RP Guide, Part 2: How to Host a Roleplay

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Hi, I’m bored. Sooo….. Imma write a guide about how to host a roleplay… At least from my way of things. May work for you, may not… Depends. Let’s jump in.

Bo did part one in which she explains the basics in roleplaying, and some ways to keep it alive. Probably more important, but both aspects are equally useful. I highly recommend reading hers first.


Some quick phrases I’m going to put here, just in case it slipped anyone’s memory or if you’re really new to this writing world in general…

Original Stories - Stories that are not attached to any existing franchise.
Alternate Universes - Stories that are deviations from existing worlds. (I.e A modern day HTTYD rp)
Canon Universes - Stories that take place in an existing franchise well known by others. (I.e A basic HTTYD rp with Hiccup and the gang)

Already addressed by Bo plus an addition…
OC - Original Character (Character not belonging or similar to an existing franchise or character)
Fan Character - A character made for an existing franchise.
Rp - Roleplay. The world, story, and vision you are creating with other people.
Rper - Roleplayer(s), people who have joined your roleplay and are aiding in making it.


So, to host an rp, you can do it all differently, but there are some key factors you should keep in mind so people don’t loose interest in your rp.

Be Descriptive.
Be Inclusive.
Be Flexible.
Butterfly Effect.
Chekhov's Gun.


Okay so with those oddly worded bullet points laid out, let’s jump in.

My guide is extremely long... So... just a fair warning there...


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Be Descriptive - Know What You Want To Do.

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Seems pretty self explanatory. But I’ve noticed from other people, this doesn’t seem too high on their to do list. You don’t need every single detail about your universe right down to the days of the week. You do however, need to have a plot laid out for people to follow and work towards. This makes starting intro posts easier for both you and your roleplayers.
Two medium sized paragraphs dedicated to what the plot and purpose is enough to get people interested in joining the rp. An additional paragraph related to the history in general could be welcomed if it helps expand your world better.


Now, this can be different depending what type of roleplay you want to do.
An original concept not connected to anything else would need more worldbuilding done to make a compelling roleplay. But again, try to make it quick and easily understandable to not overwhelm anyone interested or joining. Long paragraphs can scare away people. But, this isn’t always a bad thing, as long as it makes sense and is interesting enough, you can attract some well versed roleplayers by having a lot to learn. Still, keep in mind that you shouldn’t add anything trivial in the plot post. If it’s not important to the plot, it shouldn’t be in the interest post.


For Alternate universes, this is a little easier to do. You’ll still need plenty of information about what makes your world different from the franchise it’s based on, but it doesn’t have to be as in depth as an original world. You are very much able to get away with two paragraphs as the final product for your plot post.


A Canon universe roleplay is probably the easiest in terms of making plot posts, as you only really need a paragraph explaining what the characters' goals are as a general plot. You don’t have to world-build nearly as much because it’s already built for you and you aren’t changing the rules of it.


Do keep in mind, while writing a plot post, keep character-centric roles vague.


When you're crafting an rp you don't know which characters are going to join except your own, therefore you can't base specific plot moments around characters until after you have your roleplayers and you get to chat with them.

When making the plot paragraph, you can keep it as simple as a school with it’s purpose, and why the characters will be there. Or as a small history lesson about how a war came to be, and which side your roleplayers can fight on. Or a recent event about a major character’s event on the world (king or queen’s death, a gods curse upon their followers, or even a simple “survive this land to make it to this destination” type thing).


If the plot requires you to have a specific set of people, you can make a list of basic traits for your roleplayers to claim. A good example of this is from an old roleplay I used to be in where the host(s) had a list of 6 traits: The Good One, The Laid Back One, The Rude One, The Energetic One, ect. This also makes it easier to limit the amount of people you want in your roleplay, and helps people come up with character personalities. Another example is my friend’s roleplay(s) in which each character falls into a zodiac sign, or a faction, these being roleplay specific traits.


Of course you don’t always have to do this, but it can create interesting dynamics.


But overall, you’ll need to figure out what category your rp lies in first. Original, Alternate, or Canon. That helps you determine how descriptive you’ll need to be, and which route you want to go for making forms.


Now of course, every roleplay will have questions. You post a plot, you'll have some basics laid out about the world, and what powers, traits, roles, etc. the character can pick from or how the rper can make a character. But, no matter how many times you’ve edited and revised, another pair of eyes will have a different perspective from you and see something that doesn’t make sense or isn’t explained yet. This is okay.


