School of Dragons Glitches (must read everything, every line till end)

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   Heya Everyone! :) It is nice to see you again :D


   So, in this topic, i was thinking to talk about something that i know all members of School of Dragons hate it.. Glitches .. :/

     I know that it is very annoying and depressing for most of us! For example me - as a member since July 27 -  these last 2-3 months, this game started to be very GLITCHY :/ What i mean, in this game some problems occure everyday... For example, today i lost everything i had in farm. (Animals, seeds, items, pens etc...) I was so mad.. i spent over 10,000 gems to buy all of these... and for one reason, when i wanted to feed my fox, i lost all of my gems! I had about 1.000.000 gems and now they are ALL gone :(. (i had many because i sent mails to invite friends! I am NOT A HACKER!!!!! i hate them T_T)

      Last month, i lost 3 of my dragons (Deadly Nadder, Skrill and Thunderdrum). But i saw that today, my skrill came back... So only 2 dragons missed. Anyway.. other times, the "mystery boxes" that you win in Battles aren't working :/ I don't know why but i have over 100 boxes that i lost.... 


   The most annoying when it appears a box in front of your screen saying:

  • You could not connect to internet. Please try to recconect.
  • Server under maintenance.
  • You have been logged out. Please try loggin again.
  • Your viking is now idle. Please recconenct.
  • There was an internal server error.
  • Server Error    

 And a lot more...

   How about a glitch that changes you the dragon you bought to another? >.<  It happened one day when i bought a Sand Wraith and it gave me instead a Gronckle T_T. 

    Ok.. here is a thing that i know that 70% of people hate in School of Dragons... The chat T_T that we can't write numbers... Apparently, we can't even write some words like (kill, dead, hand, leg, head, hard etc..) and appears this:

   Headmaster> You cannot say that in the School of Dragons. Please do not use those words!   

But actually you never used bad words T_T. Sometimes i want to write a proposition and it says it's wrong when i use the allowed words in SoD in a wrong way T_T (does it make sense?) 


      I wanna say that maybe we have been through many errors and glitches in this game, but people go crazy if this problem won't be fixed in 1 week at least... I saw many of them saying that admins never help us or something and that they only help people "popular" or something T_T NEVER! THIS ISN'T TRUE!!!


    Look guys, Admins will always fix the problems and always will help us but you have to understand that there are TONES of problems that they have to fix and not for 1 person, for 1.000.000 or more... This is very hard for them to take care of thousands of problems... and they aren't so many admins for everyone... I believe in them! I know they will always help us but you NEED to be a little bit patient :/ By the way, School of Dragons, as you can see, every week has something new... (expansions, outfits, dragon eggs etc..) and those aren't easy to make... so they don't spend time only in fixing problems but also keeping this game AMAZING and make people to want to play it.

    I hope you understood why we are waiting so long for these glitches and if you agree with me, try to make those who believe admins never help they really do help us! Make them believe a game isn't so easy to keep with no problems and easy fix a problem on it....

    Thank you for trying to read my message and i hope you understood it :/


     Your Faithfully,