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I don't think I'd have to explain much about what's been the issue with the new Thunder Run race track released for the Thawfest event, "Cold Winds", especially towards the admins since throughout the Thawfest event, there's already been COUNTLESS of reports in all sorts of forms possible regarding the problem with the race track


The track doesn't work in multiplayer racing:

Everytime racers join a multiplayer race room and this track appears, the race won't start and each racer don't see other racers in the race (as shown in the picture). This forces players to close the game, loose -5 trophies everytime and when we log back in we get the timer penalty (that keeps increasing everytime). And of course, players can't avoid racing in the track either because if we leave the lobby before the race starts, we'll get timer penalty as well. 



sigh Another forum thread, another instance when I've had enough of SoD's problems. 

But this time, SoD's really gotten on my nerves the most! Considering all the things that's been happening since Thawfest: Making unannounced changes, they rigged the game for Thawfest; confescating the gem rewarding stable quests was already enough, but then they changed Long Night Flight to rewarding coins, this is just a shady move and doesn't seem fair at all. Other than that, this Cold Winds bug is just the tip of the iceberg; this Thawfest update is FULL OF BUGS AND GLITCHES to the point where this update/event is just considered ABSOLUTELY DYSFUNCTIONAL (bugs with battle event, daily quests, etc), and as I've mentioned and as everyone, including the admins can clearly see, there's been so many reports of the many, many problems in this Thawfest update and barely anything got fixed (such as Cold Winds), and WHAT I FIND FUNNY IS: Seeing how the SoD team's been the most active on their medias (Forums, Instagram, etc), to promote this update that doesn't function (example: Brynjolf recently posted about the Toothless Homecoming Armor ON WEEKENDS, when they're suppose to be on day off).

So, despite all this activity from the SoD team in their medias, that's filled with tons bug reports of the Thawfest event, barely anything got fixed. How shady is that?!


SoD I know you need money, idk but what the heck is going on back there in the office, but these are absolutely NOT the moves to a thriving and successful game. I'm really sorry, but it just seems like SoD could care less if the update or this game works or not, nor the the importance of their customers'/players' interest, loyalty and satisfaction. It simply seems like they only care about milking money, and the more broken the game is means the more pay to win this event becomes to them. periodt


People love SoD, and people know that it's never been a perfect game. But, updates/events like this are suppose to bring excitement, hope and attract players' interest; current, new or retired players. Instead, as a long time SoD player who's participated in all three events (Dreadfall, Snoggletog, Thawfest), I can evaluate that these just plain dysfunctional events have only driven interests of players of all kinds' away more, especially the returning players as the updates/events have only greeted them with SoD being worse than expected. And SoD's undeniably always at it's worst state when these events happen (cuz bugs/glitches, limited ways to get gems, battle event barely rewarding anything, only a couple tracks in TRR, etc), but Thawfest is by far the worst, one of the main reasons being, cause Thunder Run Racing doesn't even work because of Cold Winds.

And with the tons of bugs/glitches in Thawfest, we think we'd get most of them fixed by now and some decent compensation, but NOPE, and with them sabotaging the gem reward from Long Night Flight: SoD is just plain cheating on the players right now for this.


P.S What a blessing it's been to have this year's Clash of the Clans Tournament replaced with Thawfest lol. And players were praising the SoD team thinking that they're finally taking some sort of accountablity, for the longevity of the game or something pfft.


P.P.S Since Thunder Run's time penalty feature's basically the reason why Cold Winds not working is a major problem that made TRR stop working, I highly suggest SoD to just remove this feature as it's generally always been a problematic feature that's done more bad than good to TRR. Trust me SoD, I've been a racer/trophy enthusiast for 6 years, I know what I'm talking about. NOBODY uses dummy vikings for easy trophy wins in Thunder Run! Because of the penalty, racers can't leave lobbies avoid speed hackers without getting one, etc (and a lot of reasons, but I won't get more off topic)


 I'm a long time player and supporter of the game, and my intentions for this thread is really nothing more than to support SoD because I care. 


I mainly just wish for Cold Winds to finally function in multiplayer Thunder Run Racing, and that this report won't be another waste of breath.  Thank you, and I appreciate all the attention, especially from the SoD team!





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I'm back Mwahahahahahaha

Thank you for this! Someone needed to come out and say this.  Hopefully, SoD Devs will have a nice, long meeting and sort out what they really want out of the game (and please not money by cutting corners!), and how to make the game better.  AND, hopefully I'll be able to race again, LOL!


