The revenge/anger/rant thread....

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Ok...ranting time!!!

Argh! Sometimes I just want to just study but no. Little miss smartypants has to come around thinking that the world revolves around her. Can't she just get over herself and let me study?! I don't care whether we're friends or not because she has made it quite clear that she does not want to repair our friendship so why can't she just put a sock in it and SHUSH. If I don't study then I will stuff up my life and I'd rather stuff up the game instead of life. Argh...can't she just stop talking about how her boyfriend still hates me and controls her little insignificant brain's thoughts because sometimes words can hurt and her swearing is crazy that I sometimes even wonder WHY I was friends with her in the first place. I want to rip both of them apart and get back to my study!!!


Ok, that felt good.