The Secret Symbol - Chapter 29 AND 30: Carelessness Turned Success & Unexpected Action

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I am very sorry that I have not posted chapters yet.  I've had probably the worst case of writer's block in a long time.  But just simply finding the time and just sitting down and start writing is the sometimes the best way to combat writer's block.  If you really want to get something written down, you can make yourself do it.  One word will lead to two.  Two sentences leads to three.  Three paragraphs lead to one page.  And so on.


We are getting close to the conclusion to the book, but we still have a ways to go yet.


Hope you guys enjoy this chapter as I have added a lot of interaction between my characters and Hiccup's friends, as well as just Snotlout being Snotlout and the Twins being the Twins.  Hope you guys enjoy the two chapters.


I might post a third chapter tonight, I might not.  In any case, I would like to do another two chapters for this week.


What I have always tried to do, when I miss a week or a day when I said I was going to do something, I want to make it up by giving something extra and doing more work.  As I have said, I don't know if you guys want me to just do a chapter a week or intentionally miss a week and some extra days so you guys get extra chapters.  XD  >.<


But anyway, hope you enjoy!


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 29


Carelessness Turned Success


         After dealing with Tuffnut and his Lycanwing debacle, Astrid needed a change of pace.

         While we walked back to the outpost, Astrid said, “Why do I have the feeling I’m going to have more of the same?”

         “Well,” I replied.  “That’s usually how it goes when you have a Jorgenson and two Thorstons to deal with.”

         She countered, “But you guys don’t have to deal with any of this.”
         “Eh,” I hesitated at the thought of Micah and Dawn.  “No, not in the way you think.  We do have problems like this, but you guys get the crazier ones.  We get the common problems that are blown up into bigger ones.”

         “Wish I could deal with those instead,” Astrid replied.

         Snotlout and the Twins decided to go to be as anything that involves looking through the Dragon Eye to find unknown secrets bored the, “snot out of” them; Snotlout words, not mine.

         A few minutes later we had arrived back at the main outpost and went into Hiccup’s Clubhouse.  Hiccup found the Dragon Eye and inserted the Dragon Eye lenses me and my friends found to begin to find what combination would of the gears and dragon to unlock what secrets the lenses are hiding.  We all looked like it is going to be as easy as just popping them in, switching a few gears, and we get what we wanted.  It is starting to feel like it is going to be that easy.

         Hiccup stated after working on the Dragon Eye and giving it several attempts with several different dragon fires, “It usually doesn’t take this long.”

         Hiccup was getting observably frustrated with how things were going.  Hiccup used every combination the gears could possibly make, still no progress; neither Dragon Eye lens would work.  It got to the point that Hiccup actually had to step away from it and leave the Dragon Eye on the table.

         Hiccup began to talk with how our mystery is going and any details to what Dagur is up to.  Even though I am a part of the group Hiccup is talking to, I let the rest of my friends speak while I kept looking at the Dragon Eye.  Within minutes of Hiccup setting it down, Dawn walked over to the Dragon Eye and started fiddling with it.  Everyone’s attention is drawn away from the Dragon Eye and with the more detail account of what took place with our encounter with Dagur.

         I acted as if I was paying attention to Hiccup to not give away that I am paying attention to what Dawn is doing.  She took the Dragon Eye behind the center fire place to hide what she was doing; though I could see very well what she is going.

         Hiccup would probably not let Dawn handle the Dragon Eye, due solely to her lack of knowledge about it and the uniqueness of The Eye being the only known one of its kind -though “only known kind” referring to this is the only one we know of- Dawn might damage it.  However, I did not want to stop Dawn because she seems to have a knack for when you think she is going to make a mistake, somehow, she turns it into an opportunity.  But on the other hand, those opportunities only come if you make her mistake turn into something good.  Yet, sometimes that is what it takes to have success:  You have to make your own.

         Not knowing how to handle the Dragon Eye, she just simply took one of the lenses we found, popped it in the slot, then put the other lens in front of the dragon eye, and started to look through it as if it were a spy glass.

         “Hey!  What are you doing?” demanded Fishlegs.

         “Me?” Dawn tried to look innocent.  “Nothing.”

         “Nothing my Aunt Gertrude’s yak you are,” Fishlegs said grabbing for the Dragon Eye.  “Give it back!”

