Race like a Boss

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Winning with a gronkle? Winning with a scauldron? Not good enough!

To be a boss in thunder run racing, it seems we have to race with other dragons by sky-walking! Orz

Is that even possible? Orz 


By Rebekkah XD Cool name huh? XD

Super Cool Banner by Tori XD

Drawing by my wonderful clan leader Primus04 XD

Another cool banner by Tori XD

Wonderful Banner by Mash XD

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Lol, it's quite the funny bug

Lol, it's quite the funny bug :p. It hasn't happened to me, but I've seen it happen to plenty of other people (at least on my screen).


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Subjects are silly and pointless.

This is just a visual glitch, but it does look funny. XD

Although I once did have this glitch for real, where I could run/fly anywhere around the school/Wilderness/Berk/Thunder Run without my dragon. XD

It looked like I was running, but I could fly... So I was running high in the air. XD


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another glitch to add to the list.

I've seen this happen a lot lately- just as distracting every time :P


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Yeah u are riteXD,the first time I saw her I was astonished and lmost bumped on the wall Orz