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Okay, so, I posted the early idea of it on my other interest check thread, but this one is more set for the fleshed out version, and also doesn't have other things not related to it. As usual... The idea, setting, and parts of the plot came from dreams... Cause what doesn't with me?

This does have a fair amount of lore to it since it's now attached to my Living Dead series, and my Dragon of the Starlines series, both of which I've been working on for a little over a decade now. But I'll try to keep it simple and limited for you guys for now.
This series is also the world Dylieh comes from, so. In case you were ever wondering why that's my forum name...

Anyways, I don't think we'll be touching the series itself as it follows Dylieh's son December and his world instead. Dylieh does make a few appearences tho, so. Not entirely a stand alone thing...


But anyways, the roleplay takes place in December's world. He created a pocket dimension, within this pocket, he founded an academy that teaches your character how to hunt down "Mirrors". Mirrors are reflections that broke off from their host and are now able to exit the mirror and replace the real world person. The characters would be going around different dimesions tethering these Mirrors back to their person. This does not cross over to other canon worlds like HTTYD or the like. They would be worlds much like our own.


Your characters are going to be artifical Livendi's, gifted to them by December's Wine. This potion allows any human the ability to revive from death a certain amount of times (3 for the rp), along with magic from their partner's Deus Line.
Each person will have a partner that is able to shift into a dragon or other form of Vedo creature and whatever Deus Line they are apart of; both the Shifter and Rider will have the ability to control aspects of this line. I.e If you are apart of Memory Line, you are able to manipulate memories, if you are apart of Fear Line you are able to manipulate fear. Each Rider will have an assiocation with Mirror Line to be able to tether the Mirror back to it's host. Humans also have Nattura weapons, a weapon that is made from mending their soul to a weapon. The appearence of this weapon is glass like with a colour that resembles their soul, it's stored inside the person and comes into the hand of the user like dust. Making it a discreet weapon. December's Wine allows the Nattura weapons to send Mirrors back to their world and tether it as well.


December's Wine.
If consumed by a human

Gains -
Nattura weapon.
Tier 10 abilities of their shifter partner's Deus Line.
Dimension jumping abilities.
Two extra lives.

If consumed by a vedo
Gains -

Human form.
Sight to pin point Mirrors.
Three extra lives.
Dimension jumping abilities.


The Rider and Vedo will have gone through the early stages of this academy to have been assigned to each other, as they match the most with each other. So most of the characters would likely already be well versed with each other.


I'll explain more on Deus Lines, Livendi's, and more later on if anyone's interested in joining this.


I think that's it for right away, the world itself has a victorian steampunk kind of feel to it, while the pocket itself has a galaxy overhead with geometric lines that aid in dimension jumping. I'll draw this out later if anyone's interesting in joining this rp.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


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Extra Post

Reserving this post for art that's being made for this, and other things.


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So I got questions I figured I'd ask here so then people aren't bombarding you with the same questions


So what I understand is this is a school-esque rp that seems similar to Daemon but with Riders = humans and Shifters = daemon, just using the parallel. And the Rider and Shifter are bonded, or something like that. 

Mirrors are Shifters that have parted ways with their Rider, yes? Or are Mirrors something else entirely from Riders and Shifters?

Could you explain more on the artificial Livendis? Like, our characters are humans that, when they drink D's Wine, they become an artificial Livendi? 

Is Vedo seems to be another term for something, but what? 


Are Mirrors something else entirely from Riders and Shifters? Like, every human has a reflection? 

Also is Vedo another term for Shifter?


And what kinda boundaries do you have in place for the dimension jumping? Coz I have a few dimension jumping characters that could've hopped from my universe, Noxæ. I have a system in place called Gridlock that basically locks my character in one world or setting. Still working on what "unlocks" them from that world, but what I've got so far is they have to find a Key to get out, and that Key is hel.la hard to find and pops up when they're not out questing for it. Usually. Still working on it, as I said, but would be interesting if it'd work to have one of my OCs have a side agenda of finding said Key and sussing everyone and everything in search of it lmao. Might ditch the Key idea for now until I can smooth it out more, but that's the main idea of my characters being Gridlocked to a place, that way I can avoid dimension jumping problems if need be. And like, Gridlocks limit original powers and capabilities, so I won't be barging in with an OP dimension jumper dw. So like, essentially, my character would enter this world, get Gridlocked, integrate him/herself into the world thus allowing said character to be part of the RP but still have origins in Noxæ. 


Ok I think that's it for now. 


Oh one more question. What kinda creatures can Vedo/Shifters shift into? And are they limited to a certain number of creature forms like in Daemon? 

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Got Tired and Forgot to Respond... So Here Answer, Hope Helps :)

.. You repeated a lot of the same questions but in the different words xD

Okay. So...

1. Are Shifters and Riders bonded like dæmon is? No... They're own their own souls, only connection is they share the same Deus Line. The Rider will be only a tier 10 member, while the Shifter could be anywhere between tier 5 and tier 2. Aside from that, it's more like HTTYD's friendship bond rather than an actual spiritual bond.

