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This is the story of a skrill, one who was broken and remade into a monster one who would go claw to claw with Askari and bring down the archipelago






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ok then I'm a movie buff.


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Chapter one- reborn


Thank you Flitt for the amazing art

Lightning danced around the sky, thunder chasing and rain pouring Thor must be angry. Distant screams of baby dragons and children echoed but suddenly everything fell Silent.....

Thunder boomed followed by crackling lightning and a set of screams, lighting hit a large mound of ice that had been worn away over decades. Once again silence fell until broken by a bloodcurdling roar if you could get close to the souce you would see it was a skrill, no a titain skrill. With gorgeous green scales getting darker as they reached its tail.

It's eyes a beautiful blue but filled with anger pupils dialated with shock.

This skrill was a girl powerful and dangerous especially as lightning danced around her. Terrible terrors nesting near had flew in terror ,apart from one somehow sound asleep. The dragon jumped from her icey pedestal to the ground laced with soft snow. She looked around at her surroundings still dazed and confused almost like she was still dreaming this trance was broken when she heard, the snoring of a terrible terror in its nest. She walked towards it silently only giving it a passing glance before swallowing it whole. Licking her now blood stained lips she flew to the next sea stack not that far away landing on it with a gentle thud. Her senses heightened now she studied what was in front of her until turning away as a blinding bolt of lightning hit the ocean. 

" Mm bright, very very bright" said a small elderly voice behind her, she stood in shock as it was yet another terrible terror this time purple in colour, but suddenly disappeared infront of her eyes. "Mm bright indeed" she swung around only for it to be sitting in front of her. " hello my dear my name's hemmy " she growled a little in response . " so not very talkative eh hm a disappointment your beautiful, anyone ever told ya that?  she had to resist not eating this little talkative terror. " I looking for anyone who may need help, I'm Askari's lil adviser ya know, yep I work for the alpha yep I work for him, you need help or want me to tell him anything? "

Something clicked in her mind then, she's seen this terror before, she remembers a women with ginger hair and a man? Yes a man surrounded by 4 dragons, a bird and above them all a deathgripper a big one an alpha or a titan? Maybe he was both ,covered in scars and bruises the most prominent one over is eye, she was being put into ice but said something to this gripper, his name? What was it? It hit her suddenly.... ASKARI.

She smiled wickedly " yes do tell the benevolent Alpah something tell him, Revenger is back" 

A shock of horror washed over his face as he flew away as fast as he came.

 "Be prepared Askari.. Be prepared" she whispered as the storm became more furious around her.

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Well I'll make a list of chapters I'll do them if people want it!


1# reborn- done (revenger)

2# news ( askari) 

3# loss ( multiple)

4# battle (revenger/Askari and others)

5# romance ( askari/asgard loka/lacsa)

6# time (revenger)

7# secret (multiple)

8# joy and sadness ( loka/lacsa/ revenger)

9# return (askari/loka)

10# hunters pet (revenger)

11# censored fire (revenger/ askari)

12# battle of treason (Asgard/ revenger)

13# end ( all)

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I like your first chapter!  I would definately read it if you wrote more.


(By the amazing EmeraldGemHuntress65)



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*sits down in a front-row seat*

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Running around aimlessly, what about you?


This seems like a promising idea!



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 Tracking, I like the sound of this!






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Chapter two- news

Birds sung around the grasslands as lions stalked prey and prey ran from them it was calm,tranquil even. Askari Sat with his pack and a few of his friends recovering from a large meal eaten prior. 

 "Well that was good" yawned Askari sleepily. "Yeah but could be more..umm..vegetarian?" Squeaked angel in response . "It's always something, ay angel, I don't see skully or fuli complaining" . Angel rolled her eyes.

Hemmy landed softly breathing heavily " Askari..Askari" he said gasping "I've got news and it ain't good".

