Power halved in Tactics

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I sent three (or four?) reports to the admins of SOD saying that although my level was restored to normal after the Dreadfall glitch, my power and health in Dragon Tactics has been halved. Whereas it used to be over 1k, it is now 430. Nobody has gotten back to me or helped. I'm useless in Tactics and have no chance of getting to the end of the Icestorm Island levels. To put the importance of my health/power into perspective, I used to throw my character in front of all my dragons to protect them while they hit mid-to-long range, and opponents' attacks hardly put a dent in my health while one thrust of my sword defeated any enemy in front. Please tell me I'm not alone. :(


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Normally, having damage and health depends on what level you are on and what battle gear you have equipped. I'm not exactly buying that "I'm level 50 wearing a full tier 3 legendary armor set" thing because with that I got over 3k health. Albeit, I have a tier 3 legendary sword and I have between 430 base damage. (which used to be around 770 base damage from what I remembered. You're not alone on that, I'll tell 'ya)



But all that aside:

If it is a glitch (though I still think it's intentional), it will take some time to get fixed. In the meantime, if you want any advise, try adopting a different battle strategy other than throwing your weak Viking into the frontlines on (especially) high level battles. If your dragons go, you can continue, but if your Viking goes, it's game over.


I would recommend healing dragons like a Prickleboggle. They may not do any damage to enemies, but they are the best —most efficient healers (being able to heal any ally surrounding them at once, heals a target restoring a huge chunk of health and gives the target regeneration, and can camouflage to dodge most attacks).

You can use the Tide glider as well. Although they are less efficient healers than prickleboggles, they can do damage to enemies; plus, they have boosted speed. :P


Or you can try dragons that damage multiple enemies at once like a Monstrous Nightmare, Flightmare, Thunderdrum, or any other dragon because I haven't owned all of them (in addition any dragon with the role, Aura).

And finally, if you like mid-long range, try using the Skrill, Wooly Howl, Snow Wraith, Toothless, Light Fury, or any other sniping dragon out there.


What I do in Dragon Tactics is use have 1 Healer (a prickleboggle), 1 Sniper (a skrill), and 1 Tank (a whispering death).

I keep the prickleboggle in back to protect it and have my skrill to snipe out enemies one-by-one. I usually have my Viking next to my whispering death (sometimes behind her if my Viking is weaker) and deal with the fewest enemies as possible before moving on.

Whenever anyone gets hurt, my healer will easily patch them good as new. Each critically injured dragon/Viking retreats to the back of the pack and keep my tank in front to take the hits with the Restore effect.


That's how I won the lvl 50 Icestorm Island level while my Viking was still a level 15 with 70bd and 800hp. Each of those dragons were high level. The Skrill and the Whispering Death were both titanwings.




All information provided is just giving you a recommendation. In short, adopt a new strategy then just throwing your Viking out there to take the fall for your dragons. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Selfless, but risky move. Devise a plan for your battles. Get tactical! :D


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Idk what to put here

Obviously I don't throw myself out there anymore. XD I don't have any healing dragons aside from ones that only heal themselves, like my stormcutter which is a blessing sometimes. That whole T3 armor set is overrated, I don't care about tiers, just attackpower and that usually comes with better health (so yeah I have good health, just not what it used to be). I sent the first report I think two weeks ago. I figured it would take time but no response at all? Dang. At least let your players know you care... 


As for being tactical I do wish I had a Skrill. Those are AMAZING in Tactics! It depends on the layout so my strategy is more adaptable. My sniper is a Woolly Howl and my Stormcutter is usually my tank. This is typically the pattern, however foes and layouts vary so I have to adjust sometimes. 

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Suggestion for different strategy

You may also try to use a Sand Wraith, if you have any.

They do almost no damage, but when they camouflage or defend, they never get hit. That´s right, never. They dodge all attacks, regardless of dragon level. Now this might be unintentional (one of the very few times where a glitch works in the players´ advantage), but it works.

This does not happen with other dragons´ camouflage ability. Prickleboggles, Snow Wraiths, Light Fury all take a hit from time to time.



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Started with a Rumblehorn

Yeah my character got stuck with a Rumblehorn which so far is only useful for most stable quests and that's it. I just got the Skrill Tactics pack. Instant level 20 so he's somewhat useful in Tactics...? I use him as my backup sniper while my Woolly Howl takes damage that isn't dealt to my Stormcutter. Stormcutter is my tank because it has very strong self-healing powers so for three turns it basically has nothing but full health. It's up to my Skrill, when I can raise him to level 43 like the others (at least) to compensate for my character... Unfortunately this is easier said than done because I'm all out of quests and expansions. This will take a long time...

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Yeah, i had the same problem (that luckily got fixed), but if yours still didn't get fixed, i have a few tips for you. One of the best squads i have ever used is:


Night fury: a mid and long ranged dragon with 835 damage for the base attack (at level 50), 2035 damage for the second attack (at level 50), 2100 health (at level 50), and an alpha abily to increase dodge and damage. A perfect sniper that can easily take out the enemies, even at high levels such as the final icestorm one. I recommend this dragon, it's truly amazing for tactics.


Skrill: Another deadly sniper with 2 attacks with long range, and one with close range, with 780 damage for the base attack (level 50), 1580 dagame for the seconds attack (level 50), an electic attack that can damage up to 4 enemies with 1580 damage (at level 50), and 2100 health (level 50), this dragon is one of the best snipers ever, it can hit enemies from very far away, really recommend it.


Thunderdrum: A health tank with mid and close range, with 3600 health (level 50), a sonic blast with 732 damage (level 50) that can hit multiple enemies depending on the position, a bite attack with 1080 damage or so, sorry i don't exackly remeber (level 50), and a charge ability to increase the firepower. The second strongest health tank (first is the gronkle with 4000+ health) that also has a decent damage, and an attack that can hit multiple targets. If you have this dragon, use him as a shield, instead of using your viking, he'll be able to take a lot of hits, and using the dodge action you'll also be able to save him from most of the hits. I prefer using this dragon as a health tank instead of the gronkle because this one has a decent damage, thing that other health tanks don't have.



Use these dragons and you'll win easily, even with a weak viking, that's how i won the icestorm levels without being level 50. The important thing is, level your dragons. Level them up to increase their power, and you'll win in no time.

Hope this helps! ^^


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Thank you but..

It hasn't been fixed. I have a secondary viking that was more powerful at a lesser level (44 I think) than my main is at level 50. That's solid proof that this has nothing to do with my level...and no one is helping me at all, I don't even think they care. So yay. Using dragons to compensate is a great idea and I've thought about which ones, but alas I do not have any quests left and am barely scraping by trying to level up my dragons. Stable quests are great for babies and teens but after level 20 you're on your own, because the stable quests take FOREVER and give almost no xp in comparison to the needs of that individual dragon. 

The dragons you recommended are great choices, and I will admit I didn't know about the Thunderdrum. I've completed all expansions so I already knew of Toothless' stats and moves, but the problem is, he's a membership dragon. I do not plan to continue my membership after this one expires (all I wanted was the gems and accidentally paid for membership thinking I'd get both, didn't work btw). So Toothless and Light Fury are out of the question. My team consists of: Stormcutter (tank), Woolly Howl (sniper), and a Skrill (sniper and bomber if surrounded). My secondary viking has a Skrill and it LITERALLY took out half my enemies in one move (I intentionally let it be surrounded so it would be a bomb, and it worked so well). My main viking's health has been (mostly) restored so if something happens to my Stormcutter and I can't heal it, I temporarily use my viking as defense.