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Sorry for all my mispelled words

Also, sorry for all my mispelled words in my post, I was kind of in a hurry. :D

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About 250 Gems
-> Once there was a Sale on a New Viking. It was 250 Gems instead of 500, BUT it took the old 500 Gems :/






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Broken quests

Broken quest name: Hiding in plain sight

Missing item: grass


I was busy collecting twigs, dirtpatches and  grass for Ruffnut. While collecting grass it disapeared infront of me.

The arrow said return to Ruffnut in Berk. When I got there it said I am missing an item and I checked my bag. No grass. I have been stuck for 4 weeks at least. I waste data, checking in everyday and playing a little trying everything but nothing works.


Hope this works and somebody does something. There are a lot of players and new players whom just started that has no idea what to do. Thank you for starting this. Lets keep thumbs this works.



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Welp, here it is.

None of my quests are broken (never were), but the game has stolen some items from me.

  • 1 yak pen and two yaks (One day they were on my farm, the next day they were gone and not in my inventory. Never took them off the farm myself.)
  • 1 turtle pond and two turtles (Disappeared after putting in inventory.)
  • 1 arctic fox pen and 4 arctic foxes (Taken off my farm (without me doing anything) after membership expired and couldn't access Icestorm Island.) 
  • 1 puffin perch and (I believe) 2 or 3 puffins (Ditto.)

These were a while back (like, last year), so I'm not expecting them back or anything -_-, but I figured I'd put it out there.


if you knew me before no you didn't

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things i like

  • how to train your dragon
  • rise of the guardians
  • she-ra and the princesses of power
  • kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts
  • avatar the last airbender
  • sanders sides (kinda. on the fence with the creator atm)
  • and more! to be added later! fun!


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I have a glitched quest.

I have a glitched quest. Mine's called "Fill the World With Flowers." Basically I have to talk to Phlegma (the quest giver) as if I had completed the quest, but I still need to collect 2 flowers. However, since the arrow is pointing toward Phlegma, I have NO IDEA where the remaining flowers are, or if they're even there. I cleared my cache, tried playing on a different platform (ipad if you're on a computer, etc), but nothing worked. Also, Phlegma is the only person who has more quests for me, but now I can't access them until I finish the glitched one. I have no idea what to do tbh.


Hi! My name is Zillea (just call me Song), and welcome to my siggy! Scroll down for how I came to SoD, met my dragon and my adoptables!


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How I came to the School of Dragons:

I woke up, excited and nervous at the same time. Today was the day I was going to the School of Dragons, my lifelong dream. Full of energy, I burst out of bed and hurridly ate my breakfast of toast with yak's butter and orange juice; I didn't want to miss the boat.

I ran outside my small house in Berk, my mom and dad coming with me. I waited outside with all the other students, too excited to even sit still. At last, I heard the shout of men and looked up. There was the boat.

Taking a deep breath, I hugged my parents and strided onto the boat, proud to be a student at the School of Dragons.



How I met Loukai:

Squished in with the other students, I struggled to see Gobber. All I knew was that we were getting our dragons. Too happy to care, I waited for the crowd to disperse. When it was my turn, Gobber told me to walk through the gate and pick an egg.

"Should be easy," I though.

I stopped at the gate, expecting it to block my way, but it sunk into the cold stone floor instead. Past the gate, I gasped in awe: there were so many eggs! In the middle of the room was a pit of lava. While the floor was cold, the room was very hot.

I slowly walked through the hatchery, examining each and every egg. I stopped at the Monsterous Nightmare nest. I knew they were very dangerous and hard to train, but something pulled me in. I felt a connection to these eggs.

For a split second, I though I saw a little jet of flame shoot out from one of the eggs. I picked it up, and knew at last, I had found my dragon. The egg heavy in my hands, I carried it over to the lava pit. I looked down at the egg in my hands one last time, then tossed it into the lava.

At first, nothing happened, but then, I started to hear a sizzling sound. All of a sudden, flame started spewing out of the lava pit, and a pedestal rose from the pit. On the pedestal was my egg. I stared at it for a mere second before the egg started hatching. For some reason, I was not afraid. I felt empowered.

As the egg hatched, I started to see a little dragon poke out. The dragon flung the last piece of egg into the lava, and looked into my eyes. Its scales were white and blue, and made me think of Winter, my favorite season.

Whisked back to the present, I felt a soulful being looking at me. Slowly, I reached out my hand. The dragon looked at my hand, and reached its nose and touched it. I felt a surge of power course through my body when we made contact. The dragon hopped off the platform and onto the ground, and sat next to me, a partner for life.

"I shall call you Louakai," I said to the baby dragon.