         Dawn played keep away with Fishlegs for the moment until Hiccup ordered, “You, give it back, now.”

         “Fine,” she replied tossing it back to Fishlegs who struggled to catch for a second until he did.  “Here’s your stupid ‘Dragon Eye’,” she exaggerated.

         “It is not stupid,” Fishlegs assured.  “You don’t know what this can do.  It’s a toy.”

         “No, really?” Dawn asked sarcastically like Fishlegs is dumb.  “I thought it was a spy glass.”

         As the two started to go at it some more, Hiccup looked at me before stepping in, “Now, I see what you mean.”

         Hiccup intervened, “Okay, that’s enough.  This Dragon Eye is our property.  If you want to handle it, you must ask first or be trusted enough to handle it.”

         Hiccup took the Dragon Eye from Fishlegs and set The Eye on the small circle table surrounding the center fire place.  The Dragon Eye is still the same how Dawn was using it and I saw something remarkable.  The glow from the fire, hitting the lens in The Eye itself plus the lens on the front part of The Eye showed a flicker of light on the fair wall.

         Once I knew how it worked, Dawn is finishing a remark in her normal “I did nothing wrong” tone, “…yeah I don’t know.  You weren’t getting anywhere, oh great ‘Dragon Conqueror.’ So, I thought we needed a new look, an outside look, on the problem.”

         At the mocking remark of Hiccup, Astrid started to step forward but I held her back, “Dawn’s right.”
         To their surprised, Hiccup and Astrid both said the same thing, “Dawn’s what?”

         “Jarl, you stay-,” Dawn started.  “Wait, what?”

         “Okay,” I used my hands to motion for all of us to calm down.  “She’s right in her own… unique… Dawn Evergreen way.  Look.”

         I pointed at the far wall as the fire continued to shine through the Dragon Eye which while using both lenses is finally working.”

         “You’re right,” Hiccup answered.  “Well, she’s right.  But she could have… should have… asked first.”

         I looked at Hiccup, “Now, don’t tell me the Twins and Snotlout have not done or tried to do the same at least once.”

         Hiccup raised a finger to say something, but knew I am right, “Let’s just see if we can finally figure out what these two lenses are hiding.”

         Hiccup always tries Toothless’ fire first and it worked.  Just to double check, Hiccup motioned for Astrid to try Stormfly’s magnesium blast to see if the picture is any different.  It is not.  So, the fire does not matter, but the combination of lenses does.

         “Fishlegs,” Hiccup called.  “You’re up.”

         As if his altercation with Dawn had never happened, Fishlegs pounced at the chance at finding out knew things the Dragon Eye will show.  Fishlegs studied the now bigger image on the left wall from the entrance where the Dragon Eye is pointing.

         Fishlegs walked back away from the image without saying a word, so, Dawn asked, “Where’s he going?”

         Astrid replied, “Probably to get his notes from the other Dragon Eye lenses to help interpret these two new ones.”

         Dawn slowly nodded her head and mouthed, “Ah,” as if she knew what Astrid was talking about; Dawn does not know what Astrid is talking about.

         Minutes later Fishlegs returned and began again working for several more minutes.

         “Fishlegs,” Hiccup spoke.

         Fishlegs continued on as if he was in the room by himself.

         A little louder, Hiccup repeated, “Fishlegs.  Find anything yet.”

         “Oh, I’m sorry, I always get excited when new Dragon Eye lenses come,” Fishlegs responded.  “Four lenses in one night!”

         His last comment did not make sense until Hiccup informed us of them finding two other Dragon Eye len-.

         “I got it!” Fishlegs said out of the blue.

         Hiccup asked, “Got what?”

         “These two lenses combined are showing a new island we’ve never been to before,” Fishlegs said.  “And by the points of references with my notes from the other lenses, this island is not far from here.  In fact,” Hiccup took one more moment to look over the image.  “I would actually say that this island is and island we have been to before.”

         Now getting intrigued, I questioned, “What island?”

         Taking a few more seconds to verify with his notes and the image, “Icestorm Island.”

         “Icestorm?” I echoed.  “That was the last island I expected.”

         Cazi agreed, “The most random island you can get.  Where in a yak’s bladder did Dagur get that shield?”

         Dawn suggested, “Maybe he’s been to Icestorm too… where ever that may be.”

