Revenge of the Fallen recruiting!

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Joined: 02/02/2015

Hello School of Dragons!


We are a brand new clan and we are looking for great racers and frenzy players for our clan.

We are looking for YOU, if want to be part of a new raising champion!

The Revenge of the Fallen is a home for active, competetive and loyal vikings, who fear no hackers nor game crashes. It's ok if you are a bit addicted to the game - we all are, so let's share this adventure!



1. Be an really active player

2. 500+ trophies

3. Be no hacker - we don't like hackers

4. Earn min. 50 trophies a week

5. You ned to have a name - a real one, not "Viking-007..."


Fill up the form below and message it to me to join!

1. Name:

2. Friend code:

3. Number of trophies:

4. When did you join the game?

5. How often do you play/ are online?

6. Dragons (type, level, name):

7. A few words from you:


I'm also looking for my right and left hands - the elders of the clan. More info about that on the message board!




~We will rise from below as our revenge is eternal~


Proud leader of the Revenge of the Fallen


Join here

Joined: 02/02/2015
Update: We are moving up! And

Update: We are moving up! And we still have some place so feel free to join :)