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Is membership worth it? Also, is it worth getting another dragon? I've heard it is hard to train them if you don't have anymore quests (Like me)


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I personally believe having a

I personally believe having a membership is very much worth it, epsecially if you get a three month or more, because you get a Toothless. Also, you get every dragon in Flight Club for free, and you also get a nice discount in the store. As for raising another dragon, I do believe it's worth it, however, this is coming from someone whom has 15+ dragons because I love making characters for them, so...I don't know if my vote should count for this or not.


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Likes: Flying around on Toothless, farming, fishing, creating helpful inventions, swimming, camping, helping those in need, drawing, cooking

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Name: Toothless

Species: Night fury

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty Three Years

Saddled(?): Yes. He was captured by Drago Bludvist as apart of his dragon army. However, when Trahvia attempted to free him, Drago shot them both down and cut his wings and tore off both of his tail fins, he now wears a saddle created by Hiccup with two replaced tail fins. Trahvia had a hard time controling the battered Night Fury, but now has little to no trouble controling the two tail fins.

Founded: Trahvia was captured by Drago and was forced to help with his Dragon Army, however, every night Trahvia would sneak out and tend to Toothless by bringing him food and giving him attention. He now lives happily with Trahvia on Berk as the offical mascot of "Berk Guardians".

Extra: Trahvia Loves Toothless and is terribly protective over him, and unless he is training another dragon, or bonding with a new dragon, you will rarely ever see him without Toothless.

Bond Level: ★★★★



Name: Akaitsuki

Species: Skrill

Gender: Male

Age: Eighteen Years

Saddled(?): No

Founded: While exploring on Toothless, Trahvia came across a cold, snowy island. It was torn to pieces, burn marks on cut trees, smashed boulders, and burned land that is now hidden by snow. Exploring a few caves, he came across a trail of blood which was splattered against the walls of the cave and trailing on the ground, only to soon come by a nest. Trahvia picked out a full grown figure protectivly curled around something. It was a Skrill. He was terribly wounded, and looked as if he were attacked by vikings who still seeked to hunt down any Dragon. And within his protective curl of his body was a battered egg. Trahvia and Toothless stayed with the Skrill for about a week, tending to him, feeding him, trying to gain his trust. Akaitsuki now lives with Trahvia in Berk with his son, Suulen.

Bond Level: ★★



Name: Suulen

Species: Skrill

Gender: Male

Age: Three Years

Saddled(?): Yes. Due to the terrible condition the egg was in when founded after a terrible attack from vikings, it was thought that the egg wouldn't survive. However, it surpassed all odds and hatched anyway. Suulen is completly blind in both eyes, and has under developed wings, which makes it terribly difficult for him to gather much speed. His use of electical powers is terribly limited as well, it wears him out completely to fire even once, so he refuses to fire at anything unless it is for protection purposes only.

Founded: Hatched as an egg. He is now living happily at Berk with Trahvia and his father, Akaitsuki.

Bond Level: ★★

Suulen's first Thunder Run win. So very proud of him!



Name: Munchkin

Nickname(s): Munch, Munchy

Species: (Not So Deadly) Nadder

Gender: Male

Age: One Year

Saddled(?): No

Founded: Found as an egg in an abandonded nest.

Information: This adorable little dragon is known as Munchkin, or as Trahvia loves to call him, Munch. Believe it or not, this beautiful dragon is fully grown. Munchy has a strange defect that keeps him small his whole life. It's not fatal, he will live just as any other Nadder, only he will never know the joys of flight, and he's fine with this, and is quite happy to follow around Trahvia as a little travel companion. Trahvia is very protective over Munch, and treats him as a baby. He loves to just sit by the lake in the wilderness and talk to Munch, as well as grow special things for the tiny dragon such as dragon nip. Munchkin really loves to watch Trahvia fish, he's always been facinated by fish, but even more so, he loves to eat them. His favorite fish is samon, which frustrates Trahvia, because he's always had a hard time catching this fish. As you can imagine, Toothless is terribly jealous of Munchkin, but, they get along wonderfully. Toothless is very gentle with the tiny yearling, and knows very well that this will be his full size all his life. Toothless hates to admit it, but he does have an attachment to Munchy and will without thought protect him with his life.

The link on the picture sends you to Munchkin's theme song.

Extra: Munchy is a very special dragon, and is fully grown. Trahvia is still going to work with him and his bond level, however, you will never see this dragon fully grown. Interested in knowing more about Munchy? Message me!

Bond Level: ★★


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I do have membership and it helps with a number of things.  There is a discount on items as you may have known, you get Toothless (with a three month membership), and not to mention a few other unique dragons like the Skrill and Scauldron.  As per your second question, it really is worth it for your Ultimate Dragon Trainer stars too.  You have to train at least three to level 20 to get the rewards from that and to earn your silver stars.  It does help quite a bit actually.  One of the other perks is that it gives you a flight suit as well so you can glide.  The list goes on, so yeah, I would say it's worth it.  I hope this answers your questions.

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I personally would say that

I personally would say that the membership is worth it. Also if you are having trouble leveling up your dragons you can earn dragon experience by farming. This is how I level up all my new dragons. :)


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I recently bought athree

I recently bought athree month membership i was thinking of as a one off thing initially, because  I wanted a skrill and am now considering to upgrade to 12 month repsectively leave it running because of all the perks you get from it. the store discounts save you a lot of in game coin and the stuff you can buy from the 500 gem allowance includes pretty much all the nifty equipment and if you can't get it with 500 gems just save up for a month and you have your skrill eg f.ex. And you have the dragon levels for free without any need for gems.


So yeah i'd say it's worth it. 



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Membership is totally worth

Membership is totally worth it, if just for the store discounts alone.  I buy my bait in stacks of 10, and let me tell you:  60 gold  (for members) as opposed to 80 gold (for non members) doesn't seem like that much of a difference, but that 20 gold adds up after a few stacks, especially if you find yourself doing a lot of fishing to feed a nasty Thunder Run Racing habit.


Not that I'd know anything about that.


Of course, you also get the 500 gem a month allowance (which is HUGE), and as a member, all the gem prices for items in the store will be lowered for you.  Yep.  If you get a three month membership, you get Toothless as well.


So, let's add up the benefits, shall we?  If you go with a three month membership, you'll get:

1.  Toothless.  He's a nice novelty and great in Thunder Run.

2.  500 gems a month.  That's 1,500 gems alltogether.  

3.  Discounts in the store.

4.  Additional quests in the game.

5.  A Boulder Class stable, which means more room for more dragons.

6.  Access to a free Skrill, if you're starting a new viking.

7.  Another free viking slot.

8.  The ability to create your own Clan


I could go on, but that should be enough to convince you. ;)





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Member vs gems vs free

What you get with the different periods of membership length



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I buyed

I buyed 3 months membership and I must say that it is totally worth it. Especially because I have Night Fury which is my favorite dragon. Also you get gems every month so that is great too.



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This is about the other part

This is about the other part of the question, about leveling up the dragon with no quests. I levelled up Toothless mostly with farming and Alchemy game, because I wanted to keep the quests for my main dragon (Toothless is after all just a "guest" with me), and still he levelled to 20 within a few days. So no, it is not hard at all to level up without quests. Farming is best, also gets you a lot of coins from the farm quests.


I would say though, that getting more dragons will take away the time from the previous ones, so if you really would like to play and spend time with each, you shouldn't get too many.