         As I am starting to know Dawn, her last remark made me start to think, “Has Dawn been to Icestorm island, even before we first found that island?”

         “That will be a longer trip, even this far north as Dragon’s Edge is,” Hiccup stated.  “Still, we would need to prepare for such a trip to go into a colder climate.  Since we know where this island is, what say we go there starting tomorrow?  We can get some rest and sleep before the trip.  Also, as this is a familiar island, we know what to expect from the island and not all of us need to go.”

         “In fact,” I jumped in.  “I was going to ask to send a Terror mail back to Mystery anyway, saying that we are alright and nothing is currently wrong.  So, most of my crew could return to Mystery while a few of us along with your gang go to Icestorm.”

         “Good idea,” Hiccup confirmed.  “My gang has not gone out on a mission yet in a while, and it would be nice to have an easy one to stay in shape.  Something tells me that us all going is going to be better for both or sakes.”

         Before we all bunked down for the night in the Hiccup’s Clubhouse for the night, I picked those who would go with me and the rest of Hiccup’s gang in the morning.  I picked Annabeth, Cazi, and Dawn.  The rest have earned well that just that, rest.  They can sleep in a little bit more before heading back to Mystery.

         “While we’re out on this mission,” spoke Hiccup.  “It could serve as a long-range scouting to see if Dagur would be going anywhere between here and the northeast.  Plus, your friends could keep an eye out on their way back too and see if they might spot anything.  Us going north and them going west, we could eliminate some possible paths Dagur could have taken from his last known location.”

         I replied, “Sounds like a plan.”


         The rest of the night went off without a hitch and Annabeth, Cazi, and Dawn were already to go when I got up.  The four of us stocked up enough that we could just leave straight from Icestorm and go back to Mystery, while obviously Hiccup and them would return to The Edge.

         “Why do we have to get up so early?” Snotlout yawned as he climbed into his saddle on Hookfang.

         Hiccup was about to answer when Ruffnut responded, “Uh duh, can’t you see?”

         “I just got up,” Snotlout interjected.  “Do you think I can see right now?”

         “Okay then,” Ruffnut rephrased.  “Don’t you know?  Of course, you don’t, you’re not a viking of class.  Hiccup is.”

         Hiccup confusingly asked while Astrid, Annabeth, Fishlegs, and Cazi mounted their dragons, “And what does me being of class have to do with anything?”

         “Don’t be so modest,” replied Ruffnut.

         “I concur sis,” Tuffnut spoke up.  “I did not know he cared so much.”

         “Would you just tell me what it is I care so much about?” Hiccup asked impatiently.

         “The boar pit of course,” Tuffnut said.  “Ronda Rooster against Tyson Boar-Master is on for tonight.”

         Hiccup facepalmed, “First off Ronda is girl’s name, adult roosters are boy chickens…”

         Ruffnut added, “Uh, we knew that.  Right?”

         Tuffnut only shrugged while Hiccup continued, “…and why is us leaving early have anything to do with your boar pit?”

         “Seriously Hiccup, you can stop being so modest,” Tuffnut raised both of his hands.  “We know how much you like our boar pit.  You wanted to get back in time for the fight.  We’ll do our little mission which will likely take all day and we will be back in time to watch them duke it out,” Tuffnut ended with excitement and raised both hands in the air while looking straight up.  “It will be glorious!”

         Ruffnut added, “We saved you ring side tickets.”
         Hiccup said something under his breath and just rolled his eyes.  The rest walked out of their huts and mounted their dragons.  Hiccup led the way out to Icestorm Island.  We had a light snack on the way out there, just so we had something 
in us to give us
energy to be ready for anything.  This is supposed to be just a recon mission and see what the lenses are trying to show us, but something is telling me this mission is going to be everything but easy.




The Secret Symbol


Chapter 30


Unexpected Action


         Once the light breakfast was done, something else started.  Snotlout flew Hookfang over to Fire Song, Dawn’s Sand Wraith.

         “Hi,” Snotlout said trying to sound manly.

         I do not know if Dawn is grossed out or just going to ignore him.  Wait, who am I kidding?  It is Dawn, of course she will ignore him.

         She did reply back not knowing what else to say, “Hi.”

         “What is your name?” Snotlout asked.  “My name is Snotlout Jorgenson.  I’m sure you can probably tell I practically keep this whole team together.  If it was not for me, everyone would be lost.”

