The Riders of Sagdyvarria: A HTTYD/SoD fanfiction. Book 1: The life of Sagdyvarria.

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This is the first installment of 'The Riders of Sagdyvarria', my HTTYD fanfiction thread! I will post the chapters in a DNRD thread below, and as the above text says, click it to go to my 'Master thread' for the series! There, you will find links to all existent installments! :)


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There was once a Viking called Grea Alkanson. His life had been a strange one, full of bizarre, and sometimes unfortunate, events. However, from a very young age, Grea’s life had been centred around dragons. Or more specifically, dragon training. Born towards the end of the Berkian-Dragon war, Grea had never really known a world in which dragons were considered the enemy. Rather, Grea grew up with dragons being considered his friends. As such, to him, dragon training was as central to life as eating, sleeping or breathing, and Grea was rarely ever seen without a dragon by his side.


Most often, the dragon that accompanied Grea was the first one he had ever trained, a green-and-black Monstrous Nightmare named Penguin. The two had met when Penguin was but a one-week-old Tiny Tooth, and ever since then, Grea and Penguin had been each other’s staunch companions. As Grea had aged, so had Penguin, until he was a mighty, powerful, but kind Titanwing. Even after Grea had trained many more dragons, him and Penguin were still virtually inseparable. Penguin held the place of benevolent, and undisputed, Alpha among Grea’s dragons,  and was resected to the extent that, unless forced to, they would follow Penguin above any other dragon.


Grea had lived for a large part of his life on Berk, and had moved subsequently to New Berk with the rest of the island’s inhabitants. Grea had no objections to this. After all, it was to protect the dragons that had been trained by the Vikings of Berk, and Grea had dedicated his life to defending dragons from harm. However, Grea could not bear to be separated from his dragon flock, and the same was true of his dragons themselves; they could not cope with the idea that they might have to leave Grea. So, when the Alpha dragon ordered all dragons to fly into the Hidden World, Grea was heartbroken. But his dragons refused to leave. As has already been said, they looked to Penguin for orders above all else, and Penguin would never leave Grea. So Grea’s dragons stayed.


However, overjoyed as he was, Grea was aware that he could not continue to live on New Berk with his dragons by his side, not while everyone else tried to live without them. Grea knew something had to change. And thus, the decision was made…to leave New Berk behind, and find another place to live, somewhere he could continue to train dragons, and defend them, in peace.


Grea, along with his dragons, dismantled the house and stables Grea had built for himself, packed up the materials along with Grea’s other possessions, and left New Berk behind, perhaps…forever.


After many, many days of flying, Grea had left the archipelago containing the islands he had called home for so long, and come across another, entirely different archipelago. A quick search found several islands with flourishing civilisations, and Grea took the time to visit each one in turn, and learn about it. In some of them, he was chased away because of his dragons, but in some, he was welcomed. But none of them were dragon-centric societies in the way Berk had once been. So, Grea knew he could not live in any of them, not if he wanted to avoid the life he feared he would have lived had he never left New Berk at all.


Grea, with the aid of some very helpful citizens of these societies, was soon able to find a cluster of small islands that had no human inhabitants whatsoever, but that was certainly liveable. So, Grea landed on one such island, and began to reconstruct his home, and build suitable stables for his dragons.


After this task had been completed, Grea decided to explore this small cluster of islands, or ‘sub-archipelago’, as he liked to call it, to discern whether it was as uninhabited as it seemed. And it was. Grea found no traces of human inhabitants at all. There was a flourishing dragon population, which reassured Grea, and of course many different animals, but no humans. Which made Grea think, ‘what if there were?’ Grea found he could not believe he was the only Viking who’s dragons had not left. And so, another decision was made…Grea would turn this cluster of islands into a haven for dragon trainers.


After months of searching for other dragon riders, planning the placement of buildings, and constructing those same buildings, a civilisation was founded on the cluster. And what was this society of dragon trainers called? Well, after much debate, the name of Sagdyvarria was chosen. And then, from that day forward, the dragon trainers who called that place home were known as…The Riders of Sagdyvarria.


Chapter 1: An unanswered question.


On an island not far from Sagdyvarria, a tense battle was underway. On one side of it was a Snafflefang, who’d until recently been enjoying a nice, quiet snack on some delicious geodes. But that was before a gang of heavily armed dragon trappers had showed up, attempting to capture it and make a profit from the crystal shards it shot out along with its fire.


The Snafflefang let out a low, angry growl and launched a pair of blasts in the direction of the trappers. But those trappers knew that it had only a few more shots left to fire. They circled it, weapons held at the ready, their minds already full of images of heaps of gold and silver. But at that moment, a great shadow passed over them.


“Wha-?” one trapper began, but had their question answered when, right front of them, a fierce-looking, green-and-black Titanwing Monstrous Nightmare landed. And, seated on a sleek, metal saddle fastened around the top of the dragon’s torso, was Grea Alkanson. The sunlight was glinting off the two long, thin blades of his axe and the polished metal of his large, angular shield, his dark green diagonal warpaint contrasted  sharply with his off-white hood, and he had an easy-going, happy expression on his face.


“Now,” Grea began, hopping down off Penguin’s saddle, “there are two ways we could go about this. One, you could leave, and give up the practice of dragon trapping forever. Or, two, me and Penguin here could drive you away from this island…which do you choose?”

“Heh!” said a grizzled-looking dragon trapper who was holding an unpleasantly jagged sword in one hand. “Why would we leave? We’ve got a good quarry here, and there’s not much one guy and one dragon could do to stop fifteen experienced dragon trappers!”


“On the contrary. There’s quite a bit we can do to stop you.” Grea said, and swung himself into a fighting pose.


