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Ok SoD you need to add more quests and expansions look at my expansion ideas for ideas And add more quests for us to level up our dragons I only have 3 out of over 50 dragons that are level 50 and I started In 2020 so yea add more expansions and quests



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My Vikings Backstory: My Viking Was Born a few months  before  Hiccup Met toothless My Mom and dad went to Dragon Island to help fight the Red Death both of them saved a Deadly Nadder Egg but they got killed when The Red Death was chasing Toothless and hiccup they got crushed I grew up at the school I was best friends with the baby deadly nadder that my mom and dad saved. When I was 13 Froakie (named after my Viking's Grandpa) turned into a teen and We were best friends when Harold went to the Edge I was helping out around the Edge when Eret and I went to the Hunter base I found a old armorwing I freed him when Harold left I tamed the Armorwing and named it Armor (I forgot to mention this but my Vikings name was peter but I hated that name) I gained the nickname Strong after I helped Lumie get back to his home and I tamed a Flamewhipper and named it Ned me and Froakie went to Berk to help fight off a fleet of hunters and I freed a Rumblehorn and named it green cause it was green.

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Star complications with no new quests.

I agree! I want to get three platinum stars, but it's nearly impossible on just battle points and the occasional racing and DT. I'm still stuck at 1 and a half stars!


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I might be wrong, but I think we can get only 1 platinum star(400000 utd)





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Yes, it's true that more tasks would be great, I as a player who has all the dragons, and the expansion would like to take a break from racing and tactics with some tasks. I didn't find it that hard to get the Platinum Star I remember that I got her half a year after I started playing and I hadn't finished the two Expansions yet. And now I currently have many level 50 dragons. So my salvation is events where there are daily tasks even if they are repeated. I have also been playing since 2020 and I think it depends on how many Battle events you play per day and your UTD increases accordingly.

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Adult Razorwhip - Vetrostiska
Adult Groncicle - Blue
Titan Whispering Death - Simir
Adult Smitten Hobbobbler - Khan
Adult Alpha Light fury  - Altaria
Adult Alpha Night Fury - Toothless
Adult Skrill - Viggo
Adult Eruptodon - Miak
Adult Eruptodon - Velká Ochrankine
Adult Singetail - Mala
Adult Elder Sentinel – Guardian
Titan Dramilion - Alfa
Adult Nightlights  - Dart
Adult NightLight - Pouncer
Adult Typhoomerang - Fearless
Adult Dreadstrider - Loki 
Titan Flightmare - Mischief
Titan Death Song - Melodia
Titan Skrill - Lailfaly
Titan Stormcutter - Toruk Makto
Adult Chimeragon - Shira
Titan Hideous Zippleback - Fanktus
Teen Nightlights - Ruffrunner
Teen Nightlights - Pouncer
Teen Nightlights - Dart
Adult Deathsong  - Mihrimah
Titan Deathgripper - Eimi
Adult Thunderdrum - Kowil
Adult Flame Whiper  - Grimborn
Adult Delivish Dervish - Shadou
Adult Bonestormer - Patch
Titan Woolly Howl - Sisu
Adult Slitherwing - Layllah
Titan Slitherwing - Atalay
Adult NightLight - Ruffrunner
Adult Wholly Howl - Pengu
Titan Terrible Terror- Leaf
Titan Schockjaw - Ammba
Adult Seastormer - Elsker
Titan Razorwhip - Razuler
Titan Triple Styke - Rhapsody
Titan Speed ​​Stinger - Liry
Adult Night Terror - Smidwarg
Adult Skrillknapper - Sayha
Titan Silver Phantom - Nala 
Titan Screaming Death - Freeya
Titan Timberjack - Sylvie
Adult Gronckle - Smok
Adult Fireworm Queen - Arriva
Adult Hobblegrunt - Melory 
Adult Moldruffle - Falem 
Adult Snow Wraith - Borron 
Adult CavernCrasher - Griselda
Titan Humbanger - Viserion
Adult Grapple Grouder - Rhaegala
Adult Grim Gnasher - Drogon
Adult Prickleboggle - Tempest
Adult Quaken - Selenna
Adult Thunderpede - Amiamoon
Adult Snaptrapper - Danearys
Adult Rumblehorn - Nikora
Titan Scuttleclaw - Sayfie
Adult Sliquifier - Root
Adult Deathly Galeslash - Arnie
Adult Golden dragon - Nalany
Adult Mudraker - Samaritan
Adult Changewing - Hildr
Adult Boneknapper - Jafar
Adult Shivertooth - Ataly 
Adult Snafflefang - Sammantha
Adult Raincutter - Harolld
Adult Shovelhelm - Petal
Adult Ridgesnipper - Supreme
Adult Hotburple - Machine
Adult Smothering Smokebreath - Anubis 
Adult Sweet Death - Tymeson
Adult Crimson Goregutter - Swapshira 
Titan Scauldron - Nefertity 
Adult Tide Glider - Anonymous
Adult Abomibumble - Velkhana
Adult Windwalker - Dracarys
Adult Buffalord - Taurus
Adult Fire Terror  - Darkwarg
Adult Ghastly Zapplejack - Yahweh
Titan Hobgobbler - Chaghatai
Titan Hushboggle - Aiwayaha
Adult Flightmare - Shen
Titan Sentinel - Lullaby
Adult Zipplewraith - Sprite
Adult Sand wraith - Rayna  ( Dragon of my 2nd anniversary in SoD ) 
Titan Deathsong - Haseki 
Adult Speed Stinger - Nerve
Adult Chimeragon - Khalifa 
Adult Gruesome Goregripper - Sarkath 
Adult Silver Phantom - Rhaenyra 
Titan Buffalord - Kosem 
Adult Hideous Zippleback - Khalissi
Titan Gronckle - Hatice
Adult Dramilion - Anchesenamon
Adult Slithersong - Hurrem
Adult Skrill - Meryem 
Titan Silver Phantom - Caraxes 
Update the list of dragons : 09/10/2022
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I would at least want

