Rewatched the HTTYD trilogy again

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Yep rewatched all the movies again, I rediscovered why these movies made my childhood better and how they make me feel and I felt all these amazing emotions again, it was a blast. There will never be movie like this I am sure of that, its beautiful, its touching, its perfect, there might be something simmilar but this series really touched my heart, sparked my imagination like crazy, I wouldn't be the person I am today if not these movies, it is after all because of this movie I started being crazy about animals, wildlife and biology and I decided to study something in that direction and im going to university next year (probably zoology or ecology), I also was crazy about drawing, papercraft, sculpting because I was making my own dragon species and characters, im pretty decent at art, and the most important how many memories it gave me and friendships that I have to this that, so yeah I could show you a whole list how this movies made me a better woman and grown up too. Thank you HTTYD, just wanted to share that here becaus I know people on the forum will understand.

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Indeed! I recently saw the 2nd movie again and it still made me feel like the little kid i was when watching it the first time in the theaters. It's the first fandom i've been in, and the memories come flooding in everytime i see something HTTYD related. I agree!


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Yes exactly

Yes exactly, this movie is pure memories and childhood and the best thing about this is when I rewatch it when im older the movie becomes so different and I think its beautiful. First time I watched 1 and 2 movie when I was a kid I didn't think much about it, it was like OMG DRAGONS, FLYING, ACTION WOW !!! Then when I became teen second came and I rewatched the 1 movie and then 2, I was more mature and I really identified with Hiccups problems in both movies... then when I was almost an adult 3rd came and it was so bitter sweet because it was about becoming adult and getting responsibilities and accepting changes and like OMG it was kinda relatable too for a kids movie!