Grea dashed toward the trappers, and used his axe to intercept a strike from the one with the sword, whilst simultaneously blocking a mace swung by another trapper. Three more dashed toward a large, wheeled ballista that was behind the group, but Penguin shot up into the air and fired a jet of flames at the weapon, setting it ablaze and sending the trappers running.

While Grea was occupied fighting the trappers, Penguin soared off toward the shore of the island where him and Grea had seen the trapper’s boats moored. Upon reaching the boats, Penguin saw that, fortunately, there no caged dragons there, so he let out an angry roar in the direction of the ships, and flew off back to Grea. However, when he had nearly reached him, Penguin saw that there was a gang of trappers behind him who had followed from the ship, evidently realizing that something had happened. Penguin landed behind the main group, and turned to confront these newcomers. As they rushed at him, weapons drawn, Penguin growled loudly, and knocked them over with a swing of his tail.


Meanwhile, Grea had knocked down several trappers, and was currently locked in a standoff with the sword-carrying one, who seemed to be the leader. However, the trapper relented, and shouted at the others, who started to retreat.


“And don’t you ever harm another dragon again!” Grea yelled, as Penguin flew over and landed behind him. When the trappers were out of sight, Grea strapped his axe and shield into the specially built compartment at the back of Penguin’s saddle, before approaching the Snafflefang, who had been behind them the whole time. Arms outstretched, and walking slowly, Grea tried to show the dragon that him and Penguin were not a threat. And it seemed to work, because the dragon began to cautiously walk over to them.


“Hey there…” Grea said, and surveyed the dragon for any sign of harm. Grea was pleased to see that the dragon appeared to be fine. Grea wandered away from the dragon, which let out a happy growl and flew away.


“Seems like there are still plenty of dragons that haven’t followed the Alpha, doesn’t it, buddy? Still enough for people to want to trap them, at least.” Grea said to Penguin, climbing into the saddle. “Still,” continued Grea, “it does seem odd…I mean, they’re wild. What’s keeping them here? Has the call just not reached them yet? It’s been over a year now…surely it must have done? Ah well, I’m sure there’s a good enough reason for them to stay here.” Penguin snorted in agreement, and flew up, and away, towards the cluster of islands that housed the town of Sagdyvarria.                    


Chapter 2: Strange happenings.


Sagdyvarria looked, at first glance, like a cluster of buildings placed at random across a group of small islands. It certainly didn’t look much like a town at all. But when one took the time to look closer, certain features, that linked the buildings together into one settlement, became apparent; first of all, there were the bridges that literally linked the islands together, but there were other, smaller things, like a similar style of architecture, that told an observer that this was a community, rather than just some houses that happened to be near each other.

All these features were incredibly familiar to Grea, Penguin, and every other inhabitant of Sagdyvarria, even after the relatively short period of time that the town had existed. As Penguin landed on the tiny island, toward the west of the cluster, upon which Grea’s house, and the stables for his dragons, were built, Grea once again marvelled at how well the town worked. Everything was sculpted around the coexistence of humans and dragons, from the shape of the buildings down to the width of the foot paths, everything was built with dragons in mind.


Grea had barely slid down from Penguin’s saddle when a familiar voice said “So, finally made it back, eh?”


Grea turned round to face Skildr Vearrson, Sagdyvarria’s Head of Commerce. A sharp-minded, fast-thinking negotiator, Skildr was responsible for turning Sagdyvarria from simply an oversized meeting place into a real town with a flourishing economy. She carried with her an air of confidence at all times, and was rarely seen without her calm and collected, green-and-gold Titanwing Triple Stryke, Goldensting, by her side, who was waiting patiently behind her as she walked up to Grea.


“Where have you been, Grea? Things have really been kicking off here.” asked Skildr.


“Out fighting Dragon Trappers. What do you mean, really kicking off?” replied Grea, concernedly.


“You’ve been fighting Trappers? And you didn’t invite me? Fighting’s my job!” This came from another voice, amid a flapping of wings.


“Trelgha!” Grea exclaimed, as Trelgha Krisgidson, Sagdyvarria’s head of defence, flew down towards them on her crimson Stormcutter, Fearflyer. Trelgha was a warrior through and through, with unflinching courage, a steadfast fighting spirit, and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tactical mind anyone who had met her had ever encountered. She always carried her heavy, two-handed sword around with her, either in her hands or sheathed at her side.    


”I didn’t invite you because I thought you were away, dealing with…well, other Trappers. A fleet of them, I believe.” continued Grea.


“Nah…got back around noon.” Replied Trelgha.


“Oh...I left around noon.” Said Grea.


“Hah!” Trelgha laughed. “We must have just missed each other, then!”


“Excuse me! I was in the middle of relaying some important news!” interjected Skildr, annoyed. “Some people have spotted unusual dragon migrations up near the southern peaks of the mountains.”


“Oh. That is worrying. How have they been unusual?” asked Grea.


“Apparently, dragons have been flying away from the peaks, only to show up the next day flying striaght back to them.” Replied Skildr.


“Hmm…that is weird…what should we do?”


“Well, I was going to call a meeting as soon as everyone was accounted for. Now you’re back, I’ll go and summon the others.” Skildr said, and walked over to Goldensting, and climbed up into the Triple Stryke’s saddle. “I’ll see you both there.” She finished, and her and Goldensting flew off.


“I should probably head off now too. See ya!” said Trelgha, as her and Fearflyer soared away.


“Yeah…bye…” Grea said, looking worriedly towards the mountain range at the easter edge of the cluster. Turning toward Penguin, he asked “Are you to tired to head to the hall?” Penguin growled in agreement, and wandered toward his stable.


“Ok. I’ll just... walk, then, I guess.” Grea said, and started walking toward the large meeting hall in the centre of Sagdyvarria.





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