Saving Skulder/Auction Island

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Joined: 03/20/2018

So it's been a really long time (as it took forever for the game people to approve my account so I can make a forum...) and I'm getting disappointed...


I was completing the objective Saving Skulder and I went to Auction Island. I was trying to get the fossils from the ship. I got the first one, but then got frustrated with finding the others. I decided to go to a different island to take a break and do a different objective. When I went back, the ship was gone and Skulder was just standing in the place where he was locked in the cage, but the cage was gone too. The objective still pops up with the arrow when I'm on other islands, but the X does not pop up on the map and the arrow does not pop up under the objective task when I go to Auction Island. No one has any other objectives for me to do right now so I can't even really play....


Also, when I find Hiccup at the volcano where Red Death was defeated, he has a exclamation point and a question mark mushed together above him, but he doesn't say anything. He has nothing above him when I find him anywhere else.


Someone please help me or fix this so I can finally go complete Saving Skulder! I've spent good money on this game and I don't want it to go to waste.