You can answer the questions and use that to further flesh out your plot and your world. If it doesn’t make sense later on, you can tweak the idea and roll with that. However, don’t change things too often, or make drastic changes. I truly mean tweak. If someone asked if this plant their character uses could be this rare blue plant, and you say “yes, there isn’t many blue plants out there.” But later down the road find that a rare blue plant won’t fit into a world where most plants are blue anyways; you can either tweak it to be that this plant has an ability or is a specific shade, or change the colour of those plants.


I would advise trying to figure out these plot holes early on before they are written in the rp. Nothing is written in stone, yet it is easier to change things when they have not been explicitly addressed in the rp. Even then, you could probably change it a little to fit your plot needs, but not too much that it’s completely different.


So yes, you can make things up on the spot when answering questions, but try to keep it in your world’s rules so you don’t write yourself into a wall later down the line.

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Be Inclusive - Think About All Aspects of the Oc’s and the World

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Okay, so after setting up the Sign Up thread, you’ll get people filling in their forms and posting them. Read all of them. I know that’s already implied, but when I mean read, I mean pretty much psychoanalyze them. If there’s something in their backstories that either doesn’t make sense, or seems out of place for your world. You can ask them what it's about and see if you can help clarify it so they can still keep the majority of their form. I would do this either in a private conversation, or have a questions post below your form’s post so they can still keep editing their forms.


Another reason to read them all thoroughly is to see if there’s any plot-related potential in the characters: secret royalty, firecracker personalities who could derail a mission, hidden characters that could be secretly helpful, etc. If you see anything that has potential to push the plot forward, you can go chat with them and let them in on some plot details or other knowledge about the world. I would advise doing this in private to still keep it a surprise for the rest of the rpers. For this reason, it is advised, as an rper, to include as much as they can into their forms, even if it is knowledge hidden from the other characters. Please do not keep any information from the host, it can and will derail things in the long run if you throw something random in there like a subplot you didn’t discuss with the host.


You can also see if anyone else's character could have interesting relations with your characters or others in the rp. You can manipulate the plots and scenes to try and push those characters together. Be it a good friendship, a couples relationship, or frenemies, keep relationships in mind to hold people's interests. This also makes it easier for the characters to interact with each other, even more so if the characters have history with another person’s OC. As it allows the rpers to help influence the plot or some aspects of your world.


Building character relations is a vital part to any rp because it prevents players from rping by themselves and keeps them from repeating information already known to everyone else. This creates more depth in characters and will help move things along.


Always ask the rpers questions about their characters, and see if there’s any scenarios that could fit them specifically. This could make it easier to create subplots, or eat up some time while getting from point A to point B.

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Be Flexible - Never Set Anything in Stone.

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You have a plot, you’ll have ideas, you’ll have everything planned out, then someone comes in and these plans go sideways. That’s okay. You have to be flexible.


You should think about roleplaying as if it’s a collaborative story, you are working with others to build a world. So you will have things go places you didn’t plan. That’s the joy’s of roleplaying, sometimes you don’t know where you’re going. As long as it makes sense in the world, it’s okay to let it go.'


To start an rp, you should have the general idea of what’s going to happen and when. How you get to these points is up to the roleplayers and also up to how the rpers handle the situation. This means some plot points will come earlier or later than expected, or maybe it’s just not at all how you planned it.


It is very hard to go back on a scene if it doesn’t make sense in the world. So, again, remember to be descriptive about the world you have. If there’s something you need to be understood and can not change about your world, make sure that’s known, and give as much info on it as possible. Cause there are more than enough roleplayers out there who take that vague idea and run with it in a completely different direction than you intended. This is a downside to roleplaying, but also the best part about it in the right situation.


Just remember the world you created is most certainly seen differently in the head of another. Now, like I said, this can be great. Something you didn’t know about in your world and couldn’t figure out anything for could be fixed by someone saying a simple sentence in their post, or could become a huge plot point in the roleplay later on. This is the joys of roleplaying, the unintentional chaos is a good thing to have all around. But, again. If that idea wasn’t run by you and it seems extremely bizarre to be placed there by another roleplayer, you can have problems, especially if you don’t address it, as other roleplayers will latch onto that and it can drastically change your world and how it’s run. So, other rpers may not have to read every post in the rp, or every scene their character isn’t a part of, but you most certainly do. This way can catch things that may throw you off later on, and can help direct the rpers back to the world you made.


Again, do try to let rpers go on their own little trips every so often, of course later down the line when things are well established and everyone knows enough about the world.

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Butterfly Effect - Have Many Paths in Mind.