I would at least want year-round daily quests.


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Yes! Definitely agree with this. I loved the expansions and miss them so much. I remember when they used to add a quest every now and then to the game. Would love to see them start doing that again. I'd actually love to see a questline with 2 or 3 quests(like the ones with Rayne)added every now and then. It was so much fun playing through the quests with Rayne.


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Expansion idea

Maybe they could put in the game more characters and their stories from the series, like: Draco, Viggo and Korran, and it would be a good idea too if they would make more story lines about the dragon eye, i think.


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A Goregripper stole my subject!

I have a couple of ideas for next years Sumarhildr questline. This is the first possibility: a somewhat... direct follow up to this years Summarhildr.


The "Jailbreak" Idea

Quest 1: "Troubling News"

Quest Giver: Hiccup

Hiccup has some important chiefing to do, so he delegates scouting the islands around Dragons Edge to you (three random islands in game.) On each island, you briefly run into a Terrible Terror. Said Terrible Terror follows you back to dragons edge, where it offers you a scroll. Your viking reads this scroll... and its a message from Chagathai Khan and Ragnar the Rock to Hiccup. They want him to release Griselda the Grievous from New Berks prison, and give them back their Goregutters (released after the Matriarch was knocked out by the riders)... or else. You return to School of Dragons in a hurry, and tell Astrid the news (Hiccup is too busy chiefing.) You then give her the scroll as proof. She then tells you to go check the prison while she shores up Berks, New Berks, and the Edges Defenses. She also asks you to talk to the Headmaster about building defenses around the School... they may be needed should the Warlords attack the school. You go to check the prison, and discover that the prison has been broken into, and Griselda has escaped...


Quest 2: "Island Search"

Quest Giver: Your Viking

Upon making this grim discovery, your viking runs back outside and raises the alarm. The vikings mobilise search and recapture teams to sewwp the island. You join one of these teams, and sweep one of three predetermined routes. Your team discovers Griselda... but fails to get to her in time to stop her from boarding a Warlord Ship and rejoining Chagathai and Ragnar. Your team also fails to escape before they spot you... forcing you to fire at the ship. The ship sails away after a few shots, leaving your team to fly back to the village and report to Hiccup. He has been brought up to speed by now, and suggests that you help Astrid prepare the defenses for a Warlord Attack. You then head to Berk, stay on New Berk, or head to Dragons Edge to help shore up the defenses as Hiccup suggested. You find them in a disheveled state of repair, and Astrid trying to shore up the defenses alone (Hiccup is overseeing prison repairs, Fishlegs is chasing after reports of strange dragons, Snotlout just isn't helping, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut are off playing pranks.) She has you find rocks, chunks of ore, and lumber. The rocks are used to plug gaps in the defensive walls and restock the catapult ammunition. The lumber is used to fix the catapults and reinforce the walls with an additional layer of fencing. The metal is used to restock the armory and strengthen the walls. Astrid then has you gather foliage, which is used to recamoflauge the catapults and disguise the buildings. You do this for all three islands. She then suggests that you check in on the school.


