of what Koll’s men as done as set up a temporary port.  There is not much to the shoreline on this side of the island, but the ice on this side of the island is extending a lot further out into the sea then it ever has in years past.  At least in the years that we have known about this island.

         “Alright,” I whispered.  “Cazi and I will scout ahead.  Dawn, stick with Annabeth and cover our backs.  Once we spot Koll, Dawn and Annabeth, you go get Dawn’s mother.  Cazi and I will find Mildew.”

         “Really?” Cazi pleaded.  “We have to go rescue that guy?”

         “Yes,” I replied.

         The look on Cazi’s face said, “I know you’re right, but really?”

         Cazi then crawled down from the rock face, “Well, if we’re going to do this, let’s get this over with.”

         “One more thing,” said Hiccup.  “Even with our added numbers with your friends here, there is no way we can take these ships.  We are outnumbered and out gunned.  These ships are outfitted to the teeth with weaponry.  This is solely a rescue mission.  We can provide you cover when you are ready, but the more you can do without starting a fight, the better.  We got what we came for and no need to jeopardize our advantage.  You guys will have another shot, believe me, I know.”

         The four of us, that are going, went over to our dragons to make sure they knew to stay with Hiccup and them.  Once that was done, Cazi and I set out.

         There are several crates and temporary tents and such out for us to hide behind.  Once around the rock face, we tried our best to stay on the island side of everything.  By the looks of things, they are about to shove off, so no one should be coming back from anything and catch us off guard.  Or, at least that is what I am hoping.

         Each time behind cover, we both looked to see if the coast is clear.  Technically the actual coast is not clear and this part of the island is crawling with Hunters, we just needed enough time and space to move from cover to cover to reach where Koll took Lilah, Dawn’s mother some thirty yards away.  She is sitting on a log with Koll’s men around her while the ship is prepped for the prisoner.  Hopefully, that also means plural prisoner, more than one so that Mildew is also over there.

         It took Cazi and I almost ten minutes to work our way over to Lilah’s location; Annabeth and Dawn are close behind.  Cazi and I managed to work around the back of where Lilah is, behind some crates of cabbage.  By the smell of the cabbage, it has got to be Mildew’s cabbage.

         Peering over the edge, Cazi and I see three Hunters with their backs turned to Lilah.  Going back behind our cover, Cazi gave me the look with a nod in front of us asking, “What are we going to do?”

         Now at the time to think of an actual plan, one came to me.  I held up my right finger to signal I have a plan.  Then I told her to wait here.  The nearest Hunter is to the right of Lilah, only five feet in front of us.  Sneaking up behind the one, I tapped him on the shoulder and swiftly jumped back behind cover.  He whipped around and started to walk back behind our cover.  The Hunter turned the corner and saw me a few feet back.  I waved at him and then point to my left.


         Right cross right to the jaw by none other than Cazi Olson!

         The punch instantly knocked out the Hunter, but he started to fall backwards.  Not wanting him to hit the ground, I rushed to grab him.  I wanted to yell out for the Hunter is very heavy and took everything I have not to let him fall backwards.  I laid him down forward, easy to make sure no sounds were made.  I motioned to Cazi to come up and with me so we could take both at the same time.

         We both snuck up behind Lilah.  Getting in her field of view, I held my right hand to her mouth while I held my first left finger up to my lips.  Quickly turning around, I continued on with Cazi to grasp the mouths of the other two Hunters.  They did struggle, but Cazi had a brilliant idea.  Taking over, she let her guy struggle and stumble into my guy, both of their heads clashing, and with their helmets magnifying the hit, both of them are out cold.  Looking back to see where Dawn and Annabeth might be, I waved to come on while Cazi and I dragged the other two bodies back behind the crates with the other one Cazi punched before.

         “I don’t know what to say,” said Lilah.

         I stated, “Don’t say anything.”

         “Anyone that is an enemy of the Dragon Hunters,” Cazi added.  “Is a friend of ours, or at least an ally.  We’re here to rescue you.”

         “Thank you for the help,” Lilah answered.  “But-.”

         Lilah is cut off by Annabeth and Dawn quietly dashing over to us.  To make sure we are not spotted, we ducked behind the cabbage again.

         Before Lilah could continue, Dawn wide-eyed said, “It’s really you.”

         “Okay,” I said, stopping the family reunion short.  “We don’t have time for this now.  It will only be a matter of time before they realize you are gone.  Lilah.  Do you know of where they have taken old geezer- I mean old man, somewhere?  His name is Mildew.”

         Confused by what Dawn meant though at the same time had a look in her eye that she knew what she meant, Dawn answered, “Yes.  He has been taken on to the Flying Pearl.”

