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Hello, I am a returning player to SOD! 


After watching the third HTTYD movie I felt a great urge to play again after leaving for 4 years, I left because at the time SOD felt a little too much P2W (pay to win)  which is something I don't really enjoy about games. But I am glad to see that has changed at least a bit. Least I don't think 4 years ago earning free gems was possible. 


I do wish I could change my username as I sadly have lost access to my account of my Viking Ordin, I did contact the staff but sadly never heard anything back :c But despite that I wasn't TOO far so it's not that much of a loss. 


the current Viking I am using is named Laurence Emile Binks (oddly specific I know, he's based on an OC of mine) though due to my pc being on the older side and tends to lag I play with the MMO feature turned off and until I buy  a new one I'm afraid the only way for me to talk to my fellow dragon trainers is trough here, or Discord if we really hit it off. I love making new friends and meeting new people! 


Anyways some info about my self 


I tend to go by the online alias Apocalyptichorse but you may just call me Horse for short 

I am 25 years old 

I have a job and education so I primarily play on the weekends if I'm not feeling too tired  

English is my second language

I like to draw and I love fantasy and dragons lmao

Due to being 25 I'd prefer to interact with people who are at least 18 or older, as it's kinda weird for me to talk to someone who's practically a decade younger then I am. it's nothing personal against minors but I'm sure most can agree it is a little awkward. 

I am on CET 


And since I am a collector I at least will try to obtain one of each available dragon species! 


Current dragons: 


Light Fury 

Sunsetflare (shockjaw)

Royal Lightning (Skrill)



Anyway, feel free to say hello and maybe we can chat some more! :D  Thanks for reading and have a good day/evening! 





Current goal: Collect all dragons

Royal Lightning - Skrill 
Green Siren - Death song 
Lowen hues - Razorwhip 
Blue Skyline - Groncicle 
Torrent trouble -Scauldron 
Odvin - Deadly nadder
Morning Star - Typhoomerang
Lava - Europtodon 
Aurora borealis - Flame whipper 
Serene - Armor wing 
Poisondart - Singetail
Sunset flare - Shockjaw 
Cersei - fireworm queen 

Seaweed - Thunderdrum 
Jumpstart - Skrillnapper 

Starstinger - Tripple stryke 
Novalis - Deathgripper

Boulder bash - Gronckle 
Sticks and stones - Hidous Zippleback
Desert rose- Sand wraith 
Firestarter - Monsterous nightmare 
Seaweed - Thunderdrum 
Crash - Rumblehorn
Specter - flightmare 
Artic -Dreadstrider
Chitter - Scuttleclaw 
Tiamat - Snaptrapper
Storm - Night fury 
Moondancer - Light fury
Luna - white nightlight 
Prism - Black nightlight (blue eyes) 
Starchaser - Blacknightlight (green eyes) 


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Hi, welcome back. Yes the

Hi, welcome back. Yes the game has changed a lot since everything is now easier to get. There are a lot of new things like dragons expansions and islands that you might want to check out too like the Hidden World, Dragon's Edge, Dragon Island and many more. Have fun!


Welcome to my Signature


My Dragons


Storm-Adult Nadder

Stormfly-Titan Nadder

Thornado-Titan Thunderdrum

Whispy-Titan Whispering Death

Troyfa-Adult Whispering Death

Roar-Titan Skrill

Dagur's Skrill-Adult Skrill

Meatlug-Titan Gronckle

Koytsoylia-Adult Gronckle

Bone Phantom-Titan Boneknapper

Cloudy-Titan Stormcutter

Barf Belch-Titan Zippleback

Fangy-Titan Nightmare

Hooky-Adult Nightmare

Fireglow-Adult Fireworm

Heatblast-Baby Fireworm

Spark-Baby Fireworm

Screamy-Titan Screaming Death

Charivdi-Adult Screaming Death

Venom-Titan Flightmare

Sand Wraith-Titan Sand Wraith

Toothful-Adult Sand Wraith

Snoggletog Wraith-Titan Wooly Howl

Benny-Adult Wooly Howl

Shocky-Adult Shockjaw

Gronci-Adult Groncicle

Night Light-Adult Groncicle

Speedy-Adult Speed Stinger

Icebreaker-Adult Speed Stinger

Deathsong-Titan Deathsong

Butterfly-Adult Deathsong

Windshear-Titan Razorwhip

Lucifer-Adult Devilish Dervish

Taxi-Adult Timberjack

Lump-Adult Snafflefang

   Axewing-Adult Armorwing

 Fourwing-Adult Singetail

Avocado-Adult Eruptodon

Potato-Baby Eruptodon

 Snowy-Adult Snow Wraith

Maleficent-Adult Moldruffle

Mal-Adult Moldruffle

Thredtail-Adult Hobblegrunt*

Kapnaw-Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Crocodilino-Adult Windwalker

Smidvarg-Adult Night Terror

Skullcrasher-Adult Rumblehorn

Snake-Adult Grapple Grounder*

Grump-Adult Hotburple

Shiren-Adult Tide Glider

Candy-Sweet Death

Pitchers-Adult Snaptrapper

Venus Flytrap-Adult Snaptrapper

Mudstorm-Adult Mudtracker

Rainstorm-Adult Raincutter

Chinski-Adult Changewing

Scauldy-Adult Scauldron

Uma-Adult Scauldron

Sharpshot-Adult Terrible Terror

Toothless-Adult Night Fury

Tailchanger-Adult Flame Whipper

Sleuther-Adult Triple Stryke

Harry Hook-Adult Triple Stryke

Gladiator-Adult Elder Sentinel


I am trying to get two dragons of each species, one being a Titan and the other one an Adult


Some things about myself


I am a 16 year old boy. I am from Greece and I live in Athens. My favourite food is souvlaki. My hobbies are swimming and basketball. My favourite movies are How to train your dragon movies, Jurassic Park/World movies, Descendants movies and Marvel movies. My favourite series are HTTYD series, Victorious, Descendants and many more XD. I like any kind of music and I don't have a preferable singer.

My favourite characters from HTTYD are Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, Stoick, Toothless, Stormfly and the Light Fury


My adoptables


Owl by Wolflight


Shock and Bolt by dogloven


Toothless by ELSA II


Twilight by RoaringOrigins


Indoraptor by RedHoodJason



Σχετική εικόνα

And some fanart that I found through Pinterest and DeviantArt (these are not mine I just found them while scrolling)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για toothless and hiccup httyd 3

Σχετική εικόνα


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Welcome back!

It’s always nice to see older players return to the game after such a long time! I’ve been a player of the game since I was 13, and now I’m 17. There’s been many, many changes to the game since then. I hope you enjoy your stay!


Yo, I’m Faith, I’m 18 years old and a veteran player of School of Dragons. Nice to meetcha!

Main Dragon: A White/blue/grey Woolly Howl named Burst. 

Stars: 3 Platinum