Second Dragon? Can't Choose!

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Hello. Im thinking about geting a second dragon. BUT I CAN'T CHOOSE !!! All look awesome and i need help. Which dragon should I choose? Why should I choose it? Please help me, because I'm confused

(P.S. I want one, that you can't choose at the start)

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bone knapper

choose boneknapper beacuse they are sooo cute and in sale



im from anti hacking team!


dont worry toothless :)

leave him alone :-)






my oc nightfury : ( still think in a name )






mad by the best : defy



















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It depends. If you like

It depends. If you like racing, the skrill is a good choice. Or if you can get a membership, Toothless is good too :)


I race with my Smothering Smokesbreath, Flightmare and Typhoonmerang. They are good racers, but SM and Flight are bad at drag races (Forbidden Ice) while Typhoon excels in them and vice versa.


If you're into cosmetics, then the Flightmare, Typhoonmerang, Bonenapper, Scauldron, Raincutter, Skrill, thunderdrum are all very pretty dragons in my opinion :)  


If your'e planning to get a starter, then Nadder (optional skin) and zippleback are quite pretty too :)


Maybe you should give us some of your personal preferences? XD




Thanks Pixel!

My Adopts <3


Banshee. Despite her dark look, she's a fun loving dragon who likes rainbows and skittles. My represensitive dragon (me if I was a dragon :D). Drawn by Changeling. Blinkie by Mightnightmare and editted by me. Amazing egg animation by Rasvim1313. Toothless gif made by the awesome Reiraku (what would the OCs do without you). Blinkie by me (I forgot to change her eyecolour)


Catalyst, the Chemical Magician <3 Spicy and unpredictable, this nightfury creates a backstory of his own. Not that he'd share it. My OC drawn by Reiraku 


Banshee and Catalyst adorably playing together <3 Drawn by toothless572


Drawn by me. Description by the amazing Reiraku.

A sreech. A howl in the dark. A keening cry in the depths of the night. This was all that could be said about the destruction he left in his wake. A name? He had none. Was it important? A strong opponent. This was what he desired. Perhaps somewhere deep down inside, he simple longed to be stopped. But he yearned, and he fought. For what, it didn't matter. Alone as he had always been, he didn't care what became of those he defeated, only that they ended up dead after his passing. If they could not best him, they did not deserve to live. Even now, he stalked through darkness, tracking his next prey. The blood on his claws would not wash off, but he did not want it to. His soul was a cacophony of chaos, and his body an instrument of death.

Was it the result of some twisted past? Nay. He enjoyed the killing. He found sport in the shedding of blood. It was he that was twisted, cleaving a path of darkness into the future. He twisted his own past to justify his future. His mother, father, and the rest of the clutch into which he was born had been very caring. As he had grown, he found that, so too, did his resentment of them. When he grew large enough, he attacked his brothers and sisters, tasting their blood for the first time. And he relished the taste. His parents he made quick work of as well. It wasn't enough. He belonged to nothing and no one. He was beholden to none. He was free and he was dangerous.


No dragon was safe from his urges. He took no interest in the lives of others; only in their deaths. In this way he lived, fought, and grew, fighting and killing anything that appeared before him. Growing strong feasting on the thrill of each kill.



Storm Chasers are highly energetic speed-loving dragons. They love to swim in fast currents and fly with strong wind of the highlands. Storms are no problem to them. They follow the storm until it subsides, taking any food left from the destruction, which is sometimes from viking villages. Storm Chasers have incredible sensor that they could predict a storm coming and its path. 

Gender: Male

Personality: Naturally curious, likes to flick his tongue out when he's unsure of something. Gentle soul, loves belly rubs

Backstory: While out on a hunt with my dragons for wild forest animals, Catalyst and Banshee was playing as usual, and this time it seems they were play fighting each other. They look like a giant rolling ball of tumbleweed in the distance, if you ignore their playful dragon growls and nips. Shaking my head, I spent the next few hours collecting all the animal feathers and designs I needed, and on the way I caught a rabbit for dinner too. Just as I began walking back to my dragons, I heard a loud, angry growl in the distance that sounded nothing a small animal can make. I quickly rushed to where the sound was coming from, horrified to find that it was in the direction of where I last saw Banshee and Catalyst biting each other's ears (which was kind of cute, and made me stop for a while to watch them). Just as i got to the clearing, I saw Banshee and Catalyst in defensive stance, both growling at a male dragon that's semi-hidden in the bushes with what seem to be a bruised nostrel. They must've rolled into the bushes sometime during their fight and fell onto the dragon's nostrel, waking him up and surprising him! Approaching the dragon slowly, with my hands in front of me, I told my dragons to backdown as I tried to calm him down. After what seems like hours, the male dragon seemed to be calm enough to approach me with curiosity instead. I realized with a start that it was actually a Stormchaser, who seemed to have hurt it's legs somehow as it was slowly limping out of the bush. Carefully taking the shark pieces of rock from his foot (i wonder how he got hurt), the Stormchaser sniffed it's foot and tested it, before happily nudging my hand with it's head. I gave him a good scratch under his chin, and packed everything up ready to move back home when it seemed to follow us and didn't want to leave. Even as i rode Catalyst in the skies, the Stormchaser wasn't far behind, and I ended up adding him into out dragon family, and named him Peach. Design by ScarfyWings


Carnage, the Symbiote Night Fury. One of the rare nightfury species, he serves no one and nothing. Though I suspect he holds a much kinder side...