         I started to turn and say something to Annabeth, but Lilah grabbed my left arm with her right hand, “But there is something else on board, my dragon.”

         Dawn echoed, “Your dragon?”

         “Yes,” Lilah simply stated.  “Wooly Howl, goes by the name of Adonis.”

         “Okay,” Cazi said with a smiled.  “I like her.  She knows how to name a dragon.  A name that can strike fear into the enemy’s eyes while doing it with strength and courage.  Now, give me more Hunters to punch in the face.”

         “Coming right up,” I chuckled.  “But first we need to get to that ship first.”

         Lilah pointed it out and added, “There is something else.”

         Cazi shrugged, “There’s always something else, isn’t there?”

         “My Adonis is being held captive on the Flying Pearl.  Free him.  Also, there is a third prisoner that they picked up somewhere,” Lilah said.  “I’m not sure if it is from someplace else or from this island.  But they are holding the girl and her dragon against her will.  You must rescue her too.  Not sure what she’s gotten into, but she’s no friend of the Hunters.”

         “Alright,” I spoke, trying to speed things up.  “Annabeth, Dawn.  Take Lilah and return to Hiccup and stay there for my signal.”

         Surprised to hear Hiccup said, she repeated using his other name, “The Dragon Conqueror?”

         “Yes, yes,” I quickly affirmed.  “Just go.”

         Annabeth asked, “What is your signal going to be?”

         “Oh,” I said looking at her.  “You’ll know it when you hear it.”

         Cazi and I worked our way further down the shore while the rest returned to where Hiccup is at.  The ship in question happened to be the last one at the end of a line of seven ships.  Again, taking cover behind another group of crates holding cabbage, we took a look about getting on that ship.  Of all the work going on the ship, we did hear Mildew’s irritating voice.

         “At least he is here,” I said.  “That’s a good sign.”

         “Define good,” stated Cazi.  “Not just because Mildew is well… Mildew.  But how are supposed to rescue him, Adonis, and this third party all while remaining concealed?  We have to engage at some point.”

         “You’re right,” I reluctantly agreed.  “Let’s just get as close as we can to the ship so we can jump at the opportunity to rescue Mildew and the dragon plus the other girl which Lilah said should be around here.  Hopefully, since this is the flagship, prisoners will be held here.”

         I then explained that we should use the proximity of the ships together.  Using that to our advantage, we can get as close to the top edge of the ship as possible.  Cazi agreed and we ran across the shore to the two ships when we felt we would not be spotted.

         I thought, “So far, so good.”

         The ships are close enough I can spread out my arms and touch both ships and still have my elbows bent.  By using my hands and pressing down on the ships, I am able to lift myself up and lock in both legs with my feet resting on a ship.  Cazi did the same.  Usually, I would basically jump up by pushing off my hands and locking in my legs, but doing so would make more noise than I want.  Instead, I reached higher as I would always do, but I stepped up with my legs.  Puts more stress on one’s arms, but we only need to go about ten feet.  There are shields along the side of the ship which Cazi and I both used to anchor our feet while we perched on the side of the ship.  We could not be seen from the other ship due to it being a cargo ship and the crates stacked high giving us cover.  Now we peered over the side to the sound of clashing voices.

         Down towards the bow, we could see a Wooly Howl in submission to its captors, Mildew debating with Koll, and some girl standing in the middle of the deck, surrounded by guards, yet no dragon with her.  This girl be the “third party” Lilah was talking about.

         “We had a deal!” yelled Mildew.

         “The deal was you grow us cabbage,” Koll forcibly poked Mildew’s chest.  “Not give us a bunch of garbage.”

         “Then why are you taking it?” questioned Mildew.  “And why are you taking me?”

         Koll bluntly answered, “Because we need something to feed to the dragons and you know too much.”

         “I could care less what you do with the dragons,” Mildew stated.  “But taking me?  I would not say a word of your plans to anyone.”

         “Oh really?” Koll said.  “I find that hard to believe.  You’d throw your own grandma under a yak cart just to save your hide.”

         “That is not true,” Mildew slammed his staff down on the deck.  “Although,” he recanted.  “My grandma would be the one to throw me the yak cart.”

         Koll added as he walked away, “Looks to me like it runs in the family.”

         Lowering back down, Cazi whispered, “We can’t stay here forever.  Our arms will give out.”

         “I know,” I responded hushed.  “But my gut is telling me to wait.  Our opportunity is coming up, I can feel it.”

         Cazi titled her head back and to the left and widened her eyes to signal, “Alright.”

         Looking back up, keeping our eyes parallel with the edge of the ship, Dragon Hunters along with Koll approached the girl with the unique dragon.  The girl looked to be a year or two younger than we are, but looks do not always tell the story between the covers.  Also, her hands are tied behind her back.

