Saving Skulder, no fossils

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I'm running a desktop PC, OS windows 8.1 (shame I know...) I play the client version not the browser version, but my browser is Mozilla Firefox (IE is slow and chrome is broken) Now that my PC information is listed I'll get to the problem:


I'm on the quest Saving Skulder as part of the 2.0 Return to Dragon Island expansion, I get in the boat just fine, I find one fossil in one of the cages, and I have scrubbed every inch of this garbage infested boat and the other 3 fossils are simply not there! After collecting just one fossil it gives me a quest arrow pointing to the ornamented door leading out of the ship and says to return the 4 fossils (which I've yet to collect) to the shifty storekeeper, but when I go and do so it has a pop up "You need to deliver 4 fossil." *(no typos I'm not even kidding that is EXACTLY what the message says... I'm at my wit's end and pulling my freakin hair out trying to figure this out. I have not the foggiest idea of what I'm doing wrong, because I must be or the quest would be working right? So I'm posting on the forum because that's what I see other people doing so I assume it's the proper next step. So if I could get an admin or whatever to take a look at this and help me out I'd appreciate it, I might even keep my membership, because honestly... riding Toothless would be nice but at present this game is too buggy to drop money into...