2. Are Mirrors something else entirely from Riders and Shifters? Like, every human has a reflection? Yes, so they're a mirror that started splitting from anyone based on their trauma. Slowly growing more detached until it can move independently from it's host. After this happens, the reflection will exit the mirror world and try to kill the host and replace it. Lacking a reflection of it's own. So anyone could have this even the characters, however ill advised so that it makes it easier to hunt down mirrors instead of dealing with your own.

3. Also is Vedo another term for Shifter? Sort of. Not really. A Vedo is an animal of a different society in the universe. Sort of like aliens, but not... So most of the time, they're referring to dragons, or wolves, phoenixes, things like that. More often than not, dragons. Which I'll give a list of already canon dragons, so you guys have an idea what to go off of if you don't wanna use any of those. But they generally live off the planet, and have their own roles in the universe. Solar dragon's rule the suns, and are the top royals of the solar system Earth resides in (at least the immediate ones are, there's other solar systems with the same system). Direska wolves ruled Terra (Earth), and so on. So a Vedo is a classification of universe's occupants, like how we're called humans but have different societies and traditions all over the world. Vedo's can not shift into other forms. They stay what they're born into.

4. Could you explain more on the artificial Livendis? For starters, Livendi's are another classification of creatures. They are banished Vedo's, more often than not they're sent to Earth. Livendi entails that they are now human, but they also still have their vedo form due to a hiccup in the Solar Queen's spell when she banished Vedan (Dylieh). So now there's a little rift between their home bound vedo self and their Livendi self allowing them to have more powers outside of their vedo's realm. So, Dylieh originally made a potion that turned humans into exactly what they are. But this is also torturous as being a Livendi is a punishment, not a gift. So what December changed is the amount of lives you're given so you still have that urgency of possibly dying to worry about. While also limiting the amount of Deus lines you're apart of to lessen responsibility. I think I put the max at two lines, so you have the choice of developing into two different lines if you want, at least for the Vedo. The human is basically just a sliver of what an actual Livendi is. The Vedo is slightly different in where they're gifted a human form instead without the banishing part. So they have a quicker time jumping up the tiers than their riders do. Hence why they can be up to tier 2.

Idk if that helps... Idk if make sense... XD Lemme know if it doesn't...


5. What kinda creatures can Vedo/Shifters shift into? And are they limited to a certain number of creature forms like in Daemon? Think I mentioned before that they're born to one form and stay in one form unless they have magical aid, be it a potion or banishment by their royal. So whatever form you chose, it has to be that form and their human form can't have any other attributes from the vedo form, has to look human. Also, they cannot be a royal, such as a King or Queen of their Vedo's world. They can be a Prince or Princess, but this is rare, and I'll probably only have 2 spots for this position.


6. Your Noxæ world. It seems like it's apparent to one dimensional self only. However, I do have plans where the characters will meet themselves from other dimensions or replace themselves if the original perishes. I don't think that's possible if there's only one of your character in the curve this world lives in. The way the dimension jumping works in this world is based on memory and the mobias strip. So, in order for you to jump into another dimension, you need to have a similar experience/memory with another version of yourself and then you can jump into their world. The only way to jump outside of these "curves", is to use a black hole to cross over the various different threads. A lot of this would definitely be easier to show in picture. So I'll do that later...

Some basic terms for this...
Thread: A Julia fractal from the Mandelbrot set that holds a version of the world you live in. There's various different worlds, so your neighbouring thread could be a completely different world from yours. But you don't have access into that world as you don't share a self there. I'll explain more on time in another post.

Curve: A collection of threads that hold the same universes, so you are only able to jump between your curve, not outside of it. This does not mean the threads are set in similar areas, they still follow their own mathematical curve in their own set of fractals.

Void or the God's Realm: Despite the name, the void still has objects and worlds within it. This is positioned in the centre black of the mandlebrot set. Here, Chaos and Óþekktur (Oh-Theck-ter) reside. Óþekktur as a god, looks over the development of the environment a world creates, while Chaos looks over the actions each world creates. More so watching as the Chaos Theory ensues and takes joy when a thread does something she doesn't expect. Rarely do the gods ever intervene with how a thread chooses to run.

Pockets: A timestill thread created by occupying a space in the Void, the fractal holding these pockets are no where near as large as the original. To get to and fro, these pockets are connected to creators home thread via frequencies, allowing them transit between the mandlebrot and the pocket. They can be made city large, or just large enough for a small house and some yard. More often than not being smaller to be easier to maintain.

Frequencies: Sound that is able to connect to the sound of their original thread. Usually easier to use when traveling between the void and the fractals themselves. These can trap you in a box outside your thread, or allow you to create a bubble or pocket in the void. They are not heard when inside a thread or pocket, and are not mentally processed when traveling through them. So it's not well known how they sound or act when used. They also aid in picking which Deus Line you belong to. The frequency of your soul matching that of the Line, which determines what you are apart of.


Think that's it for the time being.. If it's confusing... then idk man... Keep asking questions until we get there XD

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Posting Soon

Gonna post soon, been collecting all the info for this, will be a decent read... 

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"Decent" lmao

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Parallel Parked in a Diagonal Universe

Did I say decent? Meant to say Monstrous... XD

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Posted the sign up thread, lemme know if it makes sense.... XD

Knives & Wine