Quest Issue-NEED HELP!

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I did not really know what topic this should be in :T


Anyways, I have two quests at the moment and can not get anymore or anywhere. One is to go and enjoy Snotlouts sentry station. The other is to fish with a gronckle. Please note that I do not have a gronckle nor do I have enough money for one. So my issue is this: I cant do any quests. I cant go back to the sentry station because the gronckle quest brings me to the fishing spot instead of the station. I cant do the gronckle quest because 1. I cant get money from quests and 2. Even if I did buy a gronckle, I dont have quests to level it up. It is EXTREMELY aggravating and I would like this to be fixed.


Now, there is a way around. I could do battle events for money and buy a gronckle then do even more battle events for xp, BUT that would take AGES. I would have to switch from an adult to a baby at the end of every battle. Not to mention that I dont know if I will get gems ( to trade for coins) at the end of battles or how many.


In conclusion, if anyone has tips on how to finish one of these quests, that would be great.


Thank you!