"progress sync failed" and scientific method quest bug

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hello! i'm not sure if these are bugs but i thought i'd post them here anyways.

sometimes when i'm turning in/accepting a quest from hiccup it'll glitch out and repeat the quest about the scientific method over and over again, lagging the game and making me have to restart. other times when i talk to him it'll just freeze the game in general, like the text box never appears and i can't move or click on anything- also causing me to restart. 

on another note, sometimes randomly (mostly with hiccup) when i go to turn in a quest, a popup box with pull up and say "progress sync failed" and i'll have to restart as well.

Both of these things happen a lot, i've only been playing for an hour today and they've happened many times and it's quite annoying. Does anyonre know any sollutions to these?

Here's a screenshot of both glitches happening at once127.03 KB

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"progress sync failed" and scientific method quest bug

All I can say is that I have the same issue. What's worse, I have completed that quest once already, but took it again by mistake because apparenlty you can re-do it whenever you want. Now I am stuck because every single time I try to catch a fish specifically for the quest, the game shows me the "sync" error, I have to restart, and then the quest resets itself and I have to start it again, only to experience the SAME error once again as I try to go through the quest. No other quests give me this issue except that one. :/