A question about the whispering death glitch

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Now I know lots of people have already talked about this paticular glitch.



This post isn't nessesaraly to complain about it. (Though I don't like it at all there are enough of those posts already.) Instead I just am curyis and really want to know... Is this actully on all whispering deaths or just a few? Anyone with a whispering death who didn't get this glitch? I know this information won't be very usefull to me but I'm just too curyis.





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I Got The Glitch

Hey. I logged into the game, and my Whispering Death has the glitch matching your screenshot above. I hope they fix it. Grindheart (my Whispering Death) looks like he has cancer or body deform :( He needs a dragon doctor scat!


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This bug is happening to me as well.

I believe that this glitch is affecting nearly everyone. I am affected by this glitch as well. And this is not just normal Whispering Deaths. This glitch appears in the store ones as well.

Not sure if this still happens to baby Whispering Deaths, though...


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Hi! I've recently posted a


I've recently posted a tread about this (here) and almost everyone is having this! :c
It doesn't affect baby WD.. Just the adults.....
In my opinion , someone's been messing around the game files.... 

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I don't have the glitch, but

I don't have the glitch, but I play on my tablet. 

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From the looks of it you

From the looks of it you might be the only one imune. Lucky.

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Lol I get the glitch too

Lol I get the glitch too !

It's pretty weird but it's funny


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I just logged on and found

I just logged on and found out (I mostly use my fireworm) that mine had it. And I also found out that my whispering death can aparently CHANGE COLORS. That dragon was GREEN AND BLUE, and I didn't change it's colors, and now it is PURPLE AND BLACK. I have no clue how because it was GREEN AND BLUE. :-/

(sorry I don't know how to take a screenshot)


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That's weird... I've never

That's weird... I've never heard about dragons changing colors before :o