         “Yeah,” Dawn nodded her head but quipped.  “They would not be anywhere near you because you would be lost and they would have to find you.”

         Snotlout tried to laugh it off, “Haha ha… good one.  She’s one with the zingers.”

         “Oh look, what’s that?” Dawn pointed down.

         When he looked down, Dawn flipped her finger to his chin.

         “Made you look,” Dawn said as she maneuvered Fire Song to the opposite side of Snotlout to the left side of the formation.

         Astrid flew up next to me and Hiccup, and she asked me, “Why is this girl with you guys again?”

         “Long story,” I answered.  “But she’s against the Dragon Hunters and can hold her own in a fight in close combat with a sword and is quickly learning how to fight with a dragon.”

         “I don’t like her,” Astrid said.

         I countered, “You don’t like The Twins and Snotlout, yet you still ride on missions with them when Hiccup calls out a mission.”

         “It’s not the same,” she replied.

         “Oh, what am I saying it is not,” I smiled.  “It is because Hiccup.  If he’s on a mission, you’re on it too.”

         Astrid was about to say something but did not as she tried to hid a blush.

         Suddenly Snotlout came over and Astrid asked him, “What’s with you and Dawn?”

         “I’m in love,” Snotlout answered.

         “You’re what?” we all three echoed.

         “You heard me,” Snotlout confirmed.

         Astrid returned, “Man, maybe we should not get you out of bed so early in the morning.  Then again, maybe we should do it more often.”

         Snotlout just smiled and sighed as Hiccup said, “This… This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis.”

         I countered, “But, you don’t know what you would do without them.”

         Hiccup sighed and waited for Snotlout to fly back to his position, “Yes… Yes, I don’t know.”

         Astrid folded her arms, “I would have peace and quiet.”

         That ended the conversation and nothing much was said until we started coming up on Icestorm.

         “Fishlegs,” Hiccup called out.  “Where exactly was those lenses pointing us to?”

         Fishlegs answered, “By what I can tell it wants us to go into the same caves where the ancient Icestorm armor was found.  The last thing I ever thought we would do would be to miss something in those caves.  But apparently, we have.”

         Hiccup suggested, “Just to be one the safe side, let’s scout the island first to see where that one pack of Speed Stingers is and if there is anyone else here.”

         I added, “This will be one of the first times I will be on Icestorm while it is the start of the day.  Usually, it is night time or becomes night by the time we get here.”

         While we scouted, memories of my last visit here as well as Truvor flooded my thoughts.  But as fast as they entered, they left to get back on task.

         The overview of the island is much like it has always been.  The port on the south side of the island, the School’s Hall next to the entrance of the cave, and Mildew’s “summer” farm.  The Speed Stinger pack is where they are supposed to be and the natural flock of Goncicles are fine too.  What is strange though, we did not see Mildew anywhere but Fungus is in his pen.

         “As much as I know none of us want to talk to the guy,” I said.  “He might know more about the caves.  But then again, his Mildew.”

         “True,” Hiccup stated.  “And also, true.”

         To Hiccup’s satisfaction of the island being all clear, at least from an overhead view, we landed down at the port, and dismounted our dragons.  The daylight helped it not be as cold, but as soon as we walked inside, that warmth went away.  However, the air is still with no breeze, so it is simply cold.

         Snotlout questioned, “Why are we here again?”

         Dawn answered him, “Are you dumb or are you hard of hearing?  Dragon Eye, secrets, mystery, map?”

         “Oh, yes,” Snotlout down played it.  “How could I forget.”

         Annabeth said, “We haven’t been here in a long time.  It is nice to finally come here and have the time admire the natural beauty of the island.”

         “Fishlegs,” Hiccup called out again.  “Lead the way to the tunnels.”

         The particular tunnel we want, Fishlegs knows more about.  Although the memories of figuring out that one secret tunnel way back when came to mind.

         “So,” Tuffnut walked over and swung his arm around me. “Mr. J, FK.  We have been thinking.  Your crew and our gang don’t get together as much as we should.  We need to change that.  How about we start Mystery’s Edge versus Dragon’s Edge boar fighting league, East versus West.”

         Ruffnut walked over to Fredrick and started to pet him, “Not only that, we were thinking of having a Dragon Fighting League.”

