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I really want to start the new Death quest, but I havent finished the black wool quest yet, and when I go to buy the wool or even a black sheep, it says I need to level up. But Im at Level 14 for other things. I really want to do the glass quest, anyone have ideas?




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not sure you can do it just yet.

I think the Whispering Death quest is the last quest, meaning you will probably have to finish all the other quests before you can do it.

As for the sheep, you're farm. fishing and Viking levels are all indepedent of eachother. If you're not at a high enough level to buy the black sheep/ its wool, then do some farming to level up so you can buy it.


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You're right

I agree. You must have completed the quest 'Glass as a Specrum' in order to complete the Whispering Death one. You actually get a whispering death egg at the end of it!




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