Regarding the Ridgesnipper glitch.

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So as the title says, this post is revolving around the Ridgesnipper glitch (even other bugs and glitches.)


To say the least.. this is disappointing. It makes me sad to see how often these issues occur. 


Many of you probabely do not recognize me, but i am BottlesOfHoney. Honestly, just ignore my forum name because I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with that username lol. Whether you have seen me racing or at battle events, (mainly racing) or not even at all. I just wanted to make myself clear as to who I am.


Anyways, what I wanted to talk about is bugs, yet again, there are so many of them. 





We want, 

Fixed Battle events, fixes for minor bugs, not constant crashing and lagging or being kicked off the server constantly.


We just want this to be a playable game. That's litearlly it! I know SoD has a small team, but seriously, this is just.. becoming outrageous. It's not fair to anyone. We shouldn't have to be worried when something new comes to the game that it could completely break ours. We are not your beta testers! If something is broken, DON'T RELEASE IT TIL YOU KNOW IT IS SAFE TO! You think maybe SoD would try and prevent this Galeslash glitch from carrying over to another dragon? Clearly not. Im just.. so disappointed. I apologize to anyone who has been locked out of there vikimgs, yet again, espcially content uploaders for this game, it is not fair to any of us. 


I apologize for any of my spelling errors. Good day/night.

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I totally agree with you,

I totally agree with you, even though, honestly I haven’t experienced the Galeslash or Ridgesnipper glitches, even though I bought both dragons very quickly and also haven’t wxperienced many battle or server issues.

Anyway, even though I still think that fixing the game would be good for all of us



it’s almost 3 AM sorry If I’m not making sense


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Pickle thought the subject was a chicken egg

A agree with everything except the thing about weapons/DT gear. Some of us want that, I am one of those people. But fixing the game comes first.



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Fixing things is the devs' lowest priority. -_-" You're not the first to get down on your knees begging, trust me. But don't hold your breath. Fixes are few and far between assuming they happen at all.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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I couldn't agree more with you. Instead of fixing the problems, they add more and more with the new items they keep releasing. Surely spending some time to fix these minor bugs can't hurt, even if it's not all of them. 



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