         “Okay,” Hiccup said.  “No one is starting a Dragon Fighting League on my watch.”

         “But-,” both Tuff and Ruff started to say.

         “No buts,” He said.  “Everything does not have to be a competition, especially that.”

         “While I agree that what they are suggesting is a bad idea -of course to them that would a good idea,” I took Tuffnut’s hand off my shoulder but patted him on the back.  “I have to disagree with you Hiccup about everything is a competition.  I wish everything was a competition.  In fact, depending on how you look at something everything is a competition because you want the good guys to win and not the bad guys.  By the way, I will go see your boar fight tonight if Hiccup does not want to.  I’m slightly intrigued and curious.”

         Cazi and Annabeth asked in unison, “Really?”

         “I-,” I started to say but Fishlegs said, “Here we go.”

         Fishlegs found the door he was looking for, unlocked it with the combination, and led the way in.

         Welcoming the chance to get back focused, we eagerly followed Fishlegs.  At each step where a puzzle needed to be solved, Fishlegs handled it with ease.  One could tell that Fishlegs knew this place by heart, even if he has not been here in a long time.

         What probably took several days if not a week or two to solve the first time through, Fishlegs led us back to the end of the pathway where the ancient armor had been in under ten minutes.

         “Okay,” Snotlout folded his arms.  “Now what, genius?  There’s nothing here.  We’ve already been here and have gone over this place.”

         Annabeth thought, “But maybe that’s the point.  Without those two Dragon Eye lenses, this place does have nothing left.  Are those lenses the actual key?”

         “Good suggestion,” Hiccup commended.  “What do you think, Fishlegs?”

         “She may be right,” he said.  “But not in the literal sense of the word, ‘key.’  There is more than meets the eye with this.  I mean without Dawn’s careless mis-… I mean her outside way of thinking brought us a new angle of thinking about the Dragon Eye.”

         Dawn complimented, “Nice save.”

         Surprised to even hear Dawn say something nice, Fishlegs slowly replied, “Thanks?”

         Hiccup looked at me.  All I could do is shrug my shoulders and tilt my head to the right by showing, “It’s Dawn.  That’s who she is.”

         Dawn argue with you to start out with, will fight with you the next minute, then compliment you, and finally fight by your side in battle.  To this point, she will always be the first in battle to fight with you and the last to leave until the enemy is gone.  Dawn has at least been consistent so far.

         Fishlegs took a moment to look over his notes from the lenses and then walked up to the podium which the Icestorm Island armor used to sit on.

         “Hey guys,” Fishlegs announced.  “Look at this.”

         We quickly walked over to where Fishlegs is pointing on top of the podium; we surrounded the podium to get a view of what Fishlegs found.

         Astrid immediately responded, “Those look like ancient dragon class symbols.”

         Hiccup agreed put saw something else, “Not only that,” he then blew away some dust and loose snow.  “They are buttons.  But what is the combination?”

         “I think I know,” Fishlegs said.

         “You ‘think’?” asked Snotlout.  “What if you’re wrong and this whole place comes down on us and buries us alive?”

         Dawn remarked, “Well, aren’t you a little ray of sunshine.”

         Hiccup thought out loud, “What are the symbols on the back of the Dragon Eye?”

         “They-,” Fishlegs began but stopped as the look of an idea came to his mind.  “These are exactly the same as the Dragon Eye.  Maybe if I press the ones I used to create the image back at Clubhouse…”

         Fishlegs trailed off as he proceeded to do just that.  After pressing three of the symbols down, there came a brief shake of the ground and walls with some dust and snow falling down on top of us.

         Snotlout whispered, “I hate you, Fishlegs.”

         “The feeling is mutual,” he retorted.

         “You hate yourself?” Snotlout asked in a loud whisper.

         Fishlegs replied in a hoarse tone, “No, that’s not what I meant!”

         “Would you two be quiet!” demanded Cazi.

         “Our dragons aren’t growling,” Annabeth observed.  “So, we shouldn’t be in any immediate danger.”

         “You’re right,” said Hiccup.

         We had stepped away from the podium to look around the cave, but back at the podium we heard the sound of gears turning.  Walking back over, we saw the center part of the top of the podium sink further down into itself.  A click sound occurred with a pause in the gears, then the center part came back up with something on top of it now.

