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Hi. Recently purchased 1 Chicken, feed and a pen. I was able to add the pen to my farm, but my chicken is not found. The purchase was definitely made as my coins are gone. Also, I recently leveled up, but no new quests are showing. Can you please assist? Thanks.

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Sorry about that! This is

Sorry about that! This is pretty unusual. However, the first thing that you want to try when experiencing possible loading issues like this is to clear your web browser and Unity cache. You can find instructions on how to do that, here: http://www.schoolofdragons.com/Help/Faq#unity-reinstall . When your cache is storing too much information, it can cause small glitches in the game. Give this a shot!


If this does not help, you can also privately message us the username that you use to log-in and you in-game Viking name for the account, so that we can have one of our team members look further into this for you. Thank you!

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Brynjolf is I sent you a pm asking 2 thing .... can u answer?

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