Screenshots ;p

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Here are some screenshots I took when I visited the credits place. Hope you like them!


First, the island.


And the sunset. I took it cos I thought the scenery was very pretty!


That's what I took from the credits place. There isn't much left to take because they're still working on it...


Pictures above combined by me. Each separate picture made by: Sapphire, Asvald, Nessie, Astrdon, Siren-Spirit or me XD



Made by Asvald <3 


Cake & Dreamcatcher say hi! (Cake is Jennifer Fire's Whoolly Howl btw, not mine. Dreamcatcher's my Nadder ^^)


    <= Made by Yume Sharacite

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It most certainly is!!! I love the sunset! See a real sunset scene, it's beautiful! ;p

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When I first visited the credits place, I was AMAZED. I took a lot of screenshots. One of them was so beautiful I decided to tweak it a bit. I'll post it later (I'm on my iPad right now :p)


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