School of Dragons' Mobile App is Coming to Android Devices!

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We've got some big news for ANDROID users! School of Dragons' highly anticipated mobile app will be released to the Android Market by the end of January! Continue your adventure and we will be sure to keep everyone updated on this exciting upcoming release. 

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over a month... ugh.


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That's great!

It's good to have a definate date! It's a shame I've got to wait for another month but it's understandable. Thank's for the information. Keep the updates for the game comming! Your all working hard, and everyone thanks you for it. Your AWESOME!!!! =^_^=


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One more month...MONTH?!

One more month...MONTH?! Oh... Anyway, you all work so hard... Everybody appreciate. I'll wait. I have to. xD

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oh whew!

thanks for letting us know! i was starting to worry i would have to wait a long time for the android mobile. thanks for working hard!


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Uhh, but its already febuary.

Uhh, but its already febuary. XD









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