Possible TRR Bug: The Premature Countdown

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I was looking forward to racing today; I wanted to get some more trophies on one of the viking slots of mine that has relatively few. I loaded into the TRR lobby quite quickly, which was very nice, and soon found myself with a race. The race was against a pair of Sand Wraith riders (one was Titan Wing, I believe the other was not), while I was on the Light Fury. And, to make it even more fun, it was going to be on my second favourite track - Twisted Rock! I was very excited for the race.


Unfortunately, I very quickly ran into what I think was a glitch or bug of some sort, though I could be mistaken - I apologise if it wasn't a glitch.


We started the race, and I took off in front initially. I had some tight competition from the rider of the Titan Wing Sand Wraith near the end of the first lap (whoever you were, that was really fun!) - however, before even reaching the finishing line to begin the second lap, the countdown message of 'You have X seconds left' showed up, the one that usually only shows up when someone wins the race. To emphasize what I already said - this countdown started before the second lap had begun.


The other two racers left the race at this point, and unfortunately I did not act quickly enough and got stuck with a Did Not Finish, meaning I lost trophies (the post-race screen also stated that the other two who had been racing with me also got DNF themselves). I think this was rather unfair, however, given this only happened as a result of the post-race countdown happening before the second lap had even started. I never missed any of the checkpoints, either, so it didn't make very much sense to me. I wouldn't have been so annoyed had it not occurred on one of my viking slots that has fewer trophies to begin with.


Has anyone else experienced this issue of a premature 'You have X seconds left' countdown, particularly so early on in the race?

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Same thing happens to me from time to time. Sometimes it happens 3 or 4 times in a row. Lately I've been exiting and reentering the game if it happens 2 or 3 times in a row and then going back to racing. It's for sure annoying since you lose trophies.


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I'm glad it's not just me who's had this issue here. Thanks for giving me that tip about exiting and re-entering the game, that's helpful! I think it is a major issue that really needs a proper fix, though, given you always lose trophies through it; players who don't have many trophies to their name yet or ones who want to start racking up more of them could see their trophy count drop to zero if it happens enough times. 


Thanks for responding to my thread!

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You're welcome. :) I agree, it really should be fixed.

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This glitch must be fixed.It happened to me during thawfest while i was racing with others it started to countdown early and i found out i got the tropies while everyone else got DNF.Im afraid of this bug because people will accuse me of cheating.



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