         Koll walks over to the girl and asks, “Who are you again?”

         The girl angrily stood up to come, or try to come face to face with Koll, “I am Valkarik Logen Shinfira the Third.”

         “Oh, so you’re a Shinfira,” Koll said recognizing the name.  “So, you’re one of us.”

         “I not one of ‘you,’ Koll Valgardson,” she said, putting her hands on her hips.  “Have you got a nerve?  You may know the Dragon Hunters history, but you are no Dragon Hunter.”

         Valkarik must have hit a nerve, because Koll back handed her with his right hand, “Don’t you ever, talk to me like that again!”

         Valkarik stumbled back and fell down to the deck.  Most viking girls would stay down.  Valkarik spit off to her left as a tooth came out.

         “That tooth was coming out anyway, so thanks,” she said, whipping her hair back behind her head and standing back up.

         “You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” asked Koll.  “Your precious dragon you so ‘well trained,’” he exaggerated with air quotes.  “Flew away.  So, much for loyalty.  Besides, you are all alone out here, away from your family.  You’re not going to get help from them way out here.”

         Valkarik did not even blink.

         After a pause, Valkarik said, “Ya know, my family’s pretty big in the trade, so eliminating pests like you are no problem for them.  You think you are so powerful working for scum like Thorgunna Vixxen.  She’ll double cross you the first chance she’ll get when it suits her to do it.”

         “I know it,” Koll replied and walked around Valkarik.  “That’s why I’m working for her… because she knows I’ll do the same to her.  Keeps us both on our toes which keeps us ready for any of you small bugs that get in our way.  Do you know what we do with bugs?”

         Disgusted, Valkarik answered, “Eat them?  Oh wait, you are a bug, so never mind.”

         Koll pushed Valkarik again, causing her to fall forward on to her left side, “No,” Koll corrected.  “We smash them.”

         Koll proceeded to place his right foot on Valkarik’s right leg.  Koll looked like he added pressure, Valkarik looked to grimaced a little bit.

         “What say the high Valkarik Logen Shinfira the Third now?” Koll left off a little, still holding his foot on her.

         I do not know if the grimace was because of the pain she no doubt felt or the discomfort of lying on her side with her hands behind her back.

         Valkarik did not ever bother looking at Koll when she said, “Now do tell me…,” she paused for a second to catch a breath. “Would you kindly get your dirty foot off my precious leg?  We, the Shinfira family, are mysterious on the black market for dragons, and we are unpredictable-…”

         Koll interrupted, “Yeah, sounds just like us.”

         Valkarik gave a disgusted sigh, still not bothering to look at Koll; she continued to look straight towards the bow of the ship.  Her disgust may have been for Koll interrupting her or for Koll trying to compare himself to her family’s reputation.  Just seeing this glimpse of what this girl is doing, that pain she did feel a minute ago was in fact only discomfort.

         Valkarik continued, narrowed her eyes, while slowly turning her head to look at Koll as if he is an idiot, “Even a kid like me can take that title!”

         As soon as she finished, she proceeded to call out in a wolf like manner in the form of a whistle; high, low, and then high again.  Suddenly, an explosion can be heard in the distance.

         Cazi questioned, “What was that?”

         Next an explosion happened again but now on this ship!

         “That’s our cue!” I said, pulling myself up onboard.

         The girl drew a twin-bladed staff from behind her back and took on any Hunter that came her way.

         “What about-?” Cazi began.

         “We’re here for Adonis and Mildew,” I responded.  “Whoever that girl is, looks like she can take care of herself.”

         Fighting could be heard behind us, but now we had our own problems.  I drew my bow and folded it into sword position, not to fight the Hunters, but to free Adonis.  Cazi and I ran right past Mildew.  Not sure if he is happy to see us or not.  Then again, when is Mildew ever happy?

         Cazi ran around to the right of the Wooly Howl to take out a few gunners on the catapults and guards.  Cazi is giving me the distraction that I need, but there is a huge Hunter in front of me.

         I said under my breath, “In these situations, why does it have to be something big?  If it isn’t a dragon, then it is a viking.  Couldn’t I just get the average ordinary Hunter.”

         The brute heard me and replied, “I am your average… ordinary…,” he then punched his right hand into his left open hand.  “Muscleman.”

         I stood there and looked up to him; he stood in front of me.

         “But what is a muscleman, without his boots?” I asked.  “Oh would you look at that.  Your boots are untied.”

         “What?” declared the Hunter looking down.