Quest Three: "The Warlords Fury"

Quest Giver: Your Viking

You arrive at the school to find the Warlords forces attacking the training grounds. All of the main dragon riders are there, trying to defend the training grounds from the fleet. You arrive just in time to witness Barf and Belch going berserk and Ruffnut and Tuffnut trying to get them in the water. Like with Stormfly, you have to distract Barf and Belch by setting things on fire. You also distract the twins in the process. Once Barf and Belch are in the water, you then turn your attention to the Warlord Ships. You fire at one thats besieging the Fireball Frenzy arena, and destroy its catapults. You then have to fire at groups of Warlord Goons trying to moor at the docks. This sinks their rowboats and scares them into swimming back to their ships. You then fire at the ship with the Warlords themselves on board. You destroy all the catapults on that ship, but the Warlords escape during the battle and leave "Dopplegangers"- goons dressed in costumes resembling their armor. You land on the ship and have to battle your way through multiple goons, Deathgrippers, Goregrippers, and Goregutters. Once you defeat them, you discover the trick... and learn that the twins and Barf and Belch have been captured. Hiccup then suggests following the Warlords back to their outpost/territory and recapturing them there.


Quest 4: "A Tale of Two Outposts"

Quest Giver: Hiccup

Hiccup has you go rally some allies to help fight the warlords. You first head to dragons edge and find Dagger and Mala. They eagerly lend their support to Hiccups cause Then, you go to Outcast Island (new to this expansion) and ask Alvin to help. He agrees, but says that he can't offer much help until the Outcast fleet is relaunched after the annual Barnacle Blasting. You next send a Terror Mail to the Wingmaidens. Finally, you turn to your old enemy (almost ally in a previous expansion)... Harald Forkbeard. He agrees on the condition that Leopold gets his armor repaired (it got some dings and dents since you last saw him wearing it.) You then return to the School just in time to rejoin the Dragon Riders as they prepare to head to the Warlord Outposts. At about this time, your friend from last Sumarhildr, Wartooth reappears, and offers to help in his own way. You accept and begin to ride him. The Dragon Riders then depart for the outposts. The first outpost is only staffed by Goons, but it has the recaptured Goregrippers and the new Hybrid. You fight them off alongside the other dragon riders, with the Beserker and Outcast fleets firing on the outpost itself. Between the two fleets and the Dragon riders, most of the outpost is destroyed, and the dragons freed. You then head north to the Warlords other outpost, and fight the Warlords main fleet. This time, you (with Wartooths help) almost manage to capture all three Warlords (they narrowly evade capture) and you rescue Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Barf, and Belch (you unlock the door of their cage or Wartooth blasts the door open.) The questline ends with an ominous cutscene showing all three Warlords taking a rowboat towards Auction Island, where a new Tempest is under construction...


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Oh Wow

I love your guys ideas they are awesome!

