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Howdy! I haven't played this game as long as some other people here but i've been playing for a bit over a year now and i've definitely learned a lot of tips and the such that i'd like to share with you, as well as some questions.

I mainly play mobile so I have no idea if some of these will help PC players



  • Use the Forums to find tips lol
  • Watch the AD's to double up on stuff or earn gems, it's worth it
  • Save your gems if you want an expansion pack and you're not a member (it's worth it)
  • The best way to level up a baby dragon to a short wing, or teenager, is to play eel roast
  • Use a powerful dragon for battle events and at the very end switch it to a dragon you want to level up because then you'll get experience on that dragon instead
  • Normal Battle Events (when we don't have an event going on) are every two hours, you're either on odd time or even time. Check to see which one you're on 
  • The wilderness is the best place to fish
  • The wilderness is the best place to take screenshots of your dragons (because it has amazing lighting)
  • When you gain enough UDT you can buy the Deadly Nadder, Gronkle, Monsterous Nightmare, and Zippleback for coins, this one is way more noticable but yeah
  • The boulder stable can also be bought with coins when you gain enough UDT (it is a one time purchase)
  • You can only get titan runes from stable quests, or you can get a titan age up
  • Pick expansion packs that have a lot of quests
  • Do the fishing quests and farming quests, they're really rewarding
  • Get at least one or two of an event farm animals, they really help with getting rewards


  • Redeem codes are: lavaeater (eruptodon egg), cloudcover (all stormcutter armor), takeflight (skyrunner flight suit), skrillthrill (skrill armor, no shoulder pads)
  • Diamond Chests have a purple particle effect
  • Coin chests have a blue particle effect
  • AD chests have a green and orange particle affect
  • You can get 5 Ad chests a day
  • Ad chests can give you eggs, stables, dragon items, decor, and avatar items
  • You can watch ads 3 times to double up stuff on the eel roast minigame
  • You can watch ads in one hour intervals to get 10 diamonds (only 3 per day) 
  • Having MMO on is definitely worth it so you can level up dragons in battle events
  • It's okay if you get a rumblehorn, they're great dragons and they should be buffed, they are good for stable quests though
  • If you don't want to play for a day at least log in to get the rewards, etc.
  • The exterior of the hideout changes color

Recurring Issues:

  • Teenage dragons for me have the most glitches i've ever seen, here's some:
    - The dragon model just disappears when riding the dragon
    - When gliding in an area the dragon will be stuck flying in circles going forward
    - Dragon limbs going through the groud
    - Can't dismount te dragon 
    - Can't change the dragons direction (the movement controls are "stuck")
    These are all really comical though so I don't mind them much
  • a few of the battleship glitches:
    -Two ships (the second one doesn't give you anything though
    -You've won but the ship won't sink 
    -Rewards won't load
    -Battle event timer disappears when counting
    (these are a bit more infuriating but that's okay)
  • Thunder Run Racing glitches me out
  • Dragon Tactics won't load
  • Everyone disappears in a map
  • Fishingline of a fishingrod glitches and is attached to the avatar until they exit out the game and come back in

I'll try to add more later on :)