         Hiccup declared in a hushed tone, “Another Dragon Eye lens!”

         “But not just your average lens,” I said speaking softly and picking up the lens to look through it.  “Just like the rest of the ones my crew and I have been collecting.  This is the last one to the piece of the puzzle!”

         “This is unexpected,” Annabeth stated quietly.  “I thought the one Garth is working on would be the one to lead us here.  Does this mean there are more than one way to find these uniquely thin Dragon Eye lenses?”

         “If so,” I continued.  “That would explain why Vixxen seems to always be a step ahead.  Little did they or even Dagur know what he had in his possession of that shield.  Things are starting to fall nicely our way, hopefully that will continue.”

         Dawn then whispered a question, “Why are we whispering?”

         Most of us chuckled, Hiccup replied, “I guess because we thought that if we spoke up that the cave would cave in because of the podium might have a spring or gear loaded trap.”

         “I knew that is what was missing,” Tuffnut threw his hands down to slap his legs.  “Not enough destruction.”

         “What are you talking about, mutton-heads?” Snotlout asked.

         Ruffnut responded, “It’s elementary.  My hypothesis was that if said Dragon Eye was removed from yonder podium, a chain of unfortunate events would besiege us all.”

         “Here, here,” Tuffnut raised his right arm in the air.  “That was my hypothesis as well.  This was a golden opportunity to do the ‘ol trap the podium of a prize and the only way you could fix it would be the ‘ol switch-a-roo with something of equal weight.”

         “But then again, brother,” Ruffnut replied.  “That could have been exactly what the trap wanted to spring the trap.”

         “I concur,” Tuffnut said.  “But since what we found was no ordinary Dragon Eye lens, what the situation would be that would involve us all in this cave would be ordinary.  So, what we thought would happen, would not actually happen.  But, alas, we missed a chance to see some destruction.  Everyone… everyone.  Don’t cry.  For today, I feel in my heart that we will not leave this island without seeing some action!”

         Dawn just stood as she could not believe what she just witnessed, “What are these two idiots doing?”

         “What they always do,” Hiccup stated.  “Yet, in all their strangeness and craziness, they are right.”

         Ruffnut was about to say something, but changed it to, “Wait, did Hiccup just say we are right about something.”

         “Yes, he did!” Tuffnut raised both of his hands to the ceiling.  “Oh my-!”

         Hiccup immediately put his right finger up to Tuffnut’s mouth, “Don’t press it.”

         “Okay,” Tuffnut replied.  “Not pressing anything… except the floor… because I need to walk on it… and… and touching this wall… because I like walls… I just want to go through them…”

         Tuffnut walked over to the left and put his right arm up to lean on the wall.

         “Hmm…” Tuffnut then tapped his chin with his right hand.  “Nothing happened.”

         “What were you expecting?” questioned Snotlout.  “Were you expecting to fall through the wall, down a bottomless pit, and us having to save your butts?”

         “Yes, though I didn’t know you cared about my butt,” Tuffnut said walking back to the group.  “This was another perfect opportunity missed to see some destruction.”

         Astrid rolled her eyes, “You do know that you would have been the one that could have gotten seriously hurt.”

         “Oh,” Tuffnut realized but continued on.  “Not to worry, not to worry.  This place has officially passed the Tuff and Ruff Destruction Ready Protocol Test.”

         “Hey,” yelled Ruffnut.  “I thought it was the Ruff and Tuff Destruction Ready Protocol Test?”

         “It was,” he replied to his sister.  “I recently updated the order of procedures, so that makes me the head updater now.”

         “I’ll update your head with my head if I’m not first again on the title again,” ordered Ruffnut.

         “Oh yeah?” Tuffnut stood up to her.  “Just try to.”

         Ruffnut head butted her brother and he collapsed to the ground in spinning motion to the right.

         “Ooo,” Tuff said cross-eyed.  “That was a five Ruffnut.”  Tuffnut then popped back up.  “Do it again!”

         “My pleasure,” Tuffnut reared back to do it again.

         Snotlout face palmed as Hiccup took control, “Okay, that’s enough.”

         “Enough?” Dawn asked, disappointed.  “This is very entertaining.  Best I’ve had in a while.”

         Ruffnut decided to headbutt her brother again.

         “Oh, come on,” Hiccup’s shoulders slumped.  “Don’t encourage them.”

