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     My Quests aren't working! :


   I know i am not the only one here with this problem. I was doing quests.. i was almost at half of Icestorm Island quests. When i went to start my new quest, it said "NO QUESTS AVAILABLE" -.- I mean.. i wasnt even at the half of Icestorm Island quests and just i couldn't do any quests AND i still can't! :/ If you know how to fix this qlitch, please can you tell me :/


     P.S. Oh! And btw, i was farming yesterday. I went to feed my foxes and it just appeared this:  I was like: Okay, let's try relog but it keep showing me this and i couldn't feed any of my farm animals -.- Now, all of my farm is glitched... And one time, when i fed my foxes 1.000 times, my gems and gold were gone :/

   I wish there were someone that knows how to fix this.. :(