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good night my vikings friends, tonight i was relaxing when suddenly a player calling my dragon a ghastly zipplejack stupid, because of a girl who said my dragon scared her (just because she couldn't catch it), this made me to report the player more I will show you to show here what else this player called me,his name is kingofthedeaththedemonq and the other is Valkyiefffggg

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Saving people hunting things family business

He should be reported anyway for swearing on a kids game. Oh and never say "I'm reporting you" or "I reported you" because that does make people mad and they may be ha.ackers and your account is gone. Removed. Never existed. I post those type of pictures to the admins only just in case they are on here too. You never know.



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Tomorrow... and possibly later today!

Hac.kers need your account info to hack. At least, it think most of them do. Think. 



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*ate my own subject*

I really wouldn't even say there is a point in reporting players anymore. The admins/devs don't listen when we complain about glitches that actually cost them money by players leaving, they don't listen to our pleas for long night flight that does actually cost them money because people have stopped paying memberships in a petition, most of the time they don't listen when we report hackers, again, costing them money when they hack gems for people instead of people buying them, and if the devs/admins only care about money, why would they listen to someone being reported for using bad language when that doesn't cost them anything except for players feelings? Also, yes, I get the devs need to make money just like every other job, but seriously? It wouldn't hurt to just give the players what we want(like bring back speed armor or not having so many events or FIXING BUGS AND GLITCHES[not fun glitches tho xD]. So really, there isn't that much point in reporting anyone anymore, the person reported could also just come back on a different account if that one gets banned by the admins.


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