         Tuffnut looked completely confused as he said, “Ooo, now I see five of ya’ll.  Oh, and look at the pretty huge birds next to you guys.”  Tuffnut then fell back on the ground.

         Hiccup gave a heavy sigh, “Okay, we got what we came here for.  Can we just leave now with no more headbutting?”

         “But it makes it more fun,” Ruffnut complained.

         “Oh, it does, does it?” asked Tuffnut, who jumped up as if nothing had happened… and headbutted Ruffnut who faceplanted on the ground.

         Hiccup just stared down Tuffnut.

         “What?” asked Tuffnut as if he had done nothing wrong.

         All Hiccup could do was just walk away and lead the way back to the entrance of this cave.

         Tuffnut gave in, “Or headbutting can wait.”

         We all followed Hiccup back to the entrance of this cave.  Every time someone or something enters this cave after opening this door, the door closes on its own to protect the entrance.  Hiccup began to grab for the gears to reopen the door, when I heard something on the other side.

         I whispered and grabbed his right arm with my left hand, stopping Hiccup, “Wait, listen.”

         In a normal tone, Tuffnut stated, “I thought we did not have to whisper.”

         Hiccup heard it too and demanded in a hush tone, “Would you just be quiet for ten seconds?”

         Tuffnut began to count to ten; he got to five on one hand but quietly said, “I only have five fingers.”

         Ruffnut grabbed his left hand, “You’ve got two hands, stupid.”

         “Oh, oh yeah,” Tuffnut replied.  “I forgot… and it has five fingers as well!  Though does a thumb count as a…”

         Dawn finally had enough and walked in between the two Nuts and clasped both of her hands around Ruff and Tuff, “Okay, now you’re getting annoying.”

         “Thank you,” whispered Hiccup.

         He and I proceeded to put our ear to the stone door and listen.  The sound that he and I heard is the sound of footsteps along with the scraping of someone struggling.  The sounds got loud enough that they had to be right outside the door.

         “You have no right to be here,” came a woman’s voice.

         “Oh no?” said a gruff viking’s voice, best guess is they are a Dragon Hunter.

         The woman then gave a yell as if they had pushed her to the ground, another Hunter’s voice said, “Not so powerful now, are you?”

         “You have no idea what is going to happen,” the woman warned.

         “All I know is I’m going to be rich,” yet another voice came.

         “Oh, pipe down, Klarp,” came a very familiar voice.

         My face went from concern to anger in the blink of an eye as I thought, “Koll!”

         Koll continued, “This is no way to treat our guest… at least not yet anyway.”

         The woman sounded like she spat on the ground, “I am no guest of yours.  You are my sworn enemy.”

         “Sworn enemy, you say?” repeated Koll.  “Then why were you exiled from your home… and now an Outcast no less.”

         “Alvin is now a better viking then you will ever be, Koll Valgardson,” said the woman.

         She continued saying something more but was drained out by Hiccup repeated, “Alvin?” and Dawn saying stunned, “Mom?”

         Klarp then asked, “Wait, what was that?”

         Tuffnut then cupped his right hand over Dawn’s mouth as we all held our breath.

         “What was what?” another Hunter said.

         “Oh, you’re just hearing things again,” Koll down played it.  “Besides, the wind in caves can play tricks on anybody.”

         “I thought for sure I heard someone say, ‘mom,’” said Klarp.

         “You would think of your old woman,” stated the second viking.

         “We’ve wasted enough time messing around,” Koll told his men.  “Get our guest moving to the ships so we can get off this blizzard ridden island.”

         “What about that weird old guy?” Klarp asked.

         “Mildew?” answered Koll.  “Oh, he shouldn’t be a problem.  Just dump him somewhere along the way and he’ll be fine.”

         The one thought everyone that knows Mildew must be thinking, “At least we know where the guy is.”

         “Get your hands off me,” said the woman.  “You’ll rue the day when my husband finds out that you kidnapped Lilah the Treacherous!”

         Dawn declared under her breath, “It is her!”  Dawn now looks speechless for the first time ever.

         The group outside sound like the continued to move further into the cave to exit another way.

         Dawn started to walk forward and I knew exactly what she is thinking.  I stopped her by grabbing her right arm and pinning it behind her back with my left arm and clasping my right hand over mouth as she was about to say something.

