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Hey all!


I began playing SoD the week it came out, and continued to play for around a year. I have been playing it on and off for awhile, but I haven't truly played it in a VERY long time (as in when you could only have one dragon, before any expansions and before the area rework). When I did play, however, I was a member of some fairly well known clans (Wings of Royalty and a few others). All that being said, I've decided to come back and try the game again (with a different account; I want to start fresh) since it seems like it's changed a lot. So, my question is, what has changed? It would be great if someone could give me a quick rundown.



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Welcome back :)

Hello! Welcome back!

I haven't been here as long as you, but I've been here since 2014, so here is what changed in my time:

1. Many more lands and expansions with more quests (you have to buy them) + a hideout on outpost island - it's like a hut you can decorate, but it doesn't really do anything like a farm does

2. Dragons of lvl 20+ can now become titanwings (some of them) with a slightly altered appearance and better stats

3. Stable quests - since you can have more than one dragon, you can send inactive ones on quests for a few hrs to a few days for rewards and XP

4. Battle events - every 2 hrs an enemy scout ship appears at the training grounds and you have about 4 min to blast it on your dragon (all the riders in the area work as a team). You get a lot of xp (depending on how many points you earn) and a random prize (even gems, dragon eggs and stables). Plus, every month the three top clans where members score most points get 200 gems.

5. Much more stuff: new farm plants/animals, different stables, clothes, saddles, etc.

6. You can instantly teleport anywhere using the map icon (very useful, no more taxi)

7. Checkpoints in race tracks (no more backwards racing hack) + many more tracks



Keu Ray

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Coming from a land where dragons have been

hunted to near-extinction, I set out to find one

of these magnificent creatures I have only read


After much wandering about and even witnessing 

some from a distance, I met a trader who told

stories of islands much further north where 

dragons flew free and riders rose on their backs

into the skies. I managed to convince him of my

genuine non-malicious interest and he agreed to

take me there.



  This is how I arrived on Berk and, after a trial period, the island chief Hiccup allowed me to 

  join the Dragon Training Academy. There I raised my very own deadly  nadder, Ocean. 

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  Since then I have built a base on Sunnystone Island, 

  a tiny volcanic island in the South of the Archipelago 

  and even formed my own clan - 

  "The Sunwing Voyagers".  

  Now I travel far and wide, gathering knowledge, 

  trading a bit here and there and having adventures.  





My dragons: my exploration team

 (the dragons who regularly follow me in my exploits)

  Ocean (Deadly Nadder, f) – my first dragon and travel companion.

  I share a special bond with her, as I raised her from an egg and spent many a day 

  with only her for company. She is brave, loyal, curious and very intelligent, 

  often getting bored from inaction. Ocean is very comfortable around humans, 

  but sometimes dislikes sharing my attention with unfamiliar dragons. 

  She did, however, turn out to be surprisingly good with dragonlets. 

  She is a very steady and reliable flyer but does not much enjoy anything competitive.


  Viridi (Changewing, f) – the first addition to my exploration team.

  A trader whom I was helping out temporarily had a large and precious

  gem on his ship. I tried to convince him time and time again that he had  

  been duped and the bazaar merchant sold him a dragon egg, but he

  refused to believe me… until it hatched. I offered to take the dragonlet

  off his hands for a good supply of changewing acid once it grew up, and

  the trader was all too happy to get rid of the rather destructive and

  constantly disappearing little creature. As I was the first thing it saw

  when it hatched, the small changewing was eager to stay with me.

  Viridi was my most challenging dragon because it’s very hard to train

  something you can’t see half the time. Being a social creature, she accepted

  Ocean and me as part of her family and joined us on our many adventures.

  She is a quiet, careful, patient and observant dragon, who prefers to avoid

  human habitations and is very helpful in the exploration of the wild.


  Moonshine (Razorwhip, f) - Moonshine was picked up by Ocean, probably

  from some shipwreck, as she was completely covered in seaweed. She was 

  still very tiny and Ocean brought her up, becoming a sort of mother figure to her.

  Moonshine is a very happy and energetic dragon: she is in constant movement

  and always wants to play. She lacks any concept of seriousness or caution, so it

  can be quite difficult to have her around on journies, but definitely entertaining.

  At first Ocean was the only one who could get Moonshine under control,

  but after a lot of work, she started listening to me too (most of the time).