My dragons:



Monsterous Nightmare






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Broken Quest & Lost Item

Broken Quest: Enjoy Snotlouts Sentry Station.

I was doing a quest then it told me to look through the telescope at the sentry station, but it wouldnt let me and i went and used the telescope at the lookout

which worked, but after that it came up with the quest ENJOY SNOTLOUTS SENTRY STATION and it wouldnt let me go back there.

The main problem with this is that it is my only quest and no one else has a quest for me.


Lost Item: Fireworm Queen Egg.

I was in the store with 756 gems, i decided to buy a fireworm queen. So i did, then suddenly i got glitched out from the game. When i went back in i only had 6 gems and no egg! I looked everywhere in my backback and my stables, but it wasnt there. i was so upset that the game did this to me :(







Deadly Nadder-Pancake

Death Song-Leafy

Death Song-Slizar





Whispering Death-Whisper


Monsterous Nightmare-Solar

Tide Glider-Bubble



Armorwing-Iron Claw

Speed Stinger-Speedy


Main Dragons:








Image result for httyd dragons deathsong

Image result for httyd dragons speed stinger













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I've had that exact same issue with th serenity point quest for a very long time. I've been informed its due to the fact that admins tried to remove that quest a long time ago but for whatever reason they didn't remove the actual quest prompt therefore you still get offered the quest but it's pretty much impossible to complete because the end part of the quest doesn't exist anymore so when you fly through the caldera he transport point to take you to the serenity point is no longer in the game therefore the arrow just points you to an empty space 

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Saving Skulder,quest from Return to Dragon Island

I am doing the part where it asks me to bring 4 stolen fossils to the storekeeper and when I press on him, it says " you need to bring 4 fossils" and when I press on the jounal(book on the top left corner), it indicates that I have only 2. Also there is nothing in my bag. Is it because I have not finish finding the fossils or is it a glitch??? I had searched every part of the boat and encountered numerous times of being 'caught' by the guards. Pls help....

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AGE UP QUEST GLITCH IS BACK!!!!!!!!! ( For me at least ) ...

UGH! Omg the age up quest glitch is back at me again! UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!!!! And my other broken quests are...


Every time I log in it says " Bring the puzzle piece to the archaeoligist" Its soooooooo annoying


This one isn't a quest but...

My DeathSong glitches over and OVER AGAIN! Everytime I uniquip it, it goes back to saying for the name "Dragon-b5j94bgoi43hofbv"  ( I made up the last part because I don't want to wirte it down ) and the dragon loses it color that I gave it. So it goes back to having just he normal DeathSong colors. Sooooooo annoying.

I WISH THAT THESE WOULD FIX! Omg. Ok thanks for reading!






But here are some things about me and my viking anyway!


This is my main viking, Olivia The Amazing: 





Name: Olivia The Amazing


Clan:  I am a proud elder of KING OF EMPIRES 


Current Trophy Amount: Somewhere around 6,742, and counting!


Nicknames: I prefer to be called Amazing, but Olivia, Liv, and Oli are also fine!


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Main Dragon Species: Dramillion / Scauldron / Titan Woolly Howl / Night Light


Main Racing Dragons: My Sand Wraiths, Smidvarg, Ziada (Titan), Shayera, Lamarr, Siv, and Falcon / occasionally my Deadly Nadder, Killer Frost, and on occasion my Scuttleclaw or Shivertooth, Arsenal and Arrow


Favorite Dragon Species: Sand Wraith, Dramillion, Night Terror, Scauldron, Snow Wraith, and Chimeragon


Games/ TV shows I like/ and books: I am a fan of the shows Arrow and The Flash. I also like other DC comics shows, like SuperGirl and Legends of Tomorrow, I also like the Netflix original shows, Voltron: Ledgendary Defenders, and Stranger Things. I enjoy playing Minecraft, SoD (of course!), Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Jedi: Fallen Order. I also LOVE the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel! They are AMAZING shows! Oh, and I love everything Star Wars!!!


Thanks for viewing/ reading my siggy!! :D

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School of Dragons

Guys if you post all these glitches they won't do anything, that's why I don't really play much anymore, it's a waste of time to be honest. Like I bought membersihp but 20% of the time the quests don't even work -_- I'm getting furious at this, in the end all they do is just add even more glitches by just adding more dragons! In the end it will be full of glitches and I bet nobody would play. None of the admins really do fix the glitches, with the ammount of people posting about them, I am really surprised. 


