Polytheism Anyone?

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This forum seems to be crawling with monotheists, but I haven't seen any polytheists sounding off anywhere. So I was wondering, are there any polytheists lurking around besides myself?


Which pantheon is your favorite? How did you get involved in polytheism? What deities do you work with, if any? If you work with one or more deities, what kind of relationship do you have with them?




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Does it count if you made up

Does it count if you made up your own gods to believe in?



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It totally does, though

It totally does, though probably not in the traditional sense. :)


I think that would fall somewhere under Pop Culture Paganism, wherein someone centers their spiritual work around existing pop culture figures and systems, or they create their own.

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I'm not a polytheist, but I'm tracking because I find learning about other faiths fascinating. :)


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Tracking because despite

Tracking because despite being an atheist I love learning about other people's beliefs, it can really open up a new can of worms to dissect and analyze, err i mean new points of view to explore...


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I'd actually be more inclined

I'd actually be more inclined to believe in many different, often less-than-benevolent gods than one magnanamous God. But I don't really believe in any form of god.

I do love Shinto and Taoist gods, though. =3

The polytheistic gods of old were flawed, just as we are. That's probably why I like them over the idea of a single God.


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My parents are Christian, but

My parents are Christian, but personally I'm an atheist...

I think polytheism is pretty interesting to learn about, though!


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I'm an atheist but my parents

I'm an atheist but my parents are devout christians, I did over 100 analyses on the bible and found inconsistencies and paradoxes galore. But the one that drove me away was: How can an omnipotent god who sets the foundation for justice not be capable of forgiving another person without a blood sacrifice, something even a human can do? Couldn't he just change his own rules? And furthermore how can such a being be called good when he clearly fails by his own standards that he gave to humans?  It wasn't a question of whether or not god existed (I apply Newton's Flaming Laser Sword to that arguement). It was a question about whether that god was even worth worshiping. Sometimes during church I thought Satan was right when he said "screw this I'm outta here, you're all crazy". 


Polytheism is interesting to learn about but I don't think I'll take it up, too many deities to remember, I have too much going on with engineering.

On a side note I saw a bunch of students worshipping this guy during midterms:

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I once saw a joke about how

I once saw a joke about how 10 people were killed in the name of Satan while millions were killed in the name of God. The Ten Plagues of Egypt can be viewed as acts of terrorism: using violence against a population to elicit a political response.

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I'm pretty sure whoever

I'm pretty sure whoever created that deity and Caffeina and Thesaurae need to declared a deity themselves. That image is just perfect. The Google staff just makes it even better.

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People have been charting

People have been charting contradictions and stuff in the Bible for years. There's tons of them. Not to mention all the books that never made it into the final version.


The thing that really never sat right with me was how everyone was always preaching about how the Christian god was an all-loving, all-forgiving being who loved all of his creations unconditionally, but then they'd turn around and in the same breath read you a laundry list of 'sins' that would guarantee you a place in their censored because somehow this all-forgiving god suddenly wasn't so forgiving after all.




Blood sacrifices aren't necessarily something to use against a deity to prove they're not benevolent beings, though. For a lot of people these kinds of sacrifices are a show of respect and devotion, whether their deity asked for such a sacrifice or whether their followers took it upon themselves to make one. It's a gesture to show how much they care for that deity and how much they respect them. It's difficult for us to understand because it's not a part of our culture as a whole, but for those that involve blood sacrifices in their lives it's not necessarily something they would view as bad or as some kind of proof that their deity is mean and horrible or contradictory. It's totally plausible to make that kind of offering to any deity, no matter how fluffy or hardcore they might be.

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I don't think people would mind if something just didn't seem logical back then.


Also, the bible has been written, re-written, altered and translated by so, so many people. It was not written in a few years. I personally think this is the biggest reason that it's so inconsistent.


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That's another thing, yeah.

That's another thing, yeah. It was written my people, revised by people. There's going to be a ton of biases in there depending on the writers and editors. It's kind of a mess.

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It's a huge mess! It's been years since I've read the bible, but so many things were contradictory. Same goes for most Holy books, though! 

