Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons

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Hi there! :D

I'd like to share to you guys that I'm making ROTBTFD (Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons) videos. I'm also dedicating my channel (and my life) to ROTBTFD. I do this stuff so I can share my insights of them, even though its not that popular, I just have fun doing these stuff. I do ships or crossovers, even though sometimes I dont ship them (don't worry I will not disrespect your ship), I just want to give the audience want they want or watch so they can know what I'm thinking or imagining. I also do Special Solos, of the main casts. So I hope you enjoy my videos, and subscribe, it would really mean alot and also give my videos a thumbs up if you like it! I worked hard for these videos, so I hope I wont receive any negative comments, because it can really make a person have a bad day. So, thank you in advance if you're subscribing to me, or if you liked one/all of my videos. It has really made my day! :D




So without furthur do, here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXW917xrYBePUMrwpAZds0g




I take requests! :)

 (only ROTBTFD related please)


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Thats awesome!  I have seen

Thats awesome!  I have seen these Banners on Google! COOL!!!!  I like the Halloween movie!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!! =O






 Hello All! I'm back on my Normal Dracoeyes File! 

I will update the Stuff in my BackupFile onto this FIle soon.


~  My Ocs  ~













Name: Sea Emerald

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Rank: First Dragon 

I'm a Wings of Fire Fan. 

Any other FanWings out there?

PM Me any Dragon That you made

or a charictar from

Wings of Fire, and I might 

Draw a picture of Him/Her.

Or we can Talk about the book.

Here are some FanWork.


By Dracoeyes


WaterLily the RainWing:

A bit More Detailed then I normaly do,

Took me 3 Hours


Stone the MudWing:

The Not so Detailed, but More BookLike.

Took me 2 Hours,

It looks much much like clay, but trust me,

I don't copy Bases, I made this from scratch

I won't always take Requests, 

The only dragon I Barely and Rarely do is SkyWings.

Hybrids the Same.

Thanks for Looking. ROAR!


I don't repeat my Bases,

So It takes longer than just a normal Request Dragon thing.

                                                             Thanks for Looking at my sig!


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I like the Halloween one too, and Thank you :D

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I don't know why some guys

I don't know why some guys make videos like that!!!!!What's the point?I don't like why you combine those movies!!!!I like the story,but....Don't think i have something with your video,but ,,Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen  Dragons".Relations between characters from different movies?!That's why i don't like it?If you made a vid with only HTTYD 2 OR 1,I'd like it.No offense.I feel sometimes,when i watch movies like that,it broke my heart,and my soul.




                 Credits for TildenWolfGirl

You know who ELSE is a dragon trainer:







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Some people combine them because of their personalities and their similarities with each other.

E.g Jack and Rapunzel have been both isolated from the outside world, their sun and moon stuff, they're both barefoot, etc. Merida and Hiccup have both parents that try do the "best" for them, they both come from a long LONG time ago, they both make a change to their kingdom/island. All of them had an ending they've always wanted, Jack being believed in, Merida's mom changed, Hiccup made peace and was recognized as a hero, Rapunzel meeting her real parents.


Different people have different opinions about crossovers though.


terri out


My name' is Kara. I am one of them.

This is our story.





On Hiatus


Bhunivelze, male - Rumblehorn - Golden, White and BlackLVL 8

Jack Frost, female - Deadly Nadder - Stormfly SkinLVL 20




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We make videos like this because its part of our fandom, i understand your opinion about them and I hope you respect ours too. :)

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oh and..

As I have mentioned above, i also do solos of them (yes individual videos of them), this is also not all about ROTBTD but also their individual stories. We combine them all because their stories relate to each other. Like my recent video, jack and hiccup, i made that video because they're one of the main cast of the ROTBTFD, and bc they look so cute i admire dreamworks so much. 

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I thought it was 'Rise of the

I thought it was 'Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons'? Without 'Frozen'.