Drawn by Kyore. PIxel arts by Wutend Bonfire :D


This fiery night fury can summon and control all types of weather. Storm is from the deep south and will submit to no dragon or human. As she can control whether the skies are safe, even the alphas are afraid of her. Drawn by skypeoplephoenix732


"If you get any of what this skrill is dripping on you, you'll start seeing all kinds of things that aren't there." Toxin, the goofball that doesn't realize everybody knows she's stealing food from the pantry because there's pink goo everywhere she goes. Drawn by Reiraku


Tigger, the speed stinger. Not much for brains, but what he lacks in brains he makes it up with a large stomach. Drawn by Reiraku


Cinnamon Swirl, my MLP OC drawn by FireFlash


Ellie likes to enjoy the time she has. A very softhearted Banded Featherlure. Mdae by Amberleaf7

Hong Cha (or Red tea in chinese), the chinese dragon. Drawn by Glacecia


Todachi was only a hatchling when his clan was destroyed and killed by humans in front of his eyes. The only survivor of a clan of forest dwellers, he has to fend for himself since a young age. He's nothing special, but he has a desire to survive which drives him forward.  When a viking found him in a cave while wounded in an aereal fight, Todachi helped the human tend to their wounds even though he still harbors hatered for them, because on the inside he has a gentle heart. The human was forced away the day after, and he still refuses to let anyone inside his cave save for the wounded. You would be lucky to see this him with your very eyes, as his natural camuflage makes him blend perfectly to his surrondings. He says he's not currently interested in any SPAM at the moment. Drawn by Reiraku


Carna, the hybid offspring of the Nightfury and Skrill. Likes to eat smores and snuggles in the fireplace. Only appears occationally when hungry, so no one knows where she is most of the time. Drawn by Reiraku


Adopted from Siren-Spirit

Morvan, the Dark Dragon. No one knows where he came from, and not many wants to know in fear of being brutally mutilated. The crimson blood on his scales is enough to tell even the blind to not mess with him. He never shows weakness no matter the enemy, but they know that he has some extensive history before he became known and the Dark Dragon. The wings along already hold a much more heavier burden to tell...


Crystalis, the rare white nightfury. She had a warm and kindhearted personality, and loves to collect jewels of all kind. Her scars are a mystery that she never tells. Drawn by skrillfan


Skylar, the nightfury born with the lightning mark. Drawn by Scoubidous


Gender: Male

Personality: Brave, Serious, Loyal, Strong Fighter

Special Notes: Scar, Take with care

Name: Kenshin (do you get the reference? :D)

Bio: Once known as one of the deadly assassins of the old age, now Kenshin is a recluse on the journey to live a peaceful life. However, he encounters a lot of old enemies and rivals that haven't forgotten of his bloody past, but he will not give up the simple life.

Drawn by goldenfury360



Vintage, the classy as fudge skrill. Somebody give him a tophat! Drawn by Wutend Bonfire


Santalina, santa's little helper (or reindeer,

whatever floats your teaset). Drawn by Rasvim1313


Spyro, the baby dragon. Drawn by wutendbonfire


Cute baby dragon Toothy. Designed by Hjonard32


Abyss, the Lazy



Foresworn, the Firstborn



Zeus, the Enforcer

By Aeral :D Christmas-themed edit by Ellie. Bouncie by Reiraku


Kidagakash, the Fierce Leader



Rounin Kenshin!







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Whispering Death

You should definitely have a whispering death! they are amazing, have awesome stats (10-7-7-7) - way better than boneknapper stats - and better than any other stats I have seen. They are soooo adorable (babies are a little creepy, though), and make for some epic screenshots (don't have any right now, but...)


I am no longer playing SoD because art and life have pretty much taken over :) Here are a few links I hope you visit:

And here are a few samples of my art (NO STEALING):

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I agree, Whispering Deaths

I agree, Whispering Deaths are awesome (and adorable ;n;)


I also adore Zipplebacks .u. Or perhaps a Scauldron/Raincutter?








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Boneknapper or skrill

Well without a doubt Whispering Death is an amazing draon :D But we gonna get one FREE later everyone can get one FREE! Therefore I don't really recommend you to buy one.


