RP Guide, Part 1: How to Join a Roleplay

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Hello and welcome to RP Guide, Part 1! I am Critique (yes, I do critique and give criticism but you don't always see me doing it). I'm here to help flesh out the general and unspoken rules of roleplaying and how to join an RP on the SoD forums! 

DyliehIdol1214 will be doing a follow-up thread in part 2 on how to host an rp.

I will give my input on rp basics and joining an rp then I’ll open it up to long time roleplayers who'd like to civilly and humbly contribute to the thread.

Without further ado, let's get started! 


Topic Outline:

Common roleplay terms

Joining an rp

  • Rules
  • Creating your character(s)
  • World context


  • Worldbuilding
  • Collaboration


  • Length
  • POVs
  • Grammar/writing expectations

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RP Guide, Part 1 - How to Join a Roleplay by Critique

RP Guide, Part 2 - How to Host a Roleplay by Dyl


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!! DNRD !!


OC = original character

OOC = out of character

IC = in character

RP = you guessed it, roleplay

RPer = roleplayer

RPing = roleplaying

OP = overpowered

MC = main character

DNR = Do Not Reply

DNRD = Do Not Reply Directly (DNRD and DNR are usually the same thing; basically if you see one of these, don’t post until you have found/seen when the RP host says you can post)

Host = The person who has made the RP

Godmodding = controlling a character that isn’t yours (this means dictating what someone else’s character knows through omniscient narrative, saying someone else’s character has done something unless you’re merely summarizing/repeating what has happened, etc.)

Mary/Gary Sue = a shallow character (i.e. no flaws or weaknesses; best at everything, etc.)


How to Join an RP and what to look for

Joining an RP can be intimidating, especially if the host has put a lot of thought into their plot and worldbuilding (*cough* Dyl). However, you do not want to skim anything, especially the rules. It’s ok if you don’t understand the plot in its entirety; an RP host normally gets back to you with answers and better explanations. The main thing you want to focus on when looking at an RP is understanding and abiding by the rules set by the host, and the world you will be entering in the roleplay. 

RP rules usually include

  • No boring OCs or Mary/Gary sues [this should be a given but hosts and 99% of everyone don’t appreciate RPing alongside a blank character]
  • No OP characters [applies to what a character knows, their background training, their expertise in one or multiple skills, etc.]
  • A statement/reminder to not reply to the thread or certain posts. [If you wanna stay on a host’s good side, refrain from posting at all on the thread  until you see the host say you can post.] 
  • A keyword or phrase that interested RPers must put in their subject line to verify that you’ve read the rules [most hosts do this to ensure the rules have been read because the rules dictate the important aspects of the roleplay]. Hosts hide this keyword or phrase in their rules list. 


Secondary rules that you want to pay attention to based on the host and roleplay genre

  • A limit on how many main characters you can have
  • An age range
  • Powers [how many you can have, what types of power are available/allowed to be added, power spots, and power limitations, usually info is given and more can be discussed privately with the host]
  • Violence/romance ratings [depends on RP genre]
  • Expectations for posts [will be discussed a little more in the Collabs and Interaction section]
  • Some hosts specify ways you can communicate OOC. Sometimes an OOC thread will be made, but usually RPers use (()), [[ ]], or another way of saying “I’m not talking in character right now.” Usually people attach OOC commentary at the end of their post, the Discord RP server made by the host, or in the OOC thread made by the host. Rule of thumb tho, if OOC isn’t specified in the rules, use (()) at the end or beginning of your post. 


Making your character form

All hosts give their prospective RPers a form to fill out for their character(s) after giving world and plot info, and the RP rules. Pay attention to the different parts of the form, and the requirements a host may have for your character (age range, power set available, backstory, etc.). A host will say parts of the form are optional, but the more info you put in the form, the better off your OC will be so the host knows what/who they’re RPing with. Make sure your character is original to you and you only. Small similarities are ok, but in general don’t rip off other people’s OCs because 1) that’s just rude and really frustrates me and the creator and 2) people have put effort and thought into their characters so respect that and make your own characters. Adopts are a whole other ball park so we aren’t going there. 

Pay attention to what form the host has for the RP, especially what parts are required and what parts are optional to fill out. Sections like name, gender, age, personality, and appearance are typically required, while sections like background/history, powers, species, relationship/orientation, and extra info are optional. 

Be on the lookout for specifications hosts make for their forms and your characters. For instance, some hosts will require a certain number of weaknesses and strength to balance out your character, or they’ll give RPers an age range depending on the RP’s genre and setting (normally school-type RPs will have age limits). 

Personalities and backgrounds are pet peeve playgrounds for hosts. Some hosts are fine with a few words to describe an OC’s personality or background, but most hosts want at least a few sentences worth of description so everyone can get a feel for your OC, and it also adds depth to your character as well. 

Character forms are a perfect segway into the world of an RP, so off we go. 


Picking or creating a character for the RP you’re joining is imperative on the world created/set up by the RP host. Can’t really say a lot on this since it’s always a changing aspect of RPs, but always respect the host’s rules and preferences for their worldbuilding and character requirements/regulations. Always respect what the host has for their world. Original worlds created by hosts have had a lot of thought and worldbuilding put into them. I cannot stress this enough. Respect the host when it comes to their world

Worldbuilding hosts almost always have a pet peeve of people being creative out of bounds. In other words, if you have an idea for anything and everything, always run it past the host. 

It’s not an official thing among hosts, but RPer blacklists do exist :)

On that note, on to character interaction and collaboration! :D


Collaboration and Interaction

There are two types of collaboration in an RP: collaboration between a host and an RPer, and collaboration between RPers (which should still be run by the host). 

Host collaboration usually happens in PMs or on another media platform. Collabs are fun as long as you and your host agree. Usually host-RPer collabs involve worldbuilding development, potential subplots, or setting up specific scenes with certain characters. 

RPer collaboration should be run by the host, because rule of thumb is it’s the host’s world so they are the final word. That aside, RPer collabs are also fun and help build IC relationships that can later aid the plot. 

The amount of collaboration depends solely on the host. Most hosts are fine with collaborations, but always respect when a host says ‘no’. Their rp, their rules. 

This isn’t to say hosts should let their RPers go ham on changing or adding to the plot, but also it isn’t really as fun when hosts say no to all new ideas. That is the essence of roleplaying. While there should be a plot made and followed by the host and RPers, it should have room for influence from the RPers and flexibility from the host. 

Interacting with RPers can be really fun, confusing, or stressful based on the style of the RPer. As I mentioned in the secondary rules section, some hosts will give post expectations. This usually includes “no one sentence posts” or “write at least a few sentences.” This is usually to safeguard RPs from losing traction when RPers don’t give a lot of content to interact with. So, just be mindful of your post lengths and refrain from sending itty bitty RP posts, at least on the forums. On the other hand, there aren’t really any rules against making essay-long posts, but usually people (definitely including me) will ask for or require a summary of a long post because sometimes people don’t have time to read that much or have been gone for a while. Or both. Basically just don’t post a one sentence response and you should be fine. 

I think that covers the basics of joining an RP. For those of you interested in hosting your own roleplay, head over to RP Guide, Part 2: How to Host a Roleplay by Dyl!



  • Read the rules!
  • Respect and listen to the host
  • If you have RP related questions, ask the host!!
  • Don’t be a bigot with your characters
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