Race to Fireworm Island( episode 5)

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Race to Fireworm Island was a good episode in my opinion. It showed a different side of snotlout and there was a new dragon.  ( my favorite episode is still tunnel vision)  What did you think about this episode?



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I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread made for this episode before now...


Anyway, I really liked this episode. I really enjoy seeing characters, even ones I don't like very much, being fleshed out. To give some insight as to why they are who they are as a person makes them more believable in my opinion.


And it's official; I don't like Spitelout. At all.


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It's definitely Spitelout's turn for a double dose of comeuppance. But I agree, it's nice to see Snotlout's human side. I'm glad he finally came to the point where his relationship with Hookfang is a two-way one, even though it took Hookfang nearly dying for that to happen. 


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♥ ♥ ♥

For some people (dragons?), it takes a near-deathe experience for you to love what you have.

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That is SO true mudslide. Thx

That is SO true mudslide. Thx for your thoughts :)

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It was a nice episode, but.... Okay, I should hate Spitelout, right? But I can't. Why? He's Voiced By David Tennant!!! I LOVE DT <3 He's just... the most amazing actor and person I've ever seen. So much talent, yet incredibly personable, I mean, he's a person. And that voice~ I loooove that voice~ When he takes on his natural Scottish accent...~


Anyways, now that I've fan-girled enough. I liked that they're finally giving SnotFang more character. I absolutely love Hookfang, and he deserves so much more love and attention~ Interesting thing with the fireworms, though. I mean... hive trope? Hasn't that been used already? XD


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