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At times i'm unable to move in a  race, nothing is working. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it wont. All i do i fly forward, circles or just stay there and not move. PLEASE HELP ME

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It's a glitch that has been reported a few times before. Still, I'm sure the admins are glad you said something as well. Is it in Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

Tip: When that happens, in multiplayer, Don't Leave. If you leave, you'll get a DNF and lose trophies. Just sit and wait it out, usually only takes about 2 minutes or so. 


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Bug Report

Hi sebastianseb. As ShadowclawFC noted, this is an issue our team is aware of and currently working on fixing. It's a tough bug to reproduce, but we're doing our best to pinpoint the cause soon so we can resolve the problem. Thanks for your patience.