A Random Loss of Control Glitch is Ruining My Gameplay!

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So, I was racing today and having a fun time with it, I was even in second place. And then all of a sudden, there it is. The dreaded loss of control glitch that keeps happening to me at random moments. Needless to say, I not only lost my spot and went all the way to the back, but fell back so far that I couldn't even finish the race.


What happens is this:

My dragon (Or rider, it happens with both, and anywhere.) just randomly starts going in the direction I last told it to go and at the same speed I last told it to go. For example, if I try to turn, it starts just flying (or running) in circles, or if I tried to go forward, it just keeps going forward, into walls, or away from the maps, for an unpredictable amount of time. And if I told it to accelerate, it just keeps accelerating at the same time.


This is really really, REALLY getting on my nerves, because when it happens, it sends me so far away from the map or wherever I wanted to go, and when it happens during a race, it pretty much ruins the entire thing for me if it goes on long enough. This has been going on for quite a while now, too.


Is anybody else having this problem? And if you have, have you figured out a way to stop it from happening? PLEASE tell me if you have.


If this is something happening to everyone... Please, it needs to be fixed.


Thank you for reading. <3


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so thats what it is! i thought it was me! yes it happens to me too! very wierd feeling. so now it needs to be fixed!


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Valkyrian ate my subject

Yeah, this happened to me earlier today. You're not the only one.

What probably triggers this glitch is that you're encountering lag.

I don't know how this gets fixed, but the admins must be looking at it now, who knows?




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This has happened more times than I can count to me in a race. Sometimes I can click on the mouse to abort the unexpected turn and quickly correct but sometimes it happens so fast you just crash into a wall and the race is ruined.  -.-


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I'm pretty sure that's just

I'm pretty sure that's just some lag. It happens to me all the time on my tablet: for example, just now I tried to scroll down yor post, and nothing happened. I thought it might not have registered on the device, so I scrolled again, and then realized it was frozen. A few seconds later, the page went down as if I was touching it, and trying to go up again had no affect until the machine had followed everything I had tried to make it do- including go back up again, then down, and up again.

The next time it happens, try leaving all the buttons alone. I bet it'll do what you tried to make it do a few seconds late- but forcing it will make it take longer to regain control.


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This happens to me fairly

This happens to me fairly often as well, I'm pretty sure it's caused by lag as it happens more often on my computer than on other faster computers I've used.



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I've had this glitch/problem for now on to almost a year now.


But how do I still race?


I use a laptop.


If you have your mouse somewhere inside the window, if your dragon ever suddenly starts to glitch lock into a certain position, just tab the left mouse button with your thumb on your left hand.  When you click on the screen, it will refresh the controls and your dragon will respond your commands.

(Btw, this works on both browser type and Computer App type) 


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tried all that!

i tried all that and still came up with a speed button that wouldn't work!  my fury felt like we were swimming in molasses! it caused me to lose a race, thankfully there were only three of us in the track so i didn't lose trophies.  it isn't just lag because i have NEVER had this happen in a race before EVER.  the next race? nothing wrong!  well i guess there is always a first time. hopefully, that is all it is but i doubt it with everything else going wrong in this game, i can just add that one too!

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That molasses thing isn't the

That molasses thing isn't the same thing as this loss of control, I think. I'm think that is some kind of hack. I recently had it in a race against someone who was using tons of boosts and, magically, on the last straight of Forbidding Ice where people would normally boost to catch up with a person like that, everyone in the race was slowed down except for her. I tried using two boosts and they didn't help at all. 

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so not cool >:(


tho i have had the other too.  where all of a sudden my dragon decided to have a mind of its own. o.O

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Nice to see I am not the only one with that problem. When it happens to me I can always see my hard disc is spinning like crazy, so for me its a local problem. If you are playing on an older computer this will be probably the same for you. And sadly thats nothing the game developers can fix. Just make sure nothing else is running on your computer when you play (includes music player).

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Paranormal Rainbow
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I guess it could be lag

I guess it could be lag and/or a local old processor problem, my computer is kind of old, but I'm just wondering, what if I don't notice any signs of lagging at all right before it happens? And I try not to have anything else running, or at least only one single program like a chat client running in the background. Also, it doesn't happen on the forums for me. Just in-game.


Now that I see it's happening to so many people, if it is a glitch... Must be fixed. I hope it is at least eventually. :/

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Did you noticed that this game is not really lightweight? My unity cache right now is something like 2GB+. So if the system runs out of memory it has to store some of the older conent, lets say the map of your Farm, on the disk. That may be worse in race because of the big amount of real-time data the system tries to handle.

I tried the download client and I think it was better, but i dont like to run in full screen so I switched back to browser. Also its been a while ago and they change the client so I dont know if its still better, but if the lags really are that bad for you, give it a try.