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Here’s Mine


The Expansion is called The Warlords Revenge

The Expansion starts where Eret tells us that there are a few Warlord ships around Dragons Edge and the riders need our help to take them down we head to dragons Edge and we Fight on a Warlord Lead Ship with Astrid and Stormfly we fight until we encounter Ragnar The Rock And chagatai khan and then a Warlord knocks us out we wake up at Dragons Edge And Astrid tells us [Our Dragons Name] Saved You and the riders took down most of the ships and Ragnar And chagatai khan escaped on a ship and we need to head to set up defenses on New Berk, The Training Grounds, And Dragons Edge, We build defenses on Dragons Edge and we head to the school to find out chagatai khan and more warlords attacked the school and freed Grisleda from her Cave that was blocked off Dagur comes with mala and they tell us they need our help defending Berserker Island from the warlords we head to Beserker Island And we enter a dragon tactics level with Dagur and sleuther we fight the hunters and Ragnar the Rock and the Warlords retreat. Hiccup tells us that we need to stop the warlords once and for all. We regroup at The School and we come up with a plan to try to get into The Warlords Base with Wartooth and tame the Gruesome Goregrippers and we take down the warlords but first we need to get to Mudraker island and save skulder from the warlords We fight off the warlords once we get there we fight chagatai khan we win and we tell skulder our plan and he says he and mud hidewill help the riders fight The Ground Forces. We put on our Warlord outfit and get on Wartooth and we race to the Warlords Base on Wartooth we enter the Base while the riders fight the warlords we tame the Gruesome Goregrippers and we attack the Warlords with Wartooth and another gruesome goregripper we take down Grisleda, Ragnar and chagatai khan and they retreat the gruesome Goregrippers fly away but one stays I think it likes you. Hiccup says we tame the Gruesome Goregripper and we fly off back to New Berk (we keep that gruesome goregripper) Hiccup says that Astrid wants to talk to us. We go talk to Astrid and she thanks us for helping defend the archipelago. And the expansion ends there.


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A Zombie ate my subject!

This is possibility two, which isn't so much a follow up to this year's Sumarhildr as it is a Dreadfall event/expansion hybrid...


Quest 1: "A Strange Discovery"

Quest Giver: Fishlegs

Fishlegs is studying dragons, as usual, and requests your help. He's discovered something... unusual in the Dragon Manual/Borks Papers, and would like a second pair of eyes to comfirm that he's read them correctly. He asks you to meet him in the great hall. You find Fishlegs on the second floor of the Great Hall, with the Dragon Manual, his dragon cards, and Borks Papers spread out on the table in front of him, with Meatlug and Fishmeat sitting nearby. He asks you to read through the papers in front of you. You do so, and notice that the papers are all talking about a suposedly unusal, or possibly mythical dragon: either the Lycanwing, or the 2022 Dreadfall Dragon. You then look up from the papers to see Fishlegs busilly annotating a map of the archipeligo. You comfirm that what he read is correct, and he then shows you the annotated map. This map shows a new island which the Dragon Riders somehow missed/wrote off as  a "Flyover" island. He suggests that the five of us (Himself, Meatlug, Fishmeat, You, and Your Active Dragon) go check this island out, and try to figure out why Bork wrote about it and what the dragon has to do with it. You fly to the island and do some preliminary exploring, gathering samples of the plants (to give to Valka later), looking for artifacts and ruins (for Skulder to examine), and taking note of the geological formations (to make a map of this island specifically/to make a more accurate rendering of it later.) As you're completing your third task, you hear an excited shout. Fishlegs has discovered something... interesting.


Quest 2: "A Ghastly Cavern?"

Quest Giver: Fishlegs

You head over to Fishlegs, and find him at the mouth of a large cave. He's holding a torch, and studying carvings in the rock face near the entrance (It's always night at this island, by the way.) He explains that the island has been visited by people before, then remarks that while he's been here, Meatlug and Fishmeat have been a tad... on edge, and that he hasn't seen any wild dragons living on this particular island. He asks you if you've seen any, and if your dragon has been acting strange too. You say that you haven't seen any wild dragons living on this island either, and that your dragon has been acting strange as well. You then say that your dragon appeared to be the most frightened around the noxious swamps you gathered some of the plant samples from (this is sort of like the Island in Barf and Belches hero dragon levels/Poison Valley in Thunder Run, but with a bunch of swamps exuding large amounts of glowing green gas.) Fishlegs suggests that they stay away from the swamps and investigate the cave until the dragons calm down a bit. The five of you then head inside. The cave is large and dark, with bioluminescent dots all over the cieling. Fishlegs stops to note a large population of glowworms. You head deeper in after noticing the sound of running water. This leads you to a stream, where Ozark Cavefish and Blindfish are abundant. You also notice different colors of Flightmare Algie in the stream, lighting up as the fish swim around. Fishlegs catches up just in time for a large disturbance to illuminate the walls of the cave. These walls are covered in carved and painted rock art, and two eerie statues stand on either side of the cave. Something is partially shown behind them, but you can't make out what it is. You cautiously investigate, and get a close up look at the rock art. It appears to be a more primitive version of viking artwork, which Fishlegs posits could have been left by the ancient people of Icestorm Island. He then turns to the statues and notes that they're more recent, and appear to have been left there by dragon hunters. He then gets a better look at what's behind the statues: a dragon graveyard. You also take a look, and find that it's disorganised, and that there are bones all over the place. The Dragon Hunters appear to have stored treasue among the bones. Fishlegs suggests that the two of you head back to the school to alert Hiccup of this discovery. Before you can do anything more, a frightening roar echoes down the cavern...


