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I won't lie. There is SOOOO much wrong with HTTYD 3. In fact, I could go on and on about that, but I don't have legal paper long enough and there have already been rants. So I'll just shut up on that matter. Please don't get me started either. Lol...


But there are some upsides! I'll give credit where credit is due. Here we go:


The light fury. YES I DID SAY THE LIGHT FURY. I do have a hefty set of problems with her, but listen to this. We got a bit of a cliche with Hiccup's mom in HTTYD 2. I was worried that with HTTYD 3 we would get another cliche which would be even worse. I mean, heeeeere we go, another night fury...ugh...predictable...called it...knew it was coming... But the LF was a way to break that kind of predictability, avoid TOO much of a cliche, and introduced dragon subspecies in the movies for the first time. Furthermore she's not OP like Toothless (I will not rant about him either). I know a lot of people were disappointed with her design but I'm rather pleased. She's a fury. There's a certain species parameter she needs to fit into and she does. They also gave her gender differences which was even more pleasing. Plus, people got their way on Toothless falling in love with a white dragon. Plus, without her, we wouldn't have gotten our little babies. 

The animation. I don't care WHAT you say, there is nothing bad about this animation! It was spectacular, especially the Hidden World. One of my favorites was the reflection in the eyes. I also loved the glow of the HW. The realistic nature of all object surfaces and the beautiful lighting. 

The soundtracks! I literally looked up these things on YouTube with the sole intent of listening to them over and over for no reason. They seem to match every moment perfectly. It wasn't quite a Phil Collins -- Tarzan level but it was still delightful. It's like they didn't think the original tracks were already good enough and been lazy enough to just copy them. No, they went above and beyond. 

The LF was able to be one stealthy critter. I'm still iffy on this, but part of me is glad that this time, it's TOOTHLESS that has to fit into a species norm instead of everything weighing on the LF. Yes, he had to exert a ridiculous amount of power to do so, but at least it's part of his species' ability. He also had to learn it instead of just somehow automatically knowing it and believing in himself like a fairytale. He may not have had to work very long for it but at least he had to work at all, and at least he was taught and given incentive (impressing the LF). 

The BABIESSSSSS!!!!! Need I say more? 

Feel free to add if you want.



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I would also like to add to this list of positivity!

- Cloudjumper: I had low expectations when it came to my giant owl elder. I thought he'd be reduced to a pretty background character at best. But he was actually pretty prominent in the movie and had *more* screentime than Berk's first trained dragons! Well, outside of Toothless of course. I'd say maybe a little less than Stormfly. Good things come when a Stormcutter's on screen as I like to say!

- I agree, the animation and soundtrack was amazing! So pleasing to the eyes. . . especially the sand. The grass! The animators deserve so much praise.

- The Light Fury species: Although another Night Fury would've been cliche, I would've preferred it because I feel they only exist for Toothless to reproduce while making Grimmel someone worth fearing. That said, while Nubless is. . .Nubless, the Light Fury as a whole is great! I just love the cloaking ability and their cute little ear plates. To think that while they're non-existent on the surface, there could be as many Light Furies in the Hidden World as there are Nadders or Nightmares! Something else that makes me happy, given the grim fate of the Night Fury.

- The new dragons: Aside from the Light Fury, the other dragons are great! The Hobgobblers were cute, the Goregutters were cool, and the Deathgrippers were cute *and* cool.

- Without this movie, hybrids wouldn't exist. . .or maybe they wouldn't have come about as soon as they did. Who knows? The Night Lights paved way for other hybrids and now we have cool ones like the Boltstamper and Galeslash!

- Grimmel: He's far from perfect but I enjoyed him. From his first encounter with Hiccup to his demise, he was more fun to watch than Drago.

- The best scene in the movie: A bunch of young adults jumping off a cliff. For their dragons! I always get a chuckle seeing Ruffnut kick Tuffnut off her while they're gliding to the ships. xD

- Deathgrippers: They're just great and deserve their own section! They're fiery acidic blasts, retractable tusks, and they could keep up with the Furies. And they at least make the whole "Grimmel destroyed every Night Fury" narrative a bit more believable, given their endurance, speed, strength, and sting.

- The Hidden World, though we didn't get to see much of it, looked beautiful. And all those lovely dragons! I only wish there was at least one Stormcutter but hey, Drago's Bewilderbeast chilling there with some Light Furies, another Goregutter, and Skrills is almost as good. Plus a Hotburple was there! Before that Hidden World Hotburple, Grump was the only one in the films.

That's all I could remember at the moment. I could rant about it all day but it has its upsides. ^^


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I keep meaning to replay the HW scenes to pick out all the dragons but I never have enough time to really analyze and search through it all...

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Finally something positive about the third movie XD Ignoring all its flaws, the movie was awesome. The animation was stunning, and I love all the new dragons. My absolute favorite scene has to be this one:





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