         “That’s my mom!  You’ve got to le-,” her words became muffled as I kept her from speaking.

         She started to struggle, but I pulled her back a few feet from the door and ordered her in a hush tone, “Dawn, stop this.”

         Dawn struggled even more, but I gave her a shake to stop, “Dawn.  If that is really your mom, going out there now would be the worst idea possible.”  Dawn stopped struggling as much as I continued, “Whoever the woman is, she is innocent in this situation and we don’t want to get her hurt… or worse, knowing Koll as I do and who he works with.  Please, Dawn, we have to do this my way.  I’m going to let go of you and take my hand away from your mouth.  Will you let me do what I do best?”

         Dawn nodded her head, so I slowly release her arm and took my hand away.  Dawn obeyed and stayed quiet.

         But she then said, but in a hushed matter, “I didn’t believe it at first when I heard her voice, but I do now.  That woman out there is my mom and we have to rescue her.”

         “Don’t you think we want that too?” I asked Dawn.

         Dawn knew I was right and remained quiet.

         “Wait…,” Snotlout said.  “If that woman out there is your mom… and she said Alvin is her husband… mentioned she’s an Outcast… and her name literally includes ‘treacherous’… Then that would mean…”

         Astrid finished for Snotlout, “Dawn is an Outcast too and her father is Alvin the Treacherous.  We get it.  Could get to the part where someone tells us a plan?”

         “Yes, I have one,” I spoke up.  “Hiccup and you guys are good at solving things when the Dragon Eye is involved and you are elite at air-to-air and air-to-ground fighting.  My crew is good when we get up close and personal with the fighting, but more importantly when stealth counts.  I would like to avoid firing anything if at all possibly, but if we need any covering fire, your gang are the best there is.”

         Hiccup turned to me and asked, “What do you need?”

         I was impressed that Hiccup would that quickly give leadership away, then again, I am not surprised.

         “While we track the small party with Dawn’s mother back to their ships, we see if we can locate where Mildew is,” I told everyone my plan.  “Hopefully Mildew is not on a ship yet, will make things a lot easier.  Annabeth, Cazi and I will wait until Koll is away from Lilah and we’ll knock out her guards and rescue her; same would go with Mildew.  I want to do this without firing a single arrow or dragon blast, but if it comes to that, be ready.  You wanted some action, Tuffnut?  Well, you got some.”

         I turned to Dawn, “I know you want to help and there’s I know there’s no stopping you.  I’ve been in your exact same position on this very island a few years ago, just a different situation regarding how to rescue a parent.  Do you trust me and will you follow my lead?”

         Seeing it in her eyes, I know it this must be extremely difficult for her to do:  To let someone else lead and not just rush in and free her mother.  Dawn nodded.

         “Thank you,” I replied.  “Now, the time in which we waited is exactly what we should have done.  They should be far enough in the caves that the sound of our dragons and us walking in the cave should not alert Koll’s Hunters to our presence.  Be ready for anything when we get out of the cave.  Look for immediate cover.  Dawn, Annabeth, Cazi.  Wait for my signal to move out.  Hiccup.  Take care of our dragons while we are taking out the Hunters.  Be sure the dragons do not try to follow us.  The rest of you, at the moment we are spotted while trying to rescue Lilah and Mildew, take out all of their catapults and give the rest of us covering fire until we can mount our dragons.  Dawn, your mother clan fly with you.  I’ll take Mildew.”

         I then motioned to Fishlegs to open the door.  Fishlegs is shaking, but moving forward.  The Twins are finally taking the matter serious.  Snotlout looks fearful yet ready to fight some Hunters.  Astrid looks concerned, probably for Lilah.  Hiccup is ready to perform his part of the plan.  Cazi look ready to punch anybody who might walk in her way.  Annabeth is quiet, but ready for action.  I am a bit nervous because I do not want anything to go wrong as I plan for if it does, so I can react and fix it.  Now Dawn, Dawn is bringing up the back of the group.  She has her head down, walking slow but keeping up with the rest of us, and looks deeply distressed.  Even with all that, for once, I can sit it in her eyes, she is poised and ready for action.  She might be a loose catapult ready to explode, but maybe that is exactly what we need.

         “What is it with this island and finding long, lost parents?” I thought as we tracked the footprints in the cave.

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Thanks. Was supposed to be Screw -ing around.

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