Question about Dragon Effects?

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Sooo.... I was exploring the forum and I heard that they redid the 90+ Health dragon effects! YAAAY! I also saw a post (Hide n' seek starring Vale, my changewing- or somehthing like that) that showed the changewing blending in. I didn't know if this was an effect, an edit, or just  the way they were colored, but it looked real..... So, anyway, I was wondering if someone could give me a list of dragons and their animations, so I know what to look for! Thanks!


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Smoke and flame and lightning!

Most of the gem dragons that cost 750+ puffed smoke and fire-glow from their mouths/nostrils. The dragons with unique animations were as follows:

The Smothering Smokebreath left a smoke trail behind it (this effect never seemed to disappear for some people).

The Skrill had a sort of cloud of lightning round it (this might have been the coolest effect :D)

The Fireworm Queen and Flightmare glowed - the Fireworm had a sort of yellow halo, the Flightmare a blue aura radiating from the middle of the dragon (this was my personal favourite).

The Typhoomerang set itself on fire.

Toothless had a blue glow in his mouth and nostrils.

The Sand Wraith huffed out little sand clouds.

The Changewing puffs out green smoke. The camouflage in the post you mentioned is down to a set of skins which you can purchase for gems, not an animation.


I don't think I've missed anything... if I have, someone please add it in!


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