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Okay, so in addition to the last point, since you can never truly predict how everyone will react, you’ll have to have several different ideas about how the scenario will play out. Or, better yet, a way to push the train back onto the original tracks to get to point C after point B is done. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. You don’t have to have every single plan with thirty different paths for each right from the start, but do try to keep other paths open if things go sideways. If you can think up different scenarios for the same thing, or chat about different scenarios with the other rpers. Do it. You could even be joking or watching videos, laugh, then say “wait a minute, actually…” and it’s in. As I said, inspiration could come from anywhere.


By chatting with others, you can build more character relations, and then you have an easier time making paths to your plots.


I personally like heavily planned roleplays over lightly planned ones, but that’s just because you can have more to do later on.


Also, have breaks in between each major plot point, give the characters a rest to process what happened and also seek aid from other characters. This can help make more paths later on, and see which characters would do better or worse with each other. This is extremely helpful for making the plot roll smoothly and fluidly into the next major point.

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Drama - Look for the Chaos.

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A thing that makes roleplays interesting is drama. So in addition to pushing characters who work well closer, you can also push the characters who hate each other together instead. Whether it furthers their hatred for each other, or fixes their relationship is up to how the scene plays. But do keep in mind some players will get enveloped in their characters and see themselves as their characters, so try to keep an eye on the roleplayers' behaviour towards each other. Drama in the roleplay is okay, drama between actual people can kill a roleplay in an instant and cause larger problems in the long run for future roleplays you create or join. Also, it’s just not okay…


If you see some tension between roleplayers, see if everyone can take a break from the roleplay and remind them that it’s just fiction. Although seriously do this politely. Joke around, “would be funny if (character name) and (second character name) end up as best buds in the future”, things like that. I wouldn’t personally address the anger unless they’re screaming at each other, just make up fun things for those characters together so they have good things to look forward to so they are not roleplaying solely to anger the other. Saying “both of you need to take a chill pill” will have them turn on you and it is highly ill advised. If both need to vent, let them vent, but don’t let them bark at each other saying “this is not allowed in the rp” as that’s your job to dictate if it’s allowed or not. Remember, humour will help you get everyone on the same page again and help them know it’s just a story.


But for the characters… Let the chaos reign. If two loathe each other, throw them together in a stressful situation that needs teamwork. If two are confused by another character (love triangle), throw them in a room and have a secret revealed. If the group is in peril and one is separated from the rest, you can definitely manipulate the group into thinking they’ve perished and have a full on mourning session just to have that character reappear later. For the last scenario however, I’d converse with the rper and make sure they have a secondary character to keep up with the group instead of rping on their own. That can aid in the big reveal much easier.

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Chekhov's Gun - Don’t Forget Things From Earlier.

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Okay so, you’re far in your roleplay, things have sort of slowed, the time between plot A and plot B have gotten longer, and you need something to get there quicker. Put something in the beginning of the roleplay that seems entirely unimportant, forget about it, then bring it back up in these times. It helps give you a subplot, and can give you an easy jump into the next major plot.


However, this is something you’ll have to think through early on. Generally something you can use to bring the interest back, kill some time with, or use as a major plot point later on. Try to give yourself options, but remember that the rest of the players can’t remember it when you bring it back again.


When you plan this, do not have it reliant on other characters besides your own, or if you already made plans with another about this. The item, idea, or memory in which you bring back can be semi important, majorly important, or not at all but gives insight to a character’s personal life or feelings. As long as it gives something for all the characters to do and help move things along.


Yes, this is a minor tweak to the rule, as Chekhov’s Gun is “a seemingly unimportant object in act 1 that becomes extremely important by the climax of the plot.” But having other objects you can bring back later on in general is just useful all around.


Or a deja vu idea going on, where you have a recurring theme going on throughout the roleplay. But again, needs some planning from the start, or a theme you’ve just noticed kept coming up.

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Ending - Always Have A Goal.

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I know this seems weird, as you won’t have much idea where it ends. But if you don’t have a goal to work towards in the long run, you might burn out making subplot after subplot and the roleplay can die.


The whole end goal doesn’t need to be completely planned out, but you should have an idea of what to do with your characters at the very least. Do they die? Do they go off on their own adventures after separating from the others? Do they become the leaders of the group you’re working with? What happens to them, and what happens to your main villains?


These plans can very much change, especially if your character's development goes in a different way, or if another character creates a different ending possibility. But an end goal should be known, not just for the entire roleplay, but for each plot concept you come up with.