Quest 3: "A Nightmare in Dragon's Clothing"

Quest Giver: Your viking

Both you and Fishlegs race back to the entrance of the cavern to find Meatlug and Your Dragon in the middle of a standoff against a group of Nightmarish dragons that neither you nor Fishlegs as seen before (at least not in person.) Fishlegs tries to defuse the situation, but Meatlug roars at him. You try to defuse the situation, but your dragon roars at you. Then, you look up, and get a good look at one of the dragons swooping towards you! This initiates a Dragon Tactics level. After you complete the Dragon Tactics level, Fishlegs hops on Meatlug and you hop on your dragon, and the two of you leave for New Berk as fast as your dragons can fly. Back on New Berk, you tell Hiccup what happened, and he gets a quizzical look that you've never seen before. He then asks you to give the samples and notes to him, and go check out the Fright of Passage Maze. He mentions that a dragon of the a similar description to the one you gave is inside the Maze. You head in, and find the dragon inside the tunnel dug by the Titanwing Humbanger last Dreadfall. This dragon appears to be alone, and hurt. Its wing is trapped under several rocks, and the Titanwing Humbanger is hovering nearby. Clueless and Plhegma are already there, inspecting the dragons wounds and debating how best to help it. You then ask if you can examine the dragon yourself. They allow you to do so, and you get a better understanding of what the dragon is, and what its abilities are (You didn't notice these so much in the Dragon Tactics level.) You also ask Clueless and Phlegma if they've done anything about the rocks trapping the poor dragon in the cave. They realise they were too busy debating what to do and forgot to free the dragons wing. The Three of you remove the fallen rocks (which appear as gems/gem fragments), and feed them to the Humbanger. Phlegma then asks you to fetch materials for a wing splint, and some dragon nip, saying that she left her saddlebags in the great hall. You exit the maze to find the pack of Dreadfall Dragons has followed you to New Berk, and are all hanging around the Town Square. You then have to tiptoe around the dragons to retrieve the saddlebags and get back to the maze. Once back inside, you make a splint for the hurt dragons wing. At about this time, Clueless bonds with the Titanwing Humbanger and begins to train it. You then hear a roar echo from outside the maze...


Quest 4: "Not so scary after all...?"

Quest Giver: Your viking

You run back outside, with Phlegma, Clueless, the Titanwing Humbanger, and the new Dreadfall dragon trailing behind you. It turns out that while heading back to the maze, you dropped your shield, and the Dreadfall dragons recognise it from the previous Dragon Tactics level. They also now have Skulder and Mud hidecornered, and the rest of the dragon riders are on their dragons, hovering above the town Square. Your Dragon is hovering above the square with them. A couple of times, someone tries to land, but both times, the Hostile Dreadfall Dragons fend them off. You run straight into the fray, initiating a second Dragon Tactics level, this time without your shield, but with your new ally. During this fight, you manage to impress the new Dreadfall Dragons by accident, and the fight dies down shortly after beating the level. The Dragons appear to retreat, but they don't go far, only flying to the edge of town. They then come back after allowing the dragon riders to land. The leader of the pack walks right up to you, then dips their head towards you in respect. Fishlegs and Hiccup are both shocked at this turn of events, but are relieved that your viking managed to get... some message across to the new dragons, and that nobody was hurt in the process. Hiccup and Fishlegs then ask to talk to you. When you do talk to them, they agree to study these new dragons further, and in the meantime, they'll temporarilly allow them to stay in the village while they try to find them a new home. You recieve one of these Dreadfall Dragons as the big event/expansion reward.