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well yeah but i included frozen since i have an elsa video but originally its ROTBTD :)

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They added in frozen because of jelsa <3 

I Hate the ideas of:

Jackunzel: rapunzel is married

Mericcupp: hiccup is dating\soon to be married to astrid

Hijack:no. Just. No.



style="text-align: center;">(Credit 09.jpg/" style="font-siz

Let's start with some of my dragons B]

This is Magma, my chilling horror; adopted from goldenfury (lineart by nightmarerebuff)

This is Psychoblast, the eruditious shadowscorn by nightmarerebuff:

This is Ampora, my Tridenttailed Melodious Sirenvapor by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!

This is (The great) Maxie, my legendary Volcanic Woollyflare, by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!


This is Strider the Sidereal Sentinel by Varku!




And then I became Gravity falls, Steven Universe, and Homestuck trash. 

The end.

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+ Agree

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"Its not what you get but what you do with it." -Xanadu

I know this thread died a long time ago, but yeah, thank you so much for saying this! 100% agree!


Who am I? I'm Rheithebrave!




Please do not steal any of my art, if you would like art done by me then you can PM me and request some. Do not reuse images or information, or characters in my siggy!!!! Or I will have all of my over 100 dragons hunt you down and tickle you!!!!



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So I am currently remaking my OCS

Main OC: Rheileen Tomahona

Other OCs: Alakan, Feaflena, Breeze

Minority Backspace OCs: Thane and Yashia, Irishakan and Tilancian


Modern OC's: Stacy Byrns


I have four vikings In Game







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Main Viking? xRheileenx


What dragons do I have? Most of them!








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My girl Rhei

by me



Name Rheileen
(Include Photo/Screenshot)
Rhei has dark copper blonde hair, that in certian lights may appear to be brown, it hangs down slightly over her aqua eyes, the left of which has three scars running over it from an incident with a skrill when she was a child. Her body and face were scarred during multiple stages of her younger life, so she tends to cover up, and wears a long sleeved black dress/tunic, leggings, gloves/bracers, boots, and a red face scarf. Rhei also loves hoodies, and will most likely be seen wearing a black nightfury hood. Lastly, when she flys at high speeds, Rhei tends to wear a pair of goggles, which otherwise, may either danfgel around her neck, alongside her family medalion, or sit in the pouch she has on her belt.
She carries twin sabres as her weapon of choice.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Rhei is a hardworker, and rather mature for her age, this doesn't stop her from loving to kick back and goof off however, and she loves hanging out with people like herself, or even new groups. She works best in a classroom, or team enviorment. Whule she loves free time, she can never truely relax, because her brain is always racing a mile a minute. Rhei loves reading, and enjoys seeking out the parallels between the real world, and that of books. Including finding her role in each story, and trying to pinpoint the major characters, she may or may not talk about this.
While Rhei is typically peacefull and doesn't like picking fights, she will 100% stand up in a fight, and finds it hard to back down, she has a rather quick temper, and as such, won't leave a fight till she has managed to make the other guy remember to not try that sort of thing again. She is also highly protective of her friends and dragons.
Skills: She is highly trained in most forms of sword-fighting, and knows some acrobatics and martial arts, she is a relatively good cook, and an up and coming healer. So while her healing skills aren't the best, she can manage in a pinch, and keep you alive until a real healer is around. Also, she is an up and coming master of speaking Dragonese.
Weaknesses: Rhei has a strong fear of falling, and therefor of heights. If however she is on her dragon, the fear will subside, and she can manage. She is a poor swimmer, and can get anxious if grabbed in a dragons claws, this is mostly due however to her time fighting and fearing dragons as a child.
Other: Rhei is not native of Berk, and actually comes from a French settlement further south. Fortunately, she learned Norse from visiting traders, so this means she is skilled in speaking French as well as Norse.



Yashia (Also by me)


Form pending.


I also have more art done by me! It will be awhile in the

comming however, as I need to finish it still. (I tend to put

that off I am afraid.











Thank you for reading/veiwing my siggy

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