post your Nadder pics here (no skins) show your nadder love

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im thinking of geting a nadder but i dont know what color i want i cant make a choice so i need to see some other dragons im thinking white with blue spikes or gold with purple spikes



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You can see my 2 nadders,

You can see my 2 nadders, Blazer and Sparklyspikes (Sparklyspikes is my main and most favorite dragon) in my signature :3 (just plz dont copy the colors but feel free to get some ideas from them.) I think you will like the nadder for they are my ultimate favorite dragons :)

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My nadder Stormblade :



                                                       ♥Tωø Wøяđš Oиe Fıиgeя♥ 


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My Nadder

This is Star. Her colors are purple skin, pink pattern, and yellow details. Hope this helps! c:


if you knew me before no you didn't

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Why do I need a subject?

Here is mine. Silver skin, light blue pattern and white details ^^

Nadders are adorable! Lion is my first, main and favorite dragon! They are the best dragon you could ask for <3



yuzuru hanyu uploaded by Blue cat on We Heart It


 Hey there! ٩(^▿^)۶


Em or Ryu


I am ANCIENT in this game, have been here since 2013!

I have been unable to play since 2016-ish, the game won't load to me anymore but I'm still alive. Update: trying to play in 2021. HELLO!

I used to be EmyMag but due an issue, I had to change my viking's name to Magalhaes. I have no idea how much changed these past years, but I am trying to figure it out. I am a member of The Phantom Lords, one of the oldest members. I am there since 2013!

I miss my adorable son, Lion. He is my first dragon and still remains my favorite kid. He's a silver deadly nadder. Lion, TE AMO MEU FILHO (●´□`)

You didn't ask, but I like figure skating, math and drawing. I am a vegetarian and currently I am trying to be an Astrophysicist. Also, I am able to speak Portuguese, English and currently learning Mandarin. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Anyways, nice to meet you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Ps:. I am actually having a existencial crisis goddess am SO OLD in this game


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these are all good

these are all good im likeing the gold 


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Me to!! Thanks :)

Me to!! Thanks :) Sparklyspikes is the gold and blue one in my signature btw (sorry i forgot to tell you who was who lol)

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thats ok

thats ok

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I was hoping that this was

I was hoping that this was just a nadder appreciation post so that's what I'm gonna use it for because I want to show off Bee at any chance I can haha

So here he is! My first dragon and the one you are most likely to see me riding around on in the school:

I've never seen another nadder with quite the same exact shade as him (I'd like to keep it that way if possible)

but there are quite a few green nadders out there in the world.

His green changes depending on the lighting too though so not every photo of him is his true color.

But you get the idea. :3





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    Grapple Grounder made by SleepyRaccoon

    Bee bouncy nade by OwlyDragons

   Warriors of Royalty banner by: aprikoze





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of course this is a slute to

of course this is a slute to our spikey friends

i just thought it would be honest to say why i make this fourum despite not haveing a nadder

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I don't have any skins anyways :P

My Nadder, Brynhild!

I don't often see her colouring in the School, and I hope it stays that way :)


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nice :D

read the title


im thinking of haveing a dude named sting or a girl named thorn

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2 nadders are in my signture, one is Fiery, and other is Crystal Aura. Hope that helps your detail color of baby nadder


   Welcome to my signture! ^ ^


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-Why need a subject?-

I am looking forward to getting a Nadder! I want him to look just like my first character's Nadder.


Sadly, I am a real penny pincher, and I really don't know if I should get one now, just incase a new dragon comes out! XD



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 Thank you Greanleaf123 for this... bouncie.




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Just Thought i should show

Just Thought i should show you a better picture of my Beautiful Nadder, Sparklyspikes :3

(sorry for the blurry picture)



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My Nadder's named Glimmer. My

My Nadder's named Glimmer. My profile pic is Glimmer sitting in my farm looking at me. She's teal and turquoise with bright orange spines. I've never seen another Nadder like her, and I'm really proud of her. I have a Gronckle too, but I haven't got a pic of the three of us.


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my nadder

this is my nadder named snapper 



Dragon 1 : Sparks

Dragon 2 : Snapper

Dragon 3 : Hank

Dragon 4 : Dash




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guys meet Sting the deadly nadder

he came out in the wrong side of the bed


thanks for the insperation bee's name did come into play (that and the name of frodos sword)

me: hi there new buddy! :D


me: whats wrong

sting:you woke me up i was haveing the best dream of my life!

me:you just hatched!

sting:well it will most likely be the best i will ever have

me:you are aware i feed you right?

sting:BUDDY :D

me:wait a second how are you even talking

sting:because this is a long joke


sting:uhhh??? dragon noise!


sting: your dreaming you fainted from exitement (knocks her out) 

me: wha-*insert slaming noise here*

 and then i woke up and poured out the yacknog

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I have been giving my new whispering death a lot of attention lately and I felt a little bad for not posting pictures of her big brother Noctis (my first dragon: a Deadly Nadder) then I came across this thread and thought... What a great place to show my Nadder pride! Noctis was my very first dragon, he is a dark blue (though looks more like black unfortunately) male Deadly Nadder with a white belly and golden spines. Hope you love this boy as much as I do:


Baby Noctis:


All Grown Up:


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