But I might aswell post a glitch anyway, basically the quest where u gotta get charcoal and a hose and a canister for hiccup is glitched (into the fog expansion pack) where I only have charcoal and it's telling me to return to hiccup. And the one where u gotta see that archeologist in bed, which I did once but I stopped playing last night, and when I logged in in the morning all my quests restarded. So I did do the quest but now it's rlly glitched up, I've tried relogging. So yeah :P.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Broken Quest Name: Hiding in Plain Sight

    Missing Item: 2 Grass,



Getting very annoyed with these quest glitches being ignored. Don't plan on renewing my membership due to the lack of support on the quest glitches.

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I'm one of those lucky

I'm one of those lucky players who hardly ever gets glitches :)


However, I do have 1 White Sheep in my backpack but not my farm inventory, for some reason..




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glitched quest for me

One of my quest "botanist 101" wants me to give 2 roses to heather, but it says i don't have 2/2 roses it says I have 1/2 even know I collected both and checked the area were I found them and saw nothing.

Game stole: gold rank chest from battle


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Missing farm animals


I'm fairly new to SOD, I've only been on since december and I haven't experienced any glitches, if at all. But for some reason when I went to my farm today, all of my chickens and arctic foxes are gone. I have 1 out of 3 puffins I've bought and one chicken & arctic fox I bought were stuck in the turtle pond in the same place. I've also got 3 white sheep in my backpack that have been there for awhile and I can't do anything with them. As a reward for finishing a quest or trophy, I got a thunderrun racing sheep that you're supposed to click on and it'll give you a prize, it has been sitting in my bookbag for 2 months. Also it'd be really cool if we could sell things we don't need or  want from our bookbag or farm storage.

This is sort of related as bugs go, after some battles I don't get my UDT points or prize? and lately me not getting UDT from things I do (like farming, fishing, playing games & leveling up dragons) has gotten worse. Have any of you had this problem?

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I'm missing a black sheep

I'm missing a black sheep now. This seems to be gettin worse every time i log in

Joined: 12/29/2016
I'm missing a black sheep

I'm missing a black sheep now. This seems to be gettin worse every time i log in

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Carpet seeding

My quest Carpet seeding from phlegma is broken. I got 4/3 compost and 2/3 clay but I cant pick anything up anymore so I can never complete the quest.

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Quest Glitch

I have been having trouble with the map quest with the Groncicle island the on that you fly over the island and you are supposed to get 3 pieces of the map that you give to Hickup and that's how you finish that quest. Well, i get the first two pieces and when I do the third part of the quest the piece never shows up. I have restarted the game and I have asked the admins for help but I keep having to restart the quest from part three everytime.

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I'm still not able to start

I'm still not able to start Paint a Storm and What a Mess.

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Missing sheep

Purchased black sheep. Took coinage but no sheep in inventory or pen. White sheep note missing from pen. Want this fixed ASAP, especially since I just fed him. 


Keep up :-)

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Missing sheep

Purchased black sheep. Took coinage but no sheep in inventory or pen. White sheep note missing from pen. Want this fixed ASAP, especially since I just fed him. 

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Broken quest...

The broken quest is Snotlout's Sentry Station.

I'm trying to enjoy it but it won't let me get there. It's been there for almost all my years of playing SoD.



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So it's been a while...


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I'm 17 now, 2 years since I've been here..

I'm now dabbling in 3D animation, I'm improving incredibly in digital art, and I'm able to do 3D model's textures.

I would LOVE to learn 3D modelling... but I'm still struggling with where to start on that, same thing with music making.






Wings of Fire


Sky: Children of the Light

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I also really like woolly howls but I can't find any gifs of them so I might make my own...


Meet Feyaseri! 

Feyaseri is a female Nightlight who plays her proper roles in my Modern HTTYD AU, where the modern 2000's meet How to Train your Dragon.


Also meet Ceu!

Ceu is a male Stormcutter who plays his proper roles in my Modern HTTYD AU, where the modern 2000's meet How to Train your Dragon.


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I'm also on Deviantart!



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Lost Items

So I was doing the Heart in the darkness quest. I completed it and got Armorwing but the armorwing was not in my inventory or dragon lists.

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Stuck on Quests

I'm stuck and unable to progress in Battle for the Edge at the step where you're meant to use the Nadder spines to distract the Triple Stryke. There's an indication of where to stand to perform the action, but nothing happens.

I also seem to have missed a quest in Icestorm Island, as I never received the Teen Groncicle.

I'm new to this and don't know how to contact game mods so if there's a way to do that, please let me know!


CelesteBelmont / RuthlessWinters

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Stuck on Quests

I'm stuck and unable to progress in Battle for the Edge at the step where you're meant to use the Nadder spines to distract the Triple Stryke. There's an indication of where to stand to perform the action, but nothing happens.

I also seem to have missed a quest in Icestorm Island, as I never received the Teen Groncicle.

I'm new to this and don't know how to contact game mods so if there's a way to do that, please let me know!