For my biggest roleplay, A Dæmon’s Tribulation, I think about it as if it’s in seasons. In which I have about 6 seasons planned out.
The plot inside the school
The plot outside the school
The plot trekking through the world
The plot in the world’s precarious situations
And more plots that further the development of each character, and their individual end goals and so on.
That’s where the be inclusive part comes in, that’s where the be detailed part comes in, that’s where the be flexible part comes in. Just overall, everything should just pull together nicely.


I, again, personally like very planned and organized roleplays, as this allows all of us to work towards something and not burn out over simple subplots and chaos. Because although chaos makes the roleplay, an ending gives us a new opportunity to create another kind of chaos that wasn’t possible in the previous plot.


Overall, have an endgame in mind, even if it’s super vague where it just includes your character. You can figure it out more as the roleplay goes on and more for each character involved. It will keep you from a forever roleplay where things start to seem redundant. Plus it will make it feel more rewarding when the roleplay does finally come to an end.

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Additional Things When Setting Up Your Roleplay.

(Please do not Directly Reply to this Post)


Try to have the layout of the sign up thread well organized, as well as easy to read and understand. Have several posts for each section to keep things clean and tidy. Makes finding things easier to reference. Be sure to have your “Do Not Respond To This Post” in bold red letters, the more colourful the better for people to see it. This will hopefully help people not reply directly and allow you to continue editing the post for later on.

I generally have it as such.

The first post as title.
The second post as plot paragraphs.
The third post as world info.
The fourth post as rules, sign up forms, and spots.
And the last post as a safety post, or a questions post in which you edit, and have the others edit their own forms and just keep editing the posts in response to each other so you can keep editing your own posts. Also keeps from unnecessary comments that fill up the page. Of course, you can also have this be where people post their questions and you answer in new posts if you find that easier.


I would also advise linking everyone’s character forms in the spots so you can find their forms easier later on. But do keep in mind, the link will change if a comment is posted above the comment you linked.

To link a comment, you find the number on the top right corner of the box and right click on it to bring up the various options. Copy the link, and then in your spots post, you highlight the character’s name and then link the comment in the options above the text box.


I would also try to have your character form up and ready before even posting the sign up thread so you can post it immediately and let others base their forms off yours. Having your character setup makes it much easier for someone else to make theirs as your character will have the easiest window into the world. Unless you were detailed in your world info post.


An organized roleplay is more appealing than one that is not.


Additionally, have a subject phrase (I.e “In my Dream”, “At World’s End”, ect.) slightly hidden near the bottom of the rules so you know if people read it all or not. If they did, this helps add people to the list quickly. The subject phrase could be completely random, or it could be specific to your roleplay. But this is a must. Like a little ticket into the roleplay type deal.


The rules you make can be copied from another roleplay, or made simple. Depending how big your roleplay is or if there’s anything specific you need to address and need followed. I personally add minor pet peeves in my rules just so I have less chances of dealing with them in the future.

General rules are just.. Be a decent human being… XD (Be nice, respectful, no god mods, no mary/gary sues, ect)
But pet peeves could be added in like “try not make single sentence posts frequently unless you have nothing else” or roleplay specific rules like “humans don’t have magic, just comes from the dæmon, keep it balanced” and things like that. I also add minor things like age range, weakness’/strength’s minimum limits, how many characters you’re allowed and so forth. But these are small, so not at all things you have to add. Again, it’s based on how you feel and how detailed your roleplay is.
As Bo said, you can have a blacklist of roleplayers. Although, I haven’t seen it implemented much, and more often than not, people will make private roleplays to exclude the roleplayers they don’t want joining. Doing it privately does mean less drama in the long run.


For the form. You can be as basic as you’d like, or as detailed as you’d like.
Most basic is -

But if your roleplay is more complex with more specific requirements, you should add more sections in your form. Best example is -

Powers: (Specify if you’re allowed more than one)
Region: (If your world has several different places to chose from)


Things like that. Anything you could think of that you need to build subplots or help them develop a character, try to put it in, or have it summed up with another category. Again, detail is key, but don’t be repetitive.


Another thing is try to draw out some of your world or other objects of importance. Go to map generators if the roleplay relates to a lot of traveling. Ask artists if they could help make important creatures or objects for your roleplay. Just have as much visualization as possible to make it more appealing, and it’ll help with things not getting lost in translation. Again, people will see your world differently than you when shared via text, so any picture to get the point across easier will help immensely.


In private, have everything organized. I can not stress this enough. If it is a big roleplay, have it organized in ways that work with you.

This is my general layout for my Dæmon’s Tribulation world. You can have your planning laid out anywhere, I personally like Wattpad’s layout the best for organizing stuff like this.

