Revenge Of The Fifth!

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Revenge of the 5th | Star wars love, Star wars sith, Revenge

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Hello all, just as last year, I shall be the leader of the siths XD Basically, it is time to talk about any of the sith that we can't help but like, or any of the siths that are the WORST! (Looking at you Palpatine)



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*nyooms from hyperspace*

As for what side of the force im on yall know where I stand XD( Jedi!? Lightside?).  However my all time favorite dark side user in star wars has to be:




By far one of the coolest Star Wars Villins ive ever come across. 



(I love his expression at the end of this gif XD)



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Huh You read through all that? Wow Im impressed...
I gotta say we were pretty lucky not to run into-
 annnd I spoke too soon....

*runs away screaming*

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From what I know from the extended lore that Disney f’ed

I'd have to go with reven and gray/neutral/chaos side of the force.

the Jedi are emotionally inept and the sith are arseholes. If basically every anime has Taught me anything it's that you are strongest when you're "light" and "dark" emotions are equally balanced and embraced. 


plus reven used the force to Weld three lightsabers with his mind powers at range. 

let me ask you this. What can you do against a guy that welds laser swords with his mind from 5 meters away and can teleport across the galaxy by using the force to inter hiperspace. 


Yeah that's what I thought.


I'm a monster Hunter originally from the sea side village of Moga. After Cha-cha(my shakalaka companion) and I, against the guild's orders, repelled the mountain class elder dragon Ceadaus I was punished for engaging in an illegal hunt. However in recognition of the power and skill required for this feat the guild Merely demoted me and reassigned me to the mountain village Pokke, located in the Furahiya Mountains. There I quickly Rose in the hunter ranks, reaching G or master rank in only a year, in part do to my palico Nell. 

eventually I was called on, as many hunters were, to attack and hopefully slay or at lest repell [Redacted]And,unlike many many other hunters, Nell and I succeeded in repelling [Redacted] from Castle Schrade  into the volcanic Battleground. There [Redacted] mutated into [Redacted] an we finally Slayed the Elder Dragon. After that Nell retired to train future Palicos. 

the truth it he couldn't hunt monsters anymore, not after we both barely survived that thing. That hunt broke him in a way. Cha-Cha became a full guild hunter and we talked through letters. I took on one of Nell's students, a palico named Cheshire that dyed his fur purple and pink. Cheshire has been my palico ever since, in fact he's over by the fire place checking his gear as I write this. 

Currently Cheshire and I are stationed in the New World at the Seliana research outpost. we have had many adventures here, along side my handler Sasha Braus. From repelling zorah magdaros to discovering xeno'jiiva, exploring the censored frost reach and facing shara ishvalda. And it all started with the simple task of heading out to the deserted island and finding the Chiefs son by the base camp. 
I've grown a lot since those days but I will always remember the village it all started in, known for its extremely high quality honey and thriving fish market. The village on the waves, Moga.


Lately I've been hearing rumors about some kind of monster rampage in a village called Kamura back in the old world.

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There is no dark or light there is only the force 

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My favourite sith

My favourite sith is.....Palpatine!!!

Honesty he is one of the only sith's that actually achieve something, he is the ultimate sith Lord and he was so good at it!!! My least favourite was either maul because he is just a bit of a boring character to me, or raven, just never liked him






A bit about me!!!!

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Least favourite dragons:deadly nadder,seashockers

Favourite Dragon class:strike

Least favourite dragon class:tidal

Age: not as old as many people on here, but it's none of your business

Religion: agnostic

Favourite movie characters: emporer Palpatine, toothless, loki, Diego( Ice age), scar, the doctor, river song.

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I love art 



favorite movies.....

ok then I'm a movie buff.


1. Star wars trilogy

2. HTTYD trilogy

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4. Ice age

5. Disney films

6. Doctor who( not a film but...)