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I'll throw in some of my

I'll throw in some of my info, too.


I was raised Catholic insofar as being enrolled in Catholic schools up until high school, but it was never really prevalent in my home life. Polytheism had always interested me, but because here in the US non-Catholic, non-modern belief systems are all treated very much like fairy tales so being a polytheist never really struck me as a plausible thing. I eventually found some polytheist circles around Tumblr and decided that it was something I wanted to pursue. I'm a little less than a year into it, but thus far it's been a lot of fun.


Catholicism never really worked for me. It always felt very empty and I have a lot of problems with the church and Catholics as a whole, so it's really not the religion for me. Polytheism is a much better fit, though certain circles still have their problematic people, as any religion does, so I'm still working to find good environments to work within.


The Norse pantheon is one of my favorites, as is the Egyptian pantheon and the Celtic deities. Greek deities pique my curiosity, but something is telling me to keep my distance from that group for the time being, so I'm giving them a respectful amount of space.


One or two Egyptian deities have caught my eye, but I've yet to feel any real connection to them yet so I haven't made any kind of official moves to get to know any of them. Again, a few Greek figures interest me but I feel very wary around them as a whole so I'm leaving them be. Mannanan Mac Lir of Irish mythology seems to be popping up an awful lot around my dashboard on Tumblr so I'm keeping an eye out for him in case he's trying to establish a connection. Cernunnos, also of Celtic origin, was the first deity that had caught my attention, but he seems to have faded away and I don't see as much of him anymore.


The strongest, most persistent figure in my spiritual explorations thus far has been Loki. Guy came at me like a punch in the gut and since then he has been a very consistent figure in my experiences thus far. I expect he's staking his claim as First and Foremost among any deities I may begin interacting with in the future, but that's alright with me.


I'm still in the very early stages of forming a relationship with him and I have a lot of trouble scrounging up motivation or energy to do much of anything for him, but I have an ramekin I bought in Ireland which I've started to leave small offerings in and I've dedicated a few pieces of jewelry to him that I can wear to carry him around with me. I plan on making a little pocket altar soon with an empty mint tin I've got lying around that I can also carry around.

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I am not a theist, but I do find the idea of polytheism so much more appealing than monotheism. 


Everything was cool and all until monotheism started to exist. Goodbye, many, many Greco-Roman gods, goodbye.

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Insert random subject here xP

Well, as you probably guessed already, I'm a Christian. I'm just reading this to see why people like to believe different things. I've always been curious as to what goes on in peoples thoughts and why they choose to believe in other things, or not believe in God, or any type of "gods" in general. Also on a side note, If you have any questions on what I believe, and why I believe it, then feel free to ask me and I'll try my best to answer them as quickly and efficently as possible. :)


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Emerald ( Adopted from Natalia Romanova)  Bio: Emerald is quite a silly dragon. She always follows me around even if I have one of my other dragons with me! I guess that's good for her though because then I don't have to worry about making sure she gets the right amount of flying time every day. Emerald is very helpful and that may be the reason why she follows me around is to see what help I may need but sometimes she doesn't understand when she needs to go back to her stable. Overall she is a nice, helpful, and huggable Flightmare and even though she gets on my nerves when she doesn't listen, she means well and is a great dragon friend and nightlight too! xP


Mudslide (Adopted from Natalia Romanova) Bio: Mudslide is a persistent, messy, loyal, and playfull Terrible Terror that loves rolling around in the mud and making mud pies. When I first met him he kept trying to attack and take down my Deadly Nadder and followed me home trying to attack my dragon and prove he can take down a big dragon. Because of that he wouldn't go back to the forest so I decided to train him. Ever since he joined my dragon family he has been having a fun time playing with my other dragons and most of the time they treat him like he is a big dragon too so he wouldn't feel picked on or left out. Whenever we go places Mudslide likes to sit on my head or shoulder and also likes to sit on the heads of my other dragons if they're with me.