Since my roleplay is extremely huge in world development, I have a lot going on. Each major family name having its own category to remember what they’re best for and why they are who they are. This was of course conversed with other rpers to make that planning.

I have different categories for different aspects of the world that may or may not be useful. Monsters being a huge thing, gods just a fun little quirk, the chess game ended up becoming a huge thing in the world although not addressed in the roleplay yet. Timeline to organize my plots and keep it going in a (relatively) straight line.

I have a category list of all the characters that are mains, sides, and mentioned in case anyone forgot, or if I can bring them back later on as a Chekhov's gun type deal. This also helps if it’s accessible to others either on the forums in a separate post, or in a shared google docs to let them put other relations from their character’s history in so you can see if you can bring them into the rp for drama.

I have recap categories to keep track of what has already happened and make it easier for anyone new joining to give them the most important aspects to catch them up. Helps bring them in quicker and makes it less daunting.

Again, your planning does not have to be this in depth, it could be like three or four categories and you don’t need much else. I just like planning, and I like giving roleplayers a lot to play with so they’re not just tied down by what I have to say. They’re given enough of the world to run fairly free with and I don’t have to do all the planning. That’s the upside to immense planning, but they should still come to you with their ideas just to be sure it lined up with your world’s rules. The more detail you give, the easier it is for them to make something and the less hassle you get with passing or denying ideas.


Of course… The major downside to this is it’s a lot to take in… Long paragraphs will scare many people away. If you post a “everything in the world so far” have it properly organized so that you can just refer to it during the roleplay so they can quickly go search for it, and it won’t be so overwhelming to read all at once and memorize. Have the non important things separated from the important things so the roleplayers can read on their own time and incorporate ideas into their characters if they’d like.


And again… You do not need to be as in depth as me with world building unless you’re making a flippin triangle planet like Bo. Or a new calendar system like me. Or a new form of compass like Dragon Riders Fury did. These are little quirks most of us want to include for fun, but these ideas generally came long after the world was made so we could have little unique fillers flesh it out. It just makes things seem a little more real, and gives you some fun stuff to play with during the roleplay. But do try to have as much of the general world made before going into these little details.

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Safety Post

When I said this was long, I truly wasn't joking... This is not a light read I'll admit, but thank you for taking the time to read it, and I hope it helps you in some way....


Please do not directly reply to any post above this, thank you...


Uhm… Think this is long enough…. I’ll add more if something else comes up… If anything seems confusing, lemme know and I’ll answer any question and so forth.

Uhh yeah. Think that’s my personal best ways to host a roleplay. Hope it helps you guys later on too even if you only use a few things from here XD


Be sure to check out Bo's Part 1 on how to join a roleplay :)

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 EradicatedThe ReignThe 13th SignA Dæmon's Tribulation,

Knives and WineWar of Our Karma [private RP]

2 Roleplays in development mode (1 WoF, 1 murder mystery/thriller)

Interested in: 


RP Guide, Part 1 - How to Join a Roleplay by Critique

RP Guide, Part 2 - How to Host a Roleplay by Dyl


Where I live nowadays

Flight Rising | Discord DMs

Training Grounds w/ Maelstrom the Seastormer (hanging around for battles, resisting the urge to strangle my two-headed turdnugget for not landing when I want him to) or questing somewere with Bloodstorm the Stormcutter or my favorite purple boi Toothless

Occassional visits to the RPs I'm in

Between ProcrastiNation and ImagiNation

AFK Arena (usename: Critique)


Things We Might Have In Common

Good Omens (Amazon Prime)

David Tennant

Sherlock (BBC series, general, except RDJ versions I'm sorry)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Brandon Sanderson

Merlin (Netflix)

Violet Evergarden (all franchise movies and shows)

Wings of Fire

Magnus Chase

Stranger Things (Netflix, Hulu)

Demon Slayer (Netflix, Hulu)

Love, Death, and Robots (Netflix)

Bridgerton (Netflix)

Arcane (Netflix)

The Great (Hulu)

The Witcher (Netflix)

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Netflix, Hulu)


Personality Stuff

Enneagram: Type 6w5s / Type 5w6s


Zodiac: Sagittarius (cusp sign: Scorpio)

Hogwarts: Ravenclaw / Slytherin


Other Games I Play

AFK Arena - Critiquiem, Frazier

DragonVale - 

Flight Rising - Critique (509422)

Among Us - Frazier (mini crewmate + gas mask + top hat)

Discord - Critique#6248

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