Askari rushed over followed by fuli " what is it? Harvey? Hammy? Hersy? What's your name again? " It's hemmy! " he replied angrily. " oh yeah hemmy what is it?. Still breathing heavily he said "Revenger, Revenger is back! She sent me to tell you!" The calmness that was their formally was replaced by an eerie silence , "Revenger are you sure?", "yes mentioned by name". " oh by the crystals of the hidden world, we need to talk to toothless, find Loka please! "

Hemmy obeyed and flew away.


 "Nice shot Lacsa, but not good enough" said loka as she shot another arrow into the tree and another Apple fell, her hair flowing behind her.

 "Oh really?" Lacsa shot back " watch this" said lacsa as he shot another Apple backwards.

 " impressive lacsa but as you know theirs many things we can better achive together"

 " are you flirting with me? I mean I know I'm hard to resist" lacsa said arrogantly.

 "I would rather die" replied loka 

 " oh I'm insulted, I'm not that bad am i? " he asked genuinely.

 "No you idiot" loka replied before kissing him.

It was broken by hemmy clearing his throat catching their attention. 

 " Askari needs you desperately please be as fast as you can" he said desperately.

Loka and lacsa only looked at each other with concern.


 "Kari, what is it?" Yelled loka.

 " Revenger is back...I don't know how or when but she is and I have to tell toothless" 

 "Toothless your going to that guy, the one who you had a massive fall out with and ended up splitting up animal kind forever, that guy? Yeah great idea brother" said Blind eye.

 " needs must blind eye, your incharge while I'm gone, or is that another bad idea of mine? " replied Askari smiling.

 Blind eye walked off silently but whispered something under his breath that no one could really hear.

And loka mounted Askari, lacsa mounted Asgard and they flew to the hidden world.


 "Your finally back, just to gain my help fighting that enemy of yours, why am I not surprised, your always at war with someone" " it always seems like that, but I'm hear to ask for help, I wouldn't come all the way hear just to talk to you, toothless" sneered Askari. "Enough you two" loka interjected "will you help us?"

 "No" replied toothless to everyone's surprise "this is your fight not mine, and I will not endanger any of My subjects because of you askari, if it effected both of us I would but it does not, goodbye Askari" toothless said as he walked off.

 " is that what you said when Luna was killed? " " how dare you! " said toothless angrily as he turned around. " I'm sorry toothless I went too far goodbye old friend " and with that Askari took off.


Author's note- sorry if I made toothless or Askari like jerks in this, theirs a lot they have to work out.

Yes toothless's lightfury is dead and what did blind eye whisper???


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Bonus chapter- backstories

The sun rising was a normal sight another scorching day in the archipelago, although maybe not like every other this was the day in which the deathgrippers leader, Asidi and yakuti's eggs finally hatched one crimson and the other charcoal black.  when it finally happed the first too hatch was the black one. It turned out it was a boy black and grey, he was average size but still weak . The other one was starting to crack now first to appear was his eye, then the rest of him, crimson and black small nubs where his tusks would grow, he was small and week and although he had the coloring of a strong gripper, Acidi couldn't help but be disappointed this is what would lead his pack into the future. "What will be their names?" Asked his mate. " for the oldest I'm thinking makucha. You name the other" she knew straight away what it was"Askari".


Morning came quick that day, chatter spreads quick around the chilly waste lands of the Northern vally of winter animals and the warmer brass mountains where the furies lived. They all went to the warmer temperate wastelands (the lands that was green and beautiful before asidi came) bustling with anticipation of seeing the future leader of the deathgrippers and the possible new lion guard leader.  leaders of each species went to see the children, Askari was exhausted after the ceremony and was asleep the entire time leading him to be doted on by the adults, and Makucha was silent for the most part until Zagstri leader of Dramillions nuzzeld against him making him snarl and growl which alarmed everyone greatly. Asidi apologised but was clearly disgusted and annoyed at his display leading one of the elders to say "that's why the elders didn't pick him to be leader, better keep him away from Askari" as he walked away. Hearing this yakuti was heartbroken this was going to be hard.