         I quickly took the opportunity to escape by running to my right, jumping on to the railing of the ship, taking two steps, and then pushing off, raising my sword, and slashing down.  My sword cut right through a rope restraining the Wooly Howl.

         “Why you…!” the brute trailed off.

         I did not stop to ask for directions and continued on.  Another actual average Hunter stood in my way.  I pump faked as if I was going to try the same thing.  He bit on my fake as his feet left the ground to jump and block me, but I instead ducked under him swinging my sword through another rope near Adonis left leg.  Feeling the tension in the ropes loosening quite a bit, this woke the Wooly Howl up.

         Three more Dragon Hunters are near the dragon’s head, so I kept them busy while Cazi was now able to cut the other two ropes with her daggers.

         I plowed into two of the three, knocking the third one overboard.  Yet, now I am sandwiched between two Hunters.  The one in front of my tried to sucker punch me.  I dodged.  The guy’s sucker punch landed in the stomach of the other Dragon Hunter.  He did not take kindly to being punched so he threw a right cross back at the other Dragon Hunter.  Now, they began fighting themselves.  I stood still in between them getting beaten and batter like pancakes on a platter.  Just then, Cazi cut the last rope which took out all the tension in the ropes tying the Wooly Howl down.  Adonis lashed out, nearly knocking Cazi of the ship, if she had not ducked, and jumping forward on to me and the two Hunters.

         The two Hunters bounced their helmets off the deck, so they are incapacitated.  But now I have an angry Wooly Howl breathing down on top of me.

         I waved my hands in front of me, “No, no, no!  Me viking, me good guy,” I then pointed at the brute coming over with a giant crate of cabbages over his head.  “Him Hunter, him bad guy.”

         Adonis looked at the brute, growled, and showed his teeth.  Adonis lunged out at the brute, knocking him over, rotting cabbage flying everywhere.  The Wooly Howl raised up on his hind legs to ready what looked to be a shot blast.

         A woman’s voice came from above, “Adonis, NO!”

         It is Lilah calling from Fire Song.  Dawn flew Lilah in as utter chaos broke loose around these ships.

         Adonis hesitated for a moment and instead roared in the brute’s face.  Lilah jumped down and got on her mount.  She quickly got Adonis in check and in the air.

         “Go!” I told Cazi as her Skrill came around for a pick up.

         Running back over to Mildew, “Well, today is your blessed day, you get to ride a dragon.”

         Face in shock, he answered, “I am not getting on any dragon.”

         “Don’t test me to leave you behind,” I sarcastically said.  “If you want to be treated better, then you better come with us.  You know what Koll might and will do.  You’ve been in this situation before.”

         “Okay, fine,” Mildew shrugged his shoulders.  “I’ll go with you.”

         “That’s great,” I replied.

         I saw Fredrick flying towards us.  Knowing what I am thinking I want him to do, my dragon instinctively rolled to the point he is gliding upside down.  Waiting to time my jump perfectly, I jumped up as Fredrick flew over and grabbed my saddle horn and the front side of my saddle with me left and right hand, respectfully.

         Mildew cried out, “What about me?!”

         Oh, the thought of leaving that old wind bag behind came into my head, but I knew that was not right.

         “I’m not leaving you!” I yelled to be heard over the blasting of wood and shots being fired.  “Hold out your hand!”


         “Just do it, Mildew!” I demanded as flew back towards Mildew.

         Banking Fredrick to the right, I held out my right hand and said, “Jump.”

         His “jump” is nearly not enough unless I stretched my right hand to grab his forearm.  Mildew screamed from the jerk of his arm, yet he managed to climb aboard behind me.

         “Now let’s get out of here!” I ordered.

         “For the first time, Jarl,” Mildew said.  “I whole heartily agree with you.”

         I circled back around to take a pot shot at Koll with Fredrick.  Koll managed to grab a shield that absorbed the shock wave or distributed them somehow around him.

         But as I flew by him, I looked to my left to catch a glimpse of that one girl, Valkarik, riding her unusual dragon in her own direction of escape.  Valkarik actually looked at me for a moment before quickly escaping from sight.

         Even now, it can clearly be seen we are no match with the weaponry of this portion of Vixxen’s fleet.  The ships are too strong, the catapults too many, and the Dragon Hunters too numerous.

         Once all the dragon riders saw I am up, Hiccup called for a retreat.  We all flew directly east over the island.  The only things I could think about is the Dragon Eye lenses all found for the puzzle, Lilah and Dawn, and Valkarik and her dragon.

         I thought, “Things are getting complicated quickly.”

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Very nice!

Very nice!


Thanks to Archery and Dragons.

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After a while of not reading,

After a while of not reading, I'm back! 

Nice chapter! Can't wait to keep reading!



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