a problem in the fishing

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hello my name is amrkhaled ahmed my name on the game is sanse who my dragon is deadly nadder and his name is dark night my problem is iam go to fishing iam wait and say to me strike iam clicking on the mouse or the spacebar but the fish dosnt move and say to me (your fishing line is snapped please try againg) i am try and try and try but nothing please answer



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Hi there. Well yes, the

Hi there.


Well yes, the fishing tutorial needs some work for the developers, it is missing many key advices and telling us exactly how to fish.

Best is to go on youtube and search for 'school of dragons fishing'. You will find a tutorial made by a member. She will explain thoroughly how to fish.


As for what happened, the problem is that with the basic fishing rod you can wipe your.... ahem. Yeah. You wont be able to catch many tipes of fish. Try to go to the school lake. You will be able to catch perch, brown trout, aaaand maybe minnows. But the others... forget them.


So, once you have any of the fish at the bait, dont just press the spacebar, but hold it down, if necessary, press on it twice so it brings up the picture of the fish on your screen and a strip which goes from light to red color along it. You will see an indicator sliding along it which tells you of the tension of your line. If it reaches the completely red areas on any ends, you lose the fish. You have to keep the indicator inside the strip. As soon as the fish struggles, the indicator will move towards the red area, this is the time when it is better to let go of the spacebar and let it struggle. There is nothing you can do at the basic fishing rod. Once the fish stopped struggling you can once more press and hold down the space bar and try to reel it in.


Hope it helped.