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I've returned to the game after a long break, and I'd like to introduce myself here.
Some of you may know me in-game as my in-game name is also TragicEnding.

As stated in the title, I'm new to the forums, but I'd like to start posting.

A little bit about me,

I'm an adult that plays for nostalgia,
Also an artist for a game called Evolits (not released yet), A freelance artist, primarily in creature (including dragons), and character concept, I sell adopts, play musical instruments, and love to game (skyrim, dragon age, Ark, pokemon, animal crossing, Zelda etc.)

My DA can be found here :

Looking forward to meeting new people, with common interests as well :)

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Turns out idk how to edit anyways haha.
Feel free to reply :)

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Kaizar The Sneak
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Just stopping by...

What's up, TragicEnding!

I'm sorry to say that I don't remember you, but that could be because you took your break before I started - or it could be because I'm just not all that active.  Anywho, it's good to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you in-game!

Also, your deviantart is ON FIREEEE! You got some epic stuff there, and I'm very impressed!


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Joined: 05/24/2017
Hi there :) Truth be told,

Hi there :)

Truth be told, when I was playing in the 'ol days, I wasn't too active in chat.

very shy back then, but I grew to come out of my shell in online communities since then.

Great to meet you as well! 


Much appreciated haha I hope to get back into posting on there soon :)

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Jyharri Arowdur
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Hmmm? So you're the one I spotted moments ago. Wonderful skrill profile, I might add.


Who am I? That's none of your business.


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Most likely,  I'm usually on

Most likely, 

I'm usually on for battles.

Thank you :) started and finished it today.

Hoping to open commissions on here so I'm practicing by drawing my dragons, in my style-ish.

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Jyharri Arowdur
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Battles mainly? Here I thought I'd see more of you in racing. As for your commissions, this is definitely one of the most popular topics on the forums so have at it and be amazed.

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I'd be all over racing

I'd be all over racing honestly, however it gives me a lot of anxiety.

I'll definetly be doing more though as im quite confident in my ability.

I have a massive, absolutely whopping collection of seventyfive trophies haha.

I'm super glad to hear they're a popular topic, gives me hope.

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Hello, welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy yourself around here. I just had a quick peek at your art- it's amazing! You're so talented. :) 


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Hello,  Glad to be here


Glad to be here :) 

Thank you so much, it means a lot. 

I do my best to improve everytime I draw.

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Helloo! Welcome to the forums! I've definitely seen your name in the chat a few times recently. As the others have said, your artworks are amazing. Hope you have an enjoyable time here! <3


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Hello :) thank you! I'm doing

Hello :) thank you!

I'm doing my best to be active in the game chat.

Thank you very much, and I'm sure I will :D

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Eyy, welcome!

Jsyk, you can't edit OPs, but you can edit regular posts that haven't been replied to.


Nice art! I'm going to give you a follow uwu


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Hey there! That is some good

Hey there!

That is some good info to know lol

Thanks! You as well! 

I gotta follow you back.

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Welcome TragicEnding! I'd say quite a few of the people here are in a similar place over why we play the game. It has all sorts of bugs but we love it because we love HTTYD ^^

So awesome that your a creature designer. That's something I'd love to do. What is your favorite and least favorite part of that kind of work? Do your clients give you free range on developing the design or do they usually have an idea in mind and need an artist to put it to paper?

Hope you enjoy the forums!






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By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!

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Thank you for the warm

Thank you for the warm welcome :)

very buggy game but definetly worth it.

I'd say my least favourite thing would be the inconsistency for how many/how often customers want art, and making pricing sheets/TOS, while my favourite thing is that I get to do what I love!

Usually people have something in mind for what they want, it could be a very vague description to extremely detailed.

It is nice to meet you, I hope you get into creature design some day.

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That makes a lot of sense, feast or famine with the work. But doing what you love for work, ah. It sounds amazing. I've been doing illustrating here and there part time and only recently decided to really try and make a productive business with it. It's always encouraging to see other artists making it in the world of business! ^^

Hahaha I hate pricing too xD I'm like 'just pay for the stuff'

Nice to meet you too!

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My favorite type of endings: tragic ones

Hi there! Nice to meet you!


Always lovely to see veteran players coming back to School of Dragons. Also, as an amateur writer, I appreciate your username. 


Anyways, welcome back!



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Frost Shards
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It's always a great day when you get to meet new fellow dragon lovers! Hello and welcome to the forums! Love your art btw, the profile pic looks absolutely stunning :)



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