Actually it all depends on your preference. If you are buying dragon for races, all dragons has their unique racing style, admitedly skrill is especiallly suitable in racing, yet to me skills have a greater effect. Personally, I have better performance when using my smokebreath, boneknapper and nadder  than my skrill, I guess it is because my racing style fits them more XD Neverthelss, in terms of racing, skrill is definitly a great choice :D Boneknapper is not a bad choice either, at least to me Boneknapper is great at racing too :D I won against some toothless these 2 days and gain some trophies with him XD


On the other hand if you don't want to focus on racing only, I would highly recommend Boneknapper :D:D:D Probably one of the coolest dragon design so far in the game. Without a doubt all dragons looks great (especially my Dream Hunter the nadder XDXD) Yet in terms of the in game design, the coolest one is boneknapper (even cooler if you are wearing the boneknapper outfit, the horn glows :D:D:D:D). Skrill is cool alright XD but the walking animation isn't as cool as knapper one (sorry for being picky XD) Plus, with some creativity, you may have surprise in your boneknapper colour matching :D (e.g. I love how my Boneknapper looks, especially from my signature XD) 


I was not a boneknapper fan before, to me boneknapper used to be a dragon looking too bossy (sorry to boneknapper fan Orz) I bought the bundle originally because of the costume (really really really COOL :D:D:D:D). However, since the hatching of Endeavor (my knapper), I became knapper fan instantly :D They are indeed bossy but they are really cool as well as really cute with nadder animation XDXD especially the sitting animation from my signature XD


Therefore, I would highly recommend buying boneknapper as your second choice (sincerely recommend purchasing the bundle XDXDXDXD).


By Rebekkah XD Cool name huh? XD

Super Cool Banner by Tori XD

Drawing by my wonderful clan leader Primus04 XD

Another cool banner by Tori XD

Wonderful Banner by Mash XD

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well let me tell you a little

well let me tell you a little about the dragons i have i have pics in my signature just scroll down


flightmares are good looking and easy to color they have good turns and greas accelration but you can get outsped by ther dragons rather easy they have a very smoth animation

if you want something that can take any color and make it good then this is the dragon for you



scauldrens are good if you want a dragon no one rides they are big if you like something big this is a good dragon

they race a lot  like the flightmare

they are easy to color and have a nice animation that bounced they are adoreable :3




typhoomarangs are huge easy to color and while some people dont like there animation i love it they move just like a typhoomrang would

they are fairly fast racers but turns and dives are there weakness but if you learn how to race any dragon properly

then you can easily beat any dragon




3 month membership

a membership is the best way to go if your willing

you get a good (not invincable) racer and a stable for holding more dragons as well as 500 gems to buy another dragon





you never see these guys flying around but they are fun to fly because there so tiny

they take some colors better then others but thaqt never stoped one

they are good racers because they do well in tight spaces they have a cool fire breath and race like flightmares but less spped more everything else





they look like hobblegrunts but need darker colors but lighter can work better if your good at coloring

they are great racers with good speed and turnrate and acceptable pitchrate but they have errors

like they have no diveanimation but that can be funny




did i forget any???





i know nothing about boneknappers ir rumblehorns

my boneknapper egg hatched into  a nadder but its been fixed now

but not the nadder its still there







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dont buy a whispering death

dont buy a whispering death you can get one fro free just do the mission "Another cloudy day"

that unlockes the whispering death tunnels then you go in look for the eggs and get a free dragon

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 Get a RumbleHorn, they are soo rare to be seen and they look really cool and are good for racing! :) 

( i have a RumbleHorn my self)





Viking: Marilyn Angel



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just get whatever one you

just get whatever one you think is best

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though a membership would be

though a membership would be the best purchase you get toothless and a stable and 500 gems to do with what you please

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I'm really into racing. so...

I'm really into racing. so... which is better? My first one is Nadder, so I really want something better at speed and turns. Also, can someone explain the Smokebreath? You can't ride it? And also, which dragon you choose for racing? maybe then i can decide... And about Toothless... Well lets just say that my family can't realy buy membership cards or something so... Toothless is out.

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you should get a skrill if

you should get a skrill if you are into racing. you can ride smokebreaths they are a big bigger then usual. so i think you should chosose skrill :)



In-game Name: kazxhtean(Kaz)

Main Dragon: Boltstrike(Skrill)



Don't come close if you can't handle the heat...

- Dragon & Trainer

i am strongly against hacking!











Skrill Bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo

Deadly Nadder bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo.

S.O.D.A.H.T banner made by Chakuu.

Drawing of me and Peach made by Primus04

Drawing of me done by Pixel.


Special thanks to all that helped make this signature how it is now <3

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Actually you can ride a

Actually you can ride a smokebreath, it's fire is just glitchy. Second you can choose any dragon you want.

I suggest the skrill because it's fast, it can turn really well. In my terms of racing, it's not the dragon who is fast, it's how the rider races with it. Your dragon can have good stats but others might say no and that you wasted your gems on a terrible dragon, but don't listen to them.


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ok speed and turns the best

ok speed and turns the best turners are the flightmare,scauldron,smokebreath  

the fastest dragon in store is the skrill it has the best all around stats near identical to toothless it can turn really really well and it has amazing speed 

it has a easy to work with pattern and will look good in almost everything (the saddle looks kinda odd though)