Please help! Summarhildr update not in certain app stores

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The update for summarhildr is not in the Amazon App Store. I believe this is the only place it's missing from since no one else has complained but can't be sure as I only have apple App Store & Amazon App Store. Please add the update to Amazon so users of Amazon devices can access the game. I want to play SoD on my kindle, even during events. 

According to a friend, this also happened last thawfest and last summarhildr, and now this summarhildr. After the event ended a new update would send to Amazon and would update Amazon devices. 
So I haven't payed much attention to forums for long even though my acc is old so I apologize if I'm doing it wrong but everyone seems to add @Goonybard when there's an issue with the game? Sorry if I'm bothering you unnecessarily Goony


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Oh my..

Same to the mobile port having intense server time outs and the farm being completely unplayable.. out of everything the only thing that causes my account to combust is farm.


but yeah I noticed this also since I use both IOS  and a Amazon Fire. I hope they add the update on amazon devices soon

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The server call has timed out please try again later.

The server call has timed out please try again later. The words I dread seeing most on a game. 

The server time outs of doom... I've been on my device for 7 hours today, and I know for sure I've only been actually playing for 3 hours at the most. That's 4+ hours of waiting for loads and closing and reopening. The logouts don't help at all, just when you get it going you play for 10 or so minutes then logged out and boom back to waiting.  I would have made another thread about this but they've said they're working on it and I don't wish to bother them even more than I need to. (Definitely not me still trying to get on at this moment-)

my farm is ok, I hope yours gets better.

in fact the slow problem is why I want my kindle so much more, because my kindle has less of an issue with this. (I suppose it's used to loading slow r.i.p the old thing) 

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O.O (cause i cant think of a better subject)

I know the feeling of a slow device...and the dreadful feeling of the server's timeout call. The world of a slow device is a bad device. Hopefully it'll start working for you soon!


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Regarding issue

I remember seeing GoonyBard's post about issues with Amazon approving update during Thawfest, probably history repeats itself.


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Oops I never saw that post 

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Hey there!

Hey there,


First, don't be sorry for "bothering" me! It's not a bother at all. I'm here to help how, when, and if I can.


As mentioned, unfortunately history does repeat itself. The update is once again stuck in the review stage for the Amazon store, and for unknown reasons. We've done what we can, but unfortunately it's out of our control at this time. We'll continue to reach out and work with whoever we can to get the Amazon store build out to you all as soon as possible.


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Ah thanks so much for the answer, so sorry I didn't realize there was an old post about this. 
Sorry if I seemed like I was blaming SoD for Amazons issue I just thought perhaps it was stuck on SoD's end, and Amazon doesn't have nice ppl to complain to about their service like here XD (but in all seriousness you do have a nice team)