Glow and Fins (adopted from Natalia Romanova) Bio: Glow and Fins are a female seashocker who ate some of that Flightmare glowy fish and it made their markings and eyes glow permanantly! And swimming in the river with the glowy fish didn't help much ether :/. Even though some dragons with two heads or more don't always get along these too do. Glow (the head near the front) is goofy and fun and thinks random silly thoughts that make no sense sometimes and Fins (the head behind Glow) is a more logical thinker but is still able to goof around and have fun too. :D

Fizzle the Coke Fury (adopted from MidnightMare) Personality: Fizzle is curious, has a bad temper, and is a bit sarcastic at times. This Coke Fury also loves to prank vikings and their dragons while I'm not watching him. He mainly likes to hang around Hideous Zipplebacks.

Terran the StormFury (adopted from Defy. The age, name, and personality came with her too) Age-18, Personality: Very intelligent dragon with a gentle nature. She's a very touching and tender. Terran does not like when people raise  voice at her and might be offended. Affection is the only approach.

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Now this is the kind of reply that should be more common on the forums.

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Definitely.   Way too many



Way too many people are way too quick to jump straight to 'your beliefs are different so they're wrong!' rather than 'your beliefs are different, let's learn about ours together'.

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Umm, well, that's not exactly

Umm, well, that's not exactly what I meant. I am just curious as to what people think and the stuff that has happened in their lives that may have led them to believe in different things. I still know that what I believe is the truth. Im just curious about what others think on these type of things. I do hope that you understand now what I actually meant with what I said before. :)

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It's all well and good to

It's all well and good to find a personal truth for yourself in your own personal spiritual pracrtices. Spiritual truths can be found by anyone in any belief system, not just one.


It becomes a problem when someone runs around telling others of different beliefs that they're wrong or misguided, so tread carefully.

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I'm Jewish, but to be honest

I'm Jewish, but to be honest I have no issues with other religions and beliefs, I mean, its okay to do or be whatever you want, you can't force them to change just because 'oh ur different an dats bad how daer u not belive in mah godddddd' because everyone has the full rights to be themselves and believe in what they want ;D


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Let's start with some of my dragons B]

This is Magma, my chilling horror; adopted from goldenfury (lineart by nightmarerebuff)

This is Psychoblast, the eruditious shadowscorn by nightmarerebuff:

This is Ampora, my Tridenttailed Melodious Sirenvapor by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!

This is (The great) Maxie, my legendary Volcanic Woollyflare, by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!


This is Strider the Sidereal Sentinel by Varku!




And then I became Gravity falls, Steven Universe, and Homestuck trash. 

The end.

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Yes, exactly.   If fewer

Yes, exactly.


If fewer people spent all their time trying to prove they were right and instead focused that energy on learning about different belief systems and saying 'alright, you do you' there'd be a lot fewer problems in the world.

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True. Seriously, these are my

Seriously, these are my thoughts on the matter: I don't care if you're this or that, as long as you're nice we can be friends.
That how I befriended a leftist(fyi, I'm a rightist)
Instead of fighting over politics we both just agreed that every person is entitled to their opinion, even if you disagree with it.

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On this subject....

 Hmm. I usally don't come to threads like this, but this one seems interesting. I've always found the belief in multiple gods who represent different things and run their own area, but are always bickering and causing trouble more plausible and entertaining than one God who controls everything.

  I'm reading the Percy Jackson series right now, and it got me way into Greek mythology and the different gods and Titans. I'm not really a religious person, and don't really support any kind of gods. I'm just kind of...neutral. I guess you could call me Christian, since I was baptised, but I've actually never read the bible or been to church.

  One thing that annoys me though is the Spanish Conquistadors and how they forced people to turn to the Catholic faith. It seems...wrong. Anyone agree?


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Catholicism has a long, dark

Catholicism has a long, dark history of forcing people to convert, trhough they're not the only ones who have exercised that kind of tactic and it's something that still happens even now in certain places.


Being converted through force or coercion is really gross and it needs to stop.

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I find it interesting the the

I find it interesting the the idea of Jesus as God's son was likely inspired by the Greek tradition of demigods.