RIPPED OF: MONTHLY MEMEBERSHIP - They're not giving me my monthly gifts!

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Shakester here.

I had the monthly membership pay going, and it's supposed to auto-renew. Four months later, and they want me to manually buy a membership after my montlhy "expired" for a fourth time. I have tried everything the past four months to get my mystery egg box just once, I'm not gettinng my 500 gems, and ALL my membership perks have been taken away until I manually pay them again which gives me the gems but not the egg, but at this point, love the game though I do, I don't know if it's worth it.

I am just being ripped off at this point. I've been very patient with sending and gettng private messages, emails - but they're dismissing me and just saying "just go pay and you'll be fine", which is infuriating because they took out the payment, then didn't renew it!  I don't want to lose the game just because the billing system is crappy.

I hope whatever the deal is, it's just a glitch or something in their system. I've talked to members who have been on the site for years as a member and clearly no sane person would put up with being ripped off for years. As for the rest of us who are having these troubles, please help me make this problem clear to the admins!


I'm done being completely passive with my head down. I've delt with these people doing this to me for 4 months; I want the easy access the monthly promised me. If this doesn't get resolved today (I've been "expired" for 8 days now) I don't think I'll bother with membership again until I see it being solved and people getting what they deserve; and more on top of it, at that! I've been ripped off of 4 myster egg boxes and 2,000 gems. I deserve them, I payed for them - this is bull.

If they want to keep their paying customers, they need to treat us right. So, please help me make this problem clear to the admins and if you're having/have had this issue too, demand they give us what we deserve to make up for their ripping us off. I know for a fact I deserve my memebership re-instated, the afforementioned 4 mystery boxes and 2,000 gems for these past 4 months of false promises.



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