  Panthera (Death Song, f) - I found Panthera as an adolescent dragon, wary and

  underfed, on the outskirts of Melody Island. After some investigation, I found that 

  this was because her voice was a few tones lower that usual: the other Death Songs 

  drove her away, attacking her at any chance they got, and she could not hunt as her

  song lacked the usual attractive power, forcing her to feed on any fish she was 

  able to catch in the ocean - something Deathsongs just aren't good at. This, however,

  gave me an opportunity to train this magnifiscent dragon, since she had not aquired

  the natural viciousness towards other dragons. Panthera responded very well

  to being fed chicken and boar and had learned to get along with Ocean, Viridi and

  Moonshine (though she largely just ignores them). She turned out to be very lazy,

  always prefering to lay in the sun or in front of the campfire and has been very

  helpful in building and guarding camp during my expeditions. She has a creative

  streak and appears to enjoy singing along with me and seeing her amber made

  into various tools and trinkets.


 A list of other dragons I know can be found here.



My clan: The Sunwing Voyagers


We are a clan of peaceful travellers, artists, scholars and traders. Our success is determined by skill and patience. Adventures await!


We fly to the edges of the archipelago and far beyond, expanding our horizons and exploring new lands. We are talented, creative and resourceful and we are ready to help any new friends we meet. The Sunwing Voyagers are a peaceful clan and we prefer to settle any conflicts with diplomacy rather than violence. We love dragons and we are always ready to learn new things, using our extensive knowledge of their ways to aid people and dragons to peacefully coexist and help each other.






For our official news & chat page click here: The Sunwing Voyagers Journal 2.0








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Hiya. Thanks for the reply!

Hiya. Thanks for the reply! It seem like there is a LOT of new content that I have missed xD. I'm excited to try it out!

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Ok, there has been a lot that has changed/been added. Let me see if I can list most of them.


- Lots of new dragons

- New clothes, helmets and hair styles for vikings

- New dragon saddles

- New farm and hideout decorations

- You can buy a second farm called Farm by the Sea

_ Maximum dragon bonding level is now level 30

- Expansions:

Icestorm Island- You get a teen groncicle and clothes for the ice caves from this expansion

Call of the Death Song- You get a Razorwhip egg and baby death song from this expansion

Battle for the edge- You get a viking hideout, dragon hunter disguise, and an armorwing from this expansion

Return to Dragon Island- You get a singetail and eruptodon from this expansion

Secret of the Leviathan- You get a flightsuit and a baby flamewhipper from this expansion. You can also play 2 new mini games and get 200 gems for each game if you get 120 stars for each game(This is an achievement in your journal)

- Stable quests

Stable quests help you level up dragons with lots of dragon bonding xp and some offer gems, dragon mystery egg boxes, or titan runes as a reward.

- Titan Wing dragons

It takes 50 titan runes to make a dragon a titan which you can get from stable quests. You can also make a dragon a titan by using 500 gems.

- Battles

Battles happen every 2 hours at the training grounds. You shoot at the top or bottom of the ship(bottom gives you more points). When you run out of shots, go to one of the glowing lights and refill your shots. Running into the ship or getting hit with the amo being thrown from the catapults results in loss of points. You can level up baby dragons by using an adult dragon until almost the end of the battle and then switch to the dragon you want to level up. You can get lots of xp from battles and you also get a mystery box from battle. However, I recommend not opening it up right after battle because lots of people are experiencing a glitch where the box won't open right after battle. Not opening the box right after battle won't always work but it's the best we can do for now.

- You can change your viking name for 50(I think) gems

- You can name your farm

- You can rate your friends' farm

- You no longer have a water limit when watering crops. The wells are now just for decoration.

- New farm animals and crops

- Checkpoints in Thunder Run Racing

There are now green checkpoints you have to pass through in each lap to be able to advance to the next lap.

- New race tracks

- The limit for inviting friends to join SOD has been dropped from 50 to 5.

- The xp you get from Alchemy Adventure and Eel Roast has been increased. I advise not playing past level 30 on Eel Roast. There's a glitch where if you play past a certain level you end up getting no rewards for playing the game. I'm not sure what level it is so I always recommend not playing past level 30.


That's all I can think of for now. I hoped I helped a little. :)



(Legends sung by Kelsea Ballerini)

Maya the Sand Wraith, assigned to me as the perfect dragon for me by Wolf and Star, on her "Answer these questions and get a dragon" thread. The amazing art of Maya was done by DyliehIdol1214.


(clan banner made by the talented piggyxl) 

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Hey! Thanks for the reply.

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I'm excited to try out the new features. A lot has been added!

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Your welcome. Happy to help. :)

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