Problems and errors (need candy XD)

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So I can't play the game in ''steam''
neither for play store
Any option to download it in apk on mobile? (I think it still does not go to the mobile)
and by steam they haven't updated yet
Does anyone have the same problem that the dragon's flight is accelerated by the new update? Until the ship appears with the energy of 200000000+ (I don't remember the exact amount)
and I get error in races and it takes to load the list
I forgot to say that I am currently installing the game by pag oficial

Hellooooo ~ I speak Spanish and little ingles...
Time playing 2014-2021. Dragons total ... 30 (?. I love dragons little so cute ^^ . Si quieren enviarme un mensaje o solicitud de amistad la recibire con gusto ^^

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They did update on steam, perhaps it just didn't automatically update for you?

Try unninstalling and installing SoD again. Now as for mobile, you will still need to wait...


The super speed bug happens if you use any of the racing boosting gear or saddles, just unequip them for now.


Keep in mind you can also install SoD launcher for PC by accesing the "play now" button from the official School Of Dragons site.





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Important dragons



[50] Betelgeuse, The silencer of dreams



Titan Flightmare


Betelgeuse is a female flightmare, and currently Lokvahzah's most powerful dragon. She may not be the deadliest, but she is the swiftest and brightest dragon from her crew. While she was not Lokvahzah's first dragon, she was the first dragon that engaged in her dragon rehabilitation program, and thus is the first dragon she trained for battle.


Currently she is the leader of the Lokvahzah's

battle frontier.


Fun fact: Due to the constant contact with Betelgeuse's paralytic gas, Lokvahzah started to develop a pulmonary edema and thus she needs to use a air-filtering mask developed by Heather at all times to help her breath without inhaling the gas



[40] Stormblast, the horizon hunter


Titan Skrill



Stormblast is a female skrill, which was born infertile. While she does share the hot-headed aggression of her species, she has proven to be a extremely sweet mother for young dragons. She has taken under her wing Thunderstrike, a young orphaned female Skrill that has just become a broad wing. 


She's currently in training as a long-ranged fighter


Unlike Lokvahzah's other titans, Stormblast was the only one who was found in the wild as a titan, instead of undergoing a transformation at Titan island like the other dragons. While she was not intended to be a fighter, she was choosen by Betelgeuse herself to be become her second-in-command.



[30] Velvet (Lotus, Pandora...)

Titan Deathgripper

The newest dragon to officialy join Lokvahzah's army, Velvet is a relatively young Deathgripper that may have become titan way sooner than she should have.


Previously was a low rank deathgripper enslaved by Grimmel, she still suffers from the damage caused by the neurotoxins injected in her body. Transformed to titan by accident, Lokvahzah still struggles to contain Velvet's power, sometimes resorting to Betelgeuse's gas to avoid a potential death. It doesn't help that ever since Velvet was saved by Lokvahzah's, she developed a possessive obsession for her.


Velvet is the current dragon at Lokvahzah's rehabilitation program's, being the sole focus for development.