The years passed and they both grew Askari was still the perfect king and had grew, in both body and personality. Makucha had changed he was a normal child but still a lone wolf, unaware of what he could've been. "Mac..Mac you awake" whispered Askari  one morning " come on lets play! " "No it's too early" Makucha replied "You always say that, come on, it's our first hunt today" Askari said exitedly. "Oh we get to find out own food Askari, I can't wait" replied Makucha sarcasticly. Later the two grippers where in front of their pack getting ready to find their prey. Askari was first finding a injured skrill hatchling so this was who he was to kill? "Will you help me?" Said the skrill in a shaky voice she was scared. Askari hesitated he knew what he would come back to if he didn't but how could he kill her? " yes" Askari said calmly "I will help you". Suddenly Makucha jumped out of the bushes " come on Askari lets kill this skrill together " said Makucha "No!" Yelled Askari fearfully " Oh what's wrong Askari, you too week to kill a baby dragon, you'll never be king" Makucha sneered as he lept to kill. Askari panicked and spewed out a acid blast hitting his brother in his face and hearing his pained scream the skrill flew away and Askari was to stunned to move . When he walked home Makucha was already there but he looked different his golden eye had been replaced by a blue glassy one. " brother I'm so sorry"  pleaded Askari. Makucha let out a bitter laugh, " Oh call me blind eye traitor " replied Blind eye. "Silence" said a booking voice. It was the voice of their father. "Askari why would you betray us that was your brothers destiny"  " so you would have me kill a innocent dragon, if you think that's fine I don't want to be part of this pack! " screamed Askari but was cut of by his father striking his face leaving a bloody scar over his eye " deception, disgrace , evil as plain as the scar on his face" said someone behind him. 


 "Then wish granted you are Exiled" Asidi said as he turned away and Askari obeyed and ran away he didn't know what would happen only that he couldn't return for a long, long time. Unknown to him, his brother blind eye had also been banished they would meet again for a long time either and maybe that skrill would come back and could be grateful?.


Three years later Askari was an accomplished well... theif. "Get that dragon" he heard someone yell from behind. Askari just smiled and took off. "That was a close one" sighed Askari happily, suddenly he noticed a forest below maybe their where some squirrels their? He landed softly. 

Suddenly an arrow came out of no where and hit him in the tail. "Ow" yelpped Askari. Their was movement in the bushes he scanned them over and over again until he turned away and pulled the arrow out of his tail. Then a girl jumped out the bushes with ginger hair and green Eyes "ugh a dragon" " excuse me? " "I wanted a pheasant instead I got you" she sighed and began to walk closer. Askari growled at this. Hey I'm trying to help she said as she shape shifted into a mouse and silently walked foward. " you know you look better to eat now" laughed Askari. "Your fine, so what's your name?" He hadn't been asked that in years, he'd become a shadow no one ever saw him never mind talked to him. " my name is Askari ...actually it's venomclaw" "ok so which is it Askari the exiled king or venomclaw a name you just made up on the spot" she laughed

Rolling his eyes he replied" it's askari, you really know who I am? " " of course even them primitive berkians know you" hmm was all he had to say in response, the silence was broken when loca asked if he wanted to go to her house in which he replied yes. When they reached her home his only reply was"why do you live on a cliff and where's your family? " "I live here because I like it and I have family their just not really family to me"


Askari woke from his dream and sat outside his cave he smiled as he could remember the good times he felt in the future they would be few and far between.


 Relief washed over her as she was spared by that gripper. As she stumbled away she thought she would have to find him again soon, maybe they could be friends?

Three years later revenger did find Askari again she was happy she'd been looking for him ever since but Askari could barely remember her claming he had more important things then to reminisce the past. She was upset but had been invited for a meal and he had claimed he would like to get to know her more.

Revenger grimaced in the rain she was so naive but the times to come would be better.


Author's note - this was a bonus to get a little more backstory in. I was going to put toothless in here too but I'm too tired to do it right now, but you'll here about that in the future. Also I'm sorry revenger isn't in here much at the moment since this fic is about her it's going to change but I need to set the scene. The next chapter has alot more revenger.