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Yes! Cold Winds needs to be fixed! I haven't even been able to race in multiplayer since the event started because of this. I tried once, experienced the glitch, and decided to forget racing in mulitplayer until it's fixed(I still do Cold Winds in single player once a day for the medal you get from it). I worked hard for all my trophies and I'm not going to lose a bunch of them because of this glitch. I've been hoping we get some new permanent tracks in TRR since it barely gets updates anymore but as of right now I hope they remove Cold Winds like they did with the Dreadfall tracks because I miss racing. If they would fix Cold Winds then I'd say please let us keep it but as of right now I'm hoping it's removed once Thawfest is over so racing is functional again.


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Cold Winds has been nothing but an absolute useless update that's done nothing but broke TRR, and to see that the devs still haven't fixed it is just downright insulting. Like I've said, this just proves they could care less whether the update or the game even functions or not, but rather just care about getting money out of it, and the more broken the game is, the more pay to win the event becomes. And if that's not what it is, then I don't know what else to think of this, so yeah.. 

Please SoD team, do something to prove me wrong, if ya'll still even care about what your players/customers feedback/think of you!


I think it would look just sad if the way they're going to 'fix' TRR, not by actually fixing Cold Winds, but by removing it. 

At this point, since we can say that Thawfest is actually close to ending, I agree and hope that Cold Winds will get fixed and will still be available in TRR and permanently after Thawfest ends, cuz if not then there really wouldn't be any point for the developers to create the new race track in the first place. And I think Cold Winds would be a fun track to race in if it works in MMO, I think it's actually one of the most interesting new race tracks. It's really a shame if players end up never getting to experience it in MMO, and for the developers as well, since their hardwork creating the track ends up being completely wasted. 


In general, I think it would DEFINITELY BE A GREAT IDEA if SoD just make all the new event exclusive tracks (Dreadfall, Snoggletog, Thawfest) available in TRR permanently, because the more the merrier, and this move would definitely boost players' interest in the game cuz everyone knows TRR is crucial to keeping players interested and occupied with the game, and it's really gotten boring racing on the same tracks over and over again. Besides, it would be nice for the SoD team themselves, as their hardwork creating the tracks will be a lot more useful: A benefiting move for both the developers and the players.

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Always here to support one of the nicest players of this game, especially when he has a great message. :)






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Thank you Mol! XD

Thank you Mol! XD

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Removing Long night flight

Removing Long night flight isn't even shady, it's straight up daylight robbery. It's like a EA move, I'm not even sure they would go that low. It's obvious as well, they couldn't have made it more of a punch in the face if they made a sparkly banner with balloons that said "Spend REAL money or d.ie"

Also, high key hope Clash of Clans doesn't come back.



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if the game is bugging you

if the game is bugging you this much maybe you should just stop playing it, we all know the admins don't listen to us and there's many outer games where the admins do listen lol I know I'm gonna quit soon despite being a player since 2014


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I just wanted to point out that I don't think the OP is upset to the point that he wants to leave the game. He even stated that the reason for this thread is because he cares about SoD. People are upset about the issue with the Cold Winds track because it hasn't worked since it's release and it's costing people a lot of trophies and making it where others(like me) won't even race in multiplayer because we don't want to lose trophies. It's not that SoD upsests us so bad that we don't want to play, it's just that we're frustrated because this issue hasn't been fixed yet or even acknowledged.

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I totally agree! The cold

I totally agree! The cold winds racetrack has lost me about 60 trophies. The thawfest battle ship doesn't take damage sometimes, there has been many complaints about this, and yet SoD still hasn't fixed them! 

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*Grabs popcorns*

Couldn't agree more! I was testing the ghastly zapplejack in TRR, and happened to enter in the cold winds track; had to close the game, re-open it, and find out that i lost 5 trophies. The race ban is just pure cruelty for pro, competitive racers who want to make trophies, and the whole update is way too glitched, i luckily didn't have too many problems, but i had to change device every 30 minutes, and i lost, like, at least 20+ battles out of 30, because every battle ship i found was glitched (didn't lose any health at all) or stopped losing health at the end of the battle (remaining with 45, 32, or even 11 health sometimes...)


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*EXPLOSIONS* O______________O

Ooof that happend to me too! except the ship was at 4 health! I was so mad!!!!!! 





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