The Seastomer is really beautyfull

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Even though he looks kinda weird he is still one of the most beautyfull

dragons. He really shoot his way into my heart with the way how the coloring works on the seastormer. Awesome. Keep this up admins.









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So handsome!

The Seastormer certainly isn't one of my favorite hybrids, but their texture really is gorgeous (especially the hero skin) They're a great compromise for Seashockers not being trainable on account of them being 100% aqautic, but I still hope we see them as trainable one day. Your new dragon is gorgeous! Hope you two have many adventures together [:


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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

I totes agree. The amount of colourations that you can do are really good. I love the patternwork. I say it's the most beautiful dragon in terms of customization. 





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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

to me its just looks like a gummy, i wanna eat it >:P

it looks like that, mostly the body, just cut the wings and faces.




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FINALLY someone else who thinks the same thing. It looks so good AGGGHHHHH, amirite *cough* Mc *cough* Yrsa?


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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

yes 100% right :D

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Oh, DaRn It yRsA, yOu WeRe!

WDYM 100%?

It should be Mc1000000000% lol

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Aloha Lola

I know right?!! I love dragons with good color customizations!



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So now the question is do I name it Joseph and Claude or Eva-